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Do you knock?

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With DSD (15)...
I always knock on DSD's door before coming in, and open slowly. DP knocks as well. When her bf is over, the room stays wide open, so no knocking required. All of this makes perfect sense to me, and works fine.

Growing up...
My mom never knocked, my dad did though. I didn't have any boyfriends while living with my parents (well.. not at the house, anyway). All of that seemed to have been working fine as well. Never bothered me.

Do you knock?
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We always knock. Until she gives us reason not to trust her, our dd's room is her room and she diserves her privacy.
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Of course I knock before entering a room with a closed door, it's called common courtesy!

I even knock before entering my own bedroom if the door is closed, because I share it with DD2. What if she's in the middle of getting dressed or something?
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I always knock!
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I'm a Knocker

I've always knocked whether my daughter is in her room by herself or with her bf or with other friends. She in turn always knocks when she comes into my room.
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Yes if the door is closed we knock.....
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I always, always knock, and wait for a "come in" before opening the door.

My sons (twins, almost 14) show us and each other the same courtesy.
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DSD is at the age now that we are knocking if her door is closed whether she is alone or not. Boyfriends are not an issue, yet, but we will not allow them in their bedrooms when that time comes.
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Oh yes,we knock. No matter which room. If the door is closed,we are all expected to knock-no exceptions. It's one of our house rules,that is to be respected(followed) by every family member.(I do have to remind DS to always *close* the door when in the bathroom these days,as it really bothers DD if he doesn't.)
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I grew up in a very tiny house with 3 sisters. We never knocked.

When Dhs' children moved in with us I had to learn the knocking rule and to do it regularly. I did it only every once in a while but not all the time and dhs' 2 kids were starting to get annoyed.

Thanks to them, we had a talk about it with all the kids re. privacy etc. and knocking is "a rule" around here now.
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Everyone here knocks. Well, 2 yo doesn't quite get it yet but he's learning.
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The only time someone closes a door around here is if it is to the outside, or they are having a fit. (I don't have preteens though)

I assume that I'll knock usually as they get older.
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I always knock on my daughter's door and would expect the same for her. When she was younger (she's 11), I didn't think so much about it though
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My family didn't knock. But it wouldn't have been possible when I was in high school, anyway. I went through this weird phase in high school were I voluntarily took my door off its hinges and hung a giant poster of Las Meninas. My younger siblings thought that this was the coolest thing. Ever. They wanted poster doors TOO. You try knocking on a giant piece of cloth.
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We knock. We have since DD was very young. Her room, her door, if it's closed, we knock.
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knock and wait for her to open the door.
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I have always knocked on the door, even when they were pretty small. The only real difference is that when they were little - it was more of a knock, peek my head in, and let them know I was coming in. Now that they are older, I knock and wait for a response.

Occasionally, given their ages I get a nasty response. At those times, I walk in anyway and we have a chat about it. Usually, times are good, and I wait for a "come in" or "hold on I'm changing" or the like.
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I didn't knock when the kids were little, but I do for DD now. She only keeps her door closed if there is reason, so we knock. DS couldn't close his door if he tried-he's such a slob.

Growing up, my parent's knocked and my sister didn't.
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We are not big door closers in our family as a whole, except for older dd who absolutely needs her privacy and some significant alone time everyday to feel human. I knock on her door without fail and wait for a response. I will knock for the rest of them if they start closing doors as well! I have an irrational fear about them locking their doors (what if they fainted in there and I couldn't get to them!?!) so we have a deal on no door locking, which doesn't bother dd as long as I treat her closed door with respect.

My smaller kids aren't too big on knocking and it's something I'm working on with ds (11) as he still is in and out my bathroom and bedroom and his younger sister's as well. He has learned to knock for older dd after herover the top response to him coming in a few times!
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Originally Posted by Ruthla View Post
Of course I knock before entering a room with a closed door, it's called common courtesy!
I always knock on my 17 yo dd's door. She deserves courtesy and respect too.
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