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Violette was born on the 20th! --story included

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We had our third girl, Violette Theresa on Sunday July 20th. She was born at home at 5:15pm after 7 hours of labor.

Things got going when DH and I had sex about 10am, I had been having contractions since I woke up, so we figured we'd see if we could get things going. Well, we sure did! My water broke all over him. It was really just a trickle we started, but he was surprized nonetheless.

So he said, "Quick, before things really get going, go make me breakfast!" So I did.

Then we got the bed ready and the tub filled and I tried to get supplies ready. By noon I had to pause with contractions and by 2pm I couldn't talk through them anymore. I called my friend to watch the kids and my doula and midwives.

By the time my doula got there my contractions were double peaking and really intense. I remember saying to her, "I can't be in transition yet, can I?" [My first was a c/s for FTP after 50 hours, my second, a VBAC was 30].

Then I got in the birth tub. I puked; the midwives got there. The contractions continued to double peak and got really strong and about a minute apart. Every once in a while they'd quit for a few minutes (thank you god!).

I started grunting with contractions, but it took just about everyone to say so to convince me I was ready to push already. I was exhausted just holding my head up, so I decided to get out of the tub and move on to the bed. I wound up in a side laying position. That sucked, it felt uneven. So, tired as I was, I got into a kneeling over the birth ball position, on top of the bed, and pushed. Then she really started to move! Her head came down the birth canal like a freight train and she was crowning after two pushes. [Breathe the baby down my foot! Pushing was irresistable for me. I had had the notion I would just breathe her down.] Her head was born with the next two. Then my midwife saw that her shoulder was a bit pinned, so she went in and twisted her a bit. That was uncomfortable, to put it mildly. I pushed her body out without another contraction.

I flipped over and took her. She was kinda grayish and had a lot of goop in her airway. I wasn't worried at any point, but she did need quite a bit of rubbing and suction. This is the point for which I am so glad we were home. At a hospital the would've swooped in after her and messed with her. Here, she was right with me the whole time with her cord still attached.

It was a good thing I instinctively moved into the position I did! She was 10 lbs.! It would've taken alot more effort to get her out anyother way. I didn't tear one bit, lucky me! Even though it was really intense, this was the best labor and birth by far, it was awesome.

Anyway, we've been lazing around ever since. I'm just making it out of bed this week. She has settled in to a pattern of eating, sleeping and pooping; mostly eating! She's a champion nurser.

I'll see if I'm clever enough to post a pic in a soon to come post. She's got lots of dark hair!
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hoping this works...
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congrats! with those cheeks and all that hair she doens't look like a newborn! she is beautiful!
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way to go mama!
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Congratulations! Those cheeks are just too much!
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Welcome Violette baby!!! :
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congrats! sounds like a great birth!
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Woohoo! A ten pounder! Congrats mama, sounds like a great birth!

Welcome Violette!
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Congrats! Welcome Violette!
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She's beautiful, Congratulations!!! :
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Sounds like a great birth! Congrats mama and welcome baby Violette! ::
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Welcome baby Violette!
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Oh my look at those cheeks!! She is beautiful. Good job mama! Welcome baby Violette:
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Congrats to you!
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She's beautiful, congrats!:
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Congrats Mama and Welcome "Little" One! :
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