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I wrote a letter of complaint to the View about her appearance, and stated that I hope they will have someone on the show who actually knows what they are talking about. I Think it would be great if the mothering community bombard them with letter until the put a expert on. here is the contact page for the show. http://abc.go.com/daytime/theview/ask if all of us start to write to them with correct information and suggestions for experts we can probably get some correct information on the show., Like a virtual nurse-in.
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My one vice was watching "The View" in the morning. My husband covered his mouth when she made her comments and looked to see my reaction. I just turned it off. She sounded so stupid. What bothers me is how many women will be influenced by her comments.

What an airhead.
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Enfamil "mirrors" BM?

Wow...who knew.
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Here is a link to the clip if you have not seen it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQf12KuEBJc again please write in and complain to the show. http://abc.go.com/daytime/theview/ask
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i just had to come back and say....

I <<heart>> Rosie!!!

(ok im finished now)
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