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Lower Back Pain?

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Yesterday morning I woke up in tons of pain in my lower back. I've taken Tylenol, and stretching but it hasn't improved. Now I can't even sit at my desk for 20 minutes without extreme pain. Should I be calling my doctor over this? WWYD?
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Low back pain is one of my first symptoms (this is my fifth baby, seventh pregnancy), it's how i knew to test with this one even a couple of days before I was due to. I have found massage to be really helpful, also I have a wheat pack that you heat up in teh microwave and put behind you in a chair which is lovely
Hope you feel better soon
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I've had some bad lower back pain in the last few days too. I had it with my son Charlie too. I haven't taken anything for it.. I just keep trying to change positions and stretch out my back muscles.
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Yes, I've had this with my pregnancies before. I never really found any relief except to lay down, but you can't do that all the time. Hopefully it will pass for you like it did me.
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I just noticed today I was having back pain. I know its not from being on my feet all the time, because I never have low back pain. DH swears its from my job, but I know its from being pregnant. I am just now starting to show too.
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Me too. Rachyl, you and I have the same EDD!
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Go to the Chiropractor! They are amazing durring pregnancy.
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Sweet Rochelle! March 30, hurry up and come!
I need to go to a chiropractor. DH said he would pay for me to go and his friend is a Chiropractor and will reduce the fee some for us.
I had to use a heating pad last night because it was hurting a lot
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Go then!!! My brother just graduated from Chiropractic school so I have it made this pregnancy as a mater of fact I'm going over and having him adjust me today!!!!
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Lucky! I need it. MY back just popped real bad when I sat down just now.
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i had horrible lower back pain when pregnant w/my son - and its already started... I've doing accupuncture while ttc and I asked her about this and she said that it was very common in pregnancy because a lot of energy is pulled out of your kidneys (I'm not saying this very well), and leads to a deficiency, which can be felt in your lower back. I'm hoping to keep going to accu. so hopefully it doesn't get as bad this time...
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I had it all last week and intermittently with my other pgs - especially at the end! I use a sock filled with rice you can heat in the micro for 3 min. Works well.
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I also get bad back pain and sciatica (sp??), and unfortunately our insurance doesn't cover a chiro, and we just don't have the extra $ to cover it...

What I do find that helps is stretching my psoas and hip flexors. Because of where those muslces connect (the psoas passes through the pelvic bones and inserts into the lower back, tightness through that muscle can lead to back pain (it pulls on the low back).

This (http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/f...hip-flexor.htm) is an example of how to stretch the psoas. If you are flexible and fit, you can also do the stretch kneeling on the back leg. I find it really helps me, hope it helps someone else
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Thanks she2dancer, I'll try those stretches tonight.
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Originally Posted by Motherto4 View Post
Go to the Chiropractor! They are amazing during pregnancy.
Ditto! I just went to mine this morning and now my lower back pain is gone. now I have to ait 2 more weeks before I see her again, LOL I hate waiting!

I was also having upper neck and back pain which is now gone too thankfully.
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