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(unexpected) unassisted home waterbirth

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I'm at 38 weeks on the nose, and woke up a little after 4 am today to mild contractions. Got up to pee and felt a surge of fluid and a big clot of mucus/blood come out. Put on two pads in sucession and quickly soaked through both, just pink-tinged fluid. Contractions were getting stronger but I was coping well and wanted to let everyone else sleep. So I had a bowl of cereal, ran a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and picked up a little bit around the house.

I was trying to time the contractions, they seemed to be about 4 minutes apart. They got intense enough that I was having to sit down and breathe through them. I knew she'd be coming today but I thought there were hours to go yet. I went and took a shower, and then started some coffee. It was almost 6 am by then and I was starting to think DH should wake up and get himself showered and fed before I started really needing his support. So I brought him coffee and told him how things were going. He called his mom right after 6 to let her know she should start thinking about coming over. I had him take the cover off the birth pool (a spa-n-the-box we rented from our midwife). Then I called our midwife Sara and told her what was going on. She asked if she should come over right away or if I wanted to call back in 30 minutes. I was starting to tell her we'd call back, when another contraction hit and I couldn't talk so I tossed the phone at DH. DH repeated her question to me and I was like "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH I think they should come NOW!" Then I felt like I needed to poop so I went in the bathroom and had this very long painful contraction and an enormous amount of poop and I was really yelling for a couple minutes because the pressure/pain just didn't stop. My yelling woke DS up and he and DH were outside the door trying to talk to me. DS was asking to come in and check on me and DH was explaining to him that baby sister was coming and mama was having the "happy ow" we had talked about (happy ow my ass by the way). Then DH was asking me to let him know when the next contraction started because he was trying to time them. I really couldn't answer but did have the thought that timing the contractions was a bit irrelevant at that point. I was shaking really hard and thinking "this can not POSSIBLY be transition." I felt again like I needed to poop, but it was a little different, and I had the thought to reach down whereupon I felt baby's HEAD bulging. And I didn't want to have her come out on the toilet, so I opened the door and DH helped me into the birth tub in the next room. I got on hands and knees right away, and kind of wanted to wait for the kind of pushing sensations I remembered having with DS. But there was really no waiting. The pressure was just so intense so I just gave a mighty push and she came barreling out. DH scooped her up and I turned over and manuevered my leg over the cord and held her skin-to-skin on my chest. I kept her body in the warm water and DH got a little hat for her head. She cried just a little bit, which was reassuring, then calmed right down. We think she was born about 6:30 am. It was so beautiful and perfect that it was just our family. And how DS got to be there for the exciting part, but not a long boring pain-yelling part (I'd been a little worried about him being scared).

DH called his mom back and gave her the news, and called the midwife back. Then we just hung out and waited. I really didn't want to do anything with the cord ourselves, and I knew there was no need to rush, so Baby and I just stayed in the warm water. Our midwives arrived and I asked them to cut the cord so someone else could hold her and I could focus on the placenta -- I was having contractions that were a little painful and really wanted that part to be over. Midwife Sara encouraged me to move to the toilet and bear down a little, and the placenta did come out (man did that feel weird). I had torn a little bit, so she offered that we could either leave it or she could put in a couple stitches. I was nervous about leaving it so went for the stitches. Meantime DH made up a big batch of pancakes and we all sat and had a yummy breakfast. Then Sara and Anne drained the pool and broke it down and cleaned up (there was actually very little mess). Grandmom had taken DS to kindergarten (his school year already started) so DH and I just got in bed with Baby and took a nap. Since then she's nursed a couple times and is doing great. We are all still in shock about how easy and fast it was. It did certainly hurt, but only for such a brief time.

Oh and stats -- 7 lbs, 2 oz. and 19" long. APGAR scores of 10/10 (based on me and DH saying "well she was pink and beathing just fine ".
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::: How wonderful!
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Congrats!! That's a great story. We are actually planning an unassisted birth. I can't wait.:: Thank you for sharing.
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What a great birth story!

The "happy ow my ass" part made me giggle.

Congrats on your little girl!
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awesome! congratulations!
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Congratulations! And welcome to the world Princess!!
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What a beautiful story! You made me cry! I'm so happy for you and your family. Welcome Baby Girl! Happy Babymoon Mamma!
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: Congratulations!
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Wow! Congrats!

Post in the announcement thread when you get a chance.
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What awesome news! A neat story to have and share- Congrats on your wee gal!
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Wow Congrats!! ::
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Wow, congratulations!! What a great story for you and your family! : And "happy ow my ass by the way" made me seriously lol, too. Actually, I'm still laughing. Very funny.
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That's so awesome, I love birth stories like yours! Congratulations to you and your family!
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Wow, what a great story! Congratulations!!
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Wow-that's amazing! Congrats to you and your family!!!
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What a beautiful birth! Congratulations!!!!
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Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!
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What a fabulous birth story! Congratulations!! :

(not in your DDC)
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Congratulations! That is such an awesome birth story!

Oh, and one of my best friends has her baby girl today too. Although she was a week past her EDD. A good day for babies!
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not in your ddc but saw this on new posts
congratulations!!hat an amazing birth story!
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