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She didn't go on Weight Watchers, she went on Nutrisystem...that one, she's a real card!
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I didn't see it. After reading this thread I told my husband what she said. His reply was "How embarrassing for her"

I was shocked in a way, and very happy. I'm so glad he's listened to me and understands the benefits of BFing.
BTW, He also mentioned the cold DS had at 3 to 4 weeks old, He said he thought it would of been way worse if not for BFing, I know he's 100% right about that. DS got it from his sisters and I had a touch of it too(his was very mild). I can't imagine how bad it would of been with out my immunities being passed on to him. Thank you BM! :
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I KWYM...my kids were never sick until they weaned!
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she's ridiculous. i was reading a trashy celeb magazine : this week, in which she said she's losing weight because she's 'still' breastfeeding Stella...who is less than two months old...
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Originally Posted by BeccaSue1029 View Post
I KWYM...my kids were never sick until they weaned!

Yea, me too. My ds has been exposed to gawd-knows-what. My friend's kids were coughing and snorting all over my ds one weekend... and nothing Mommy's milk is awesome stuff!
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Ugh. These kind of celebrity statements insence me. It just perpetuates more and more stupidity in our world, because I know there are women out there who will believe her!
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Originally Posted by shanniesue2 View Post
1. The "new research" was probably sponsored by Enfamil

2. Her logic astounds me. What's the point of getting a formula that "mirrors" bm if babies only need bm for 2 weeks? If 2 weeks is all babies need of breastmilk... well then who cares what formula you feed after that and who cares how similar it supposedly is? Man, she's stupid.

I guess I just don't understand the formula companies' attempts at trying to be the closest to breastmilk. I mean, why pay $20 for a can of something that only comes close to or "mirrors" what it says it's trying to acheive?

It's like a state university advertising itself as "almost as good as Yale, and only 20 times more expensive"
Great analogy!
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Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
Seriously people, we could be doing something a LOT more constructive than watching Tori Spelling...like counting how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, counting the sheets of toilet tissue to make sure there really ARE 500 sheets, watching paint dry, listening to bad 80s music, or cleaning out the inside of your dishwasher...see....LOTS of better things to do than watching her
i'm sorry but there is no bad 80's music!
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Arghh I was at the Y yesterday trying to run and the only thing on tv was that bimbo/the view. I was tempted to write a letter to the show but really when it is mediated by other bimbos like Elizabeth where would it get me?
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Originally Posted by Katielady View Post

so true. Really, using TS on the V as a source of advice for parenting would be like asking a 4-year-old for advice on what car to buy. "Red car- shiny!"

Still, annoying just the same.
I love this quote! Brilliant!
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...... "mirrors breast milk" ........ wouldn't that mean it was the precise opposite of breast milk? Y'know? Mirror image? ...... Just saying.....
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The sheer stupidity of this woman astounds me.
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Tori Spelling wouldn't be able to spout her idiocracies (is this an actual word?) on The View if it weren't for Daddy. She got famous when she was on his show and it is probably essentially his money that got her the ability for her reality show.

Last summer I saw/heard (if I was in another room working) her on a couple of shows basically adverstising Nutri-System and how great it was in her weight loss. (I think she said that she didn't like that her baby weight wasn't coming off quickly.) At the time, I was blissfully eight months pregnant and thought the whole thing was silly. I still do. I lost most of my baby weight by five months, by not dieting, eating whole real foods, etc., and exclusively breastfeeding. (It was five and a half months that we started cereal.)

Blech. If Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are such supporters of breastfeeding, why did they keep their mouths shut, especially after the earlier conversation? I quit watching the show when Rosie O'Donnell was on.
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another black mark against the view

I stopped watching The View when Lisa Ling left. But Tori's Reality show has been a guilty pleasure for me this summer, so I *happened* to be doing a Tivo search on Tori and *happened* to watch her visit on The View.

First of all, the whole cross-nursing thing being on the news this week flabbergasts me. The media latched onto extreme behavior and fixates on that, rather than issues relating to breastfeeding that represent the majority of women's experiences. I actually agreed with Joy's comments about nursing being intimate. Sherri and Elizabeth were sort of confusing breast milk donation with actually cross-nursing. With cross-nursing, there is a risk of contamination. Breastfeeding *is* actually intimate. And every mother's milk is uniquely suited to the needs of her baby, depending on age, etc. I have no idea why Whoopi kept going on about babies not knowing their own mothers. Again, I felt that only Joy kept challenging her on that. Maybe Whoopi, who I believe had her daughter as a teenager, didn't have the most, um, I don't know, attached relationship with her baby. Or maybe she was just going for the comedy.
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anyone find video of this on the net? i'd love to see it.
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omg i'm watching right now!!! holy crap i'm shocked. she MUST be getting paid to endorse. must be.
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Originally Posted by thismama View Post
omg i'm watching right now!!! holy crap i'm shocked. she MUST be getting paid to endorse. must be.
I wouldn't be surprised. She also endorsed Fuzzi Bunz, but I never once saw Liam in CD. (Yes, I got sucked into her reality show : mostly because her son is so darn cute!)
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She obviously just doesn't care enough to find out the truth and provide the best for her baby. Some people are just like that....
Too bad for her baby that she's that ignorant.
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Did Tori Spelling ever have to think for herself? She says and does things as she's told to do. That said, unfortunately she may still have some kind of following, no one I've spoken to : but yeah, someone will likely follow her "advice of BS!"
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