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Another tooth problem-- please help!!!

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My 17-month-old just cut her top two teeth (late, I know). She often nurses to sleep, and I'm used to slipping my nipple out of her mouth after she dozes but before she's in a dead sleep. Now when I do that, I get a wicked nipple scrape! OUCH. I can't sleep while she nurses, though, so this is a big deal. She wakes a zillion times a night, and I would just not get ANY sleep if I stayed up until she was asleep enough to let go on her own. I need to be able to unlatch her. I tried sticking my finger between her gums, and it woke her up. What do I do? Until now I've just put a little downward pressure on my areola to pop her off, but now that's resulting in injury. HELP!
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Hmm, I don't have any magic solution. Teething time is a sore spot with me, all 3 of mine, but esp the middle child, were terrible teethers, and dd was a biter too.

She was/is spirited and it took months to teach her not to bite or scrape.

Can you do anything during the day to bring her attention to the tooth hurting you problem? Can you have her practice de-latching properly, and see if it holds for nighttime?
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if you can wait til she's in a dead sleep and then try slipping your pinky in that might do the trick. my dd was a chomper after she fell asleep (sometimes still is) and i've always had to delatch with my pinky to avoid that little jaw clenching and biting mama's nipple off! i have gotten the occasional chomp and it's no fun. at times i have hollered, but if she's in that deep deep sleep she doesn't even wake up then!!

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I had to do some slightly extreme measures to avoid the scrape.

When Karen got her top teeth, she'd fall asleep with the nipple in her mouth. When she was pretty sound asleep she's stop sucking and just start to dig in with those top teeth to keep from loosing the nipple. Owie! Breaking the suction didn't work because she wasn't actually sucking, she was clamping. So.... I'd reach into the corner of her mouth and slip my flinger between her gums at the side. I'd then rotate my finger and pry the gums open and my nipple would go running for it's life.

It took 2 weeks of doing this every time she fell asleep to get over it. Now she just pops off and makes this satisfied sound when she's done. She just rolls onto her back with this cute sleep grin and falls asleep. Yeah!
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