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Literacy! Didn't fit in the two education boards

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My child is schooling at a public inquiry based school. Love it. The model fits her learning style pretty well.

She has been going to summer school, to get a different take on reading.

I have tried teaching her reading.

She is very very smart. But she is struggling with reading. She is just barely at grade level (going into two).

I've had her eyes checked. She isn't dyslexic. Until I pointed it out to teachers, they were not aware that she was memorizing books and wasn't actually reading.

I think that the teachers are missing something. I am pretty sure that the fact that she is smart is hiding the fact that something more is going on.

(Had this problem with DD2 as well. Being advanced was obfuscating a sensory problem.)

She is very spatial. As in she couldn't draw a number five until this spring, but she could tell me that we just DROVE a number five.

Anyone recognize this at all? Seen it? Lived it? Have an idea what is happening? Things that we can do that are off the beaten path? What sort of assessements might be done to ferret out what I suspect might be a hidden learning disorder? Am I just insane? (I'm willing to entertain the possibility.)
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Visual processing issues? I say that because your other dd has sensory issues, and I think they're related. I know that our neighbors daughters needed vision therapy to get on track for reading. I don't know anything about what that entails, but it's a thought.

How do you know your dd isn't dyslexic? Was she tested?

Visual Spatial Learner?
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I don't know the possible causes or the whys... but until you can figure out what the bigger issue may be here's a few hints for helping her read and not just memorize books.

go back to the word level and work just on single words

make up flashcards that are color coded or shaped or whatever to tell them apart, say on the green ones put "nouns" then on the pink ones put "verbs" then on yellow ones put "adjatives"... (this is your prep work she's not necessarly learning nouns, verbs and adjatives....) then what you will do is draw a card radomly from each pile, put them together and make a real sentence that has some sort of meaning to it.

cover pictures in books or print out stories/nursery rhymes with just the words, no visual clues.

mix up sentences on pages, asking her to read the 1st the last or just the middle one.

Hope this helps some, at least it will bump up the thread a little so someone with more insight might see it and respond.
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