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how long after weaning...

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...did it take for your breasts to stabilize (for lack of a better word)? DD weaned a few weeks ago, and I would like to go get fitted for a decent bra since my breasts have been all over the map since I first got pg./started nursing 6 years ago. But I don't want to invest in a good bra until I know the girls are where they're gonna stay, sizewise, if you take my meaning. Anyone?
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I would like to know also

I still have a little milk comming out of mine and its been a few weeks here.
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One of mine self-weaned at 18 months, and the other one mostly self-weaned with some gentle mama encouragement at 2 yrs. Both of them were down to just once a day or less and had been for a few weeks at that point, so I didn't notice any change in my breasts when I finally stopped for good.
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DS weaned so gradually that my breasts stablized before weaning. When the girls weaned (DD2 weaned a month before DD1 did) I honestly don't remember how long it took my breasts to stablize, but I'm pretty sure I bought myself some new bras within a month of DDs weaning.

I'd suggest you go out and purchase some nice bras now.
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When ds self-weaned abruptly at a year, it took about 3 months for them to stabilize. When I weaned dd at 3.5 years, they stayed the same... guess they stabilized before she was actually weaned.
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I think you're probably there. I've been pregnant or nursing for the past 10 years. Dd2 weaned this summer, she's 3.5 years old, my goal was by the end of this summer, but it worked out at the beginning of summer. Anyway, I quit wearing nursing bras when we quit nursing in public. We were down to nursing first thing in the a.m., bedtime and an ocassional afternoon. A few months ago I bought a few really nice VS bras and they fit just fine, nothing is getting any smaller (not like it could ).
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DD2 stopped nursing at 2 years, but was only nursing one side for the last 6 months of that, and only 2x a day at most. I don't think my breast (since only one was producing milk at that time) changed much after a week or two past weaning. Gee, I just love wearing a 32A bra..... not.
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My kids both weaned about 3 months ago. My breasts seem stable now-- I can still express a tiny drop but that's it. Like, it doesn't even fall, it's so little milk (colostrum? it's clear). I'm happy with how they look now-- they're fuller and rounder, but about the same size (which is smaller than pre-kids).
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my experience...

I waited about 2 months and then my breasts are almost the same exact size post dd than pre.

Good luck with your purchases mama.
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Originally Posted by AMum View Post
nothing is getting any smaller (not like it could ).
That's my situation exactly.

Towards the end of nursing DD we were down to naptime, bedtime, and maybe a few short snacks during the day, too. So I guess they're not going to change that much either...I appreciate the responses and stories! :
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DD nursed until she said my breasts were "broken"

So I didn't have any lingering milk in there ...

That was at about 2.5 yrs old.

It took A WHILE for my breasts to get their mojo back. They were pretty deflated : at the time of weaning & it took quite a few months (maybe 4 - 6 months?) for them to 'regroup'

6 months after weaning though, they were back to pre-pregnancy size again --- in cup only. The ribcage measurement went up 4 inches in pregnancy & only went back down 2!!
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DS weaned at 2 and it was so gradual that I didn't really notice. I am now back to the size I was before I became pg.
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I got new bras a couple months after DD weaned. I had gone down a cup size. I went to Victoria's Secret because they measure you and then give you a box of their most popular bras in your size and I found 2 amazingly comfortable bras that are support and don't have an underwire! I love them.
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