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Archer Eisley is here!

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After a rough two weeks with hospitals, mean doctors, and tons of stress, our baby boy Archer is here with no complications other than his kidney I had posted about. He was born at 8:11 Friday morning via c-section.. 22 inches and weighing in at 8 and a half pounds (WAY far off from the 10-11 they'd threatened me with), and after clearing out his fluid in his belly from the kidney he went down to a moderate 7 and a half.. so they were way off as I had expected.

He's beautiful, tons of hair, very expressive when he's up, makes great faces when he's sleeping, eats good (the breastfeeding is going good, it was slow at first and I'm still in some pain but it isn't as bad as I had thought it would be!), and has pooped multiple times, pees great.. everything is great!

We go to a kidney specialist in a few weeks to see what our plan will be with the kidney, other than that everything was very "normal" for a hospital birth and I am very greatful that it worked out as good as it did. I was terrified he'd be kept from me or he'd be sickly because he was not quite 39 weeks yet, or that the c-section would kill me. I'm actually quite suprised at the lack of pain I have had. Of course the first 2 days sucked horribly but really my cut feels like a bad sunburn and I have the urge to hold it while I walk but I can get up/down fine with help, I walk around fine, even went to walgreens yesterday after we were discharged (I got the usual 4 day stay).

I'm enjoying all of the "awww"s and comments about how cute he is.. I'm just dreading when I have to snap at someone for trying to touch him!

I can't believe I will not be posting in the pregnant boards anymore! He's actually here!

I hope everyone is on track with their august babies and if some of you have had them I hope you had a great birth and a happy healthy baby!

^after his first sponge bath at home!

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Yay. I'm so happy for you, and I love his name. I know it was a tough journey and I'm glad its been a reletively easy recovery. I do hope the kidney thing is easy to clear up. He's adorable...and somehow he LOOKS like an Archer.
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: Congratulations on your darling little man :
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He's adorable!!! Glad to hear he is doing well and that your recovery is going good. Thanks for sharing photos!
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Congratulations! He is so adorable!!!
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Awww... cute Congratulations! :
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He is so adorable. Congrats to you!
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Welcome Archer !!!
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Big congrats! He is a cutie!
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awww!!!!! so beautiful!!! good luck with the kidney thing, just keep breastfeeding he'll do great! congrats!!!! :
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Congrats and Welcome Sweet Baby Archer!
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What a beautiful baby! Hope his kidney situation sorts out soon! Congratulations!
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Yay! Congratulations!! :

Healthy kidney vibes! :
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congratulations on your cute little guy! healthy kidney vibes!
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Congratulations!!! : on a speedy fix to his kidney problem.
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Congrats and good luck! see you on life with a babe boards later!!:
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Congratulations & welcome baby Archer :::
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Congratulations! And welcome, Archer. I love the name! Glad that he is doing well.
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