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Originally Posted by purplepetal21 View Post
I need recipes. As I stated food and cooking are not my forta so I have been limited to smoothies which my family is getting tired of. I would love to learn how to make that kefir cheese with herbs.

Also, my kefir is way sour tasting. Is this normal? I don't recall Julie's being as sour. Any tips?!
It is pretty sour. If you can use less milk when you brew, somehow brew it faster/warmer (less than 24 hrs) it's less sour. The longer the ferment, the more sour it will become. The agave or maple syrup sure does take the edge off the sour though.
I use it in any recipes for with milk or buttermilk. If it's cooked it loses the living properties, but a good way to use up kefir. It's still good for you.
I soak grains & beans in it. Mixed with water.
Use it for dip and dressing base.
The cheese is easy. I let the strained off kefir sit on the counter for another 24 hrs. It will separate a little more and the whey will kind of sit at the bottom. Then I get several layers of cheesecloth and lay it in a plastic strainer of some sort with another bowl under it to catch the whey. I use a plastic soup ladle and scoop the kefir solids off the top of the separated kefir. I slowly pour it into the cheesecloth/strainer setup. Let that sit for 12-24 hrs. (hang the cheesecloth bag if you can, but don't squeeze it)
Unwrap your cheesecloth, you have a "cream cheese". Mix with anything you like. LOTS of herbs, fresh or dried. Jams, honey, fruit, seeds, anything.
They keep forever in the fridge.

I know I'd like to hear some more ideas!

I have an extra gallon of cider from the food co-op. Does anyone have a good hard cider recipe?
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Hi Julie V. and other newbies to the thread! Looking like this group is gonna get big! Outdoor gatherings in the spring will be great... until then, we'll just have to get cozy!

Julie L. - Would love to do a raw milk coop! I really love the Redmond milk, and until they put a store in SLC it would be great to have more people to share the trip with!

I haven't had many kefir adventures yet... mostly smoothies. They are perfect for my breakfast. But, DH made Tandoori chicken marinated in kefir for a day. It was yummy!!!
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We're moving from Provo to Salt Lake sometime in January and this group sounds fabulous! Hopefully I'll make it to the February meetup. I've made my own mozzarella cheese and it was really easy and so tasty. Once dd2 can handle me eating dairy again I want to learn how to make kefir etc : We'll be in an apartment, but I would like to try an indoor herb garden and learn other skills.
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I am excited to announce that I will be hosting Preschool and Kindergarten Prep Workshops by Peggy Gardner, an Educational Consultant, Teacher, Author, and Mother specializing in the Charlotte Mason Educational Approach.

Charlotte Mason was an educator in London that strongly believed in bringing education to "life". For those of you familiar with Waldorf you will notice many similarities. There is also a big CM homeschooling movement in Utah for all you homeschoolers.

The cost would be $15 per person or $30 for a couple. The date and time is to be announced but I am hoping to host in January.

If you are interested please let me know. I am very excited about this event!!!!

Also, I will be making my first kefir cheese this week!!!!!
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Linguistmama - Welcome! Hope to see you soon!

Jennifer - Good luck with the Kefir cheese!

All - I have set up a yahoo group for a SLC raw milk coop:

Please join if interested... hopefully it will make coordinating raw milk runs much easier!
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Is there a new get-together scheduled for Jan? I REALLY want to go.. I think I am over my morning sickness and everything now, and I am taking all night classes next semester and work Wed/Thurs afternoons.

I'm still in a Murray condo, so I can't host one, yet, until I move back to downtown-ish area (hopefully soon!)
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I believe that Crystal volunteered to host in January. Not sure what day yet... but I'm sure she'll set something up soon.
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Hi everyone!

My husband and I just bought our first home tegether in August and we are making plans to "urban homestead" and live off our land as much as possible. He grew up on 17 wooded acres in Oregon (no fair) and I'm a city girl with a wild heart, eager to learn. So here's some of our plans so far...

~Chicks in the spring for the kids to raise (think we'll start with 3 or 4).

~Two pygmy goats in early summer. I saw some baby ones years ago and I fell in love. They are so cute! We do want to milk them and use the milk for food and making soap.

~Bunnies (not to eat, just to love on and for fertilizer for our gardens).

~Organic garden, pumpkin patch, berries, and herb garden.

~Water collection (shh...I heard its illegal in Utah so don't tell ). I've told my DH this is not Oregon but he's convinced we'd still get enough for the garden.

And my favorite thing...after this school year, I am leaving my job as a preschool teacher for a local school district and opening my own earth-friendly, waldorfy, outdoorsy preschool/daycare!

I am excited to know there are other like-minded people in the area and hope to get to know all off you soon! Let me know when the next get-together is!
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Jennifer: I'd be interested in the CM thing. I've done and heard a lot about it over the years, I LOVE LOVE LOVE nature notebooks. Even though I consider us un-schoolers, I've always been fond of CM and I'm always down to hear more! And ENJOY that kefir cheese!

I'm excited about our group growth. Perhaps we can all make each others journey to urban homesteading easier come spring and summer! (I'll help you trim your goats toenails and dispatch the chickens if you loan me your tiller )
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Happy New Year Everyone!!! Here's to learning, growth and joy in 2009!

Welcome earthmama!

I talked to Crystal today and she said she is excited to have us all over this month. She said that Wednesday afternoons work well for her and we talked about meeting at 3:00 again like we did last time. Did that work pretty well for most?

We didn't talk about what the focus of the gathering would be this time... I don't know if she already has something planned but please offer suggestions if you have them!

Jennifer - I just got a chance to check out Charlotte Mason a little... I'm definitely interested... let me know when you are planning this I would love to make it if I can!

Julie L. - Still up for a soup swap this month?
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My resolution...to accept postive change in whatever form it takes and to take at least one nap a month (my hubby gave me the last, apparently he thinks I need more beauty sleep lol)..his resolutions?... to make more home brew (I gave him that one and one more I cant say/write ... it's gonna be a good year!

I am glad that there is interest in the workshops. I am very excited. Peggy is tailoring them just for this event so I am sure they will be great.

I have been thinking of expanding my preschool but felt I needed a strong educational foundation and when I started researching, I found the Charlotte Mason approach and that is when I found Peggy. Very serindipidous. I really like the Nature Journals as well!!

I also want to thank everyone who has joined this group. You are all beautiful and inspirational. Thanks for bringing a dream to life!!!

So many things have been falling into place. It really is going to be a good year!!

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Also, I want to thank Alyssa for her first "bump" to keep this group alive. You are truely the backbone! :
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wow, this is amazing!!!

Jennifer, I'm interested in being an attendee!

Alyssa, thanks for setting up the raw milk list!

Alyssa, Crystal, sorry i didn't follow through on meeting downtown for First Night! Sometimes things get so busy/complicated...

more later! I want to post my New Year ideas like Jennifer did.

Love out,
emma g
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Happy New Year !!! yes I still would love to host this month... how about Jan 21st wed 3pm? I am flexible and it seemed like wed afternoon worked for everybody last time. Sorry about not posting sooner it is very rare that I ever go on the computer without bouncing on a ball and nursing my toddler. I will have some homemade soup on hand and some snacks for the kids. I don't really have an activity for us to do. I could give everybody samples of the homemade laundry detergent for you to try. to see if you like it first before you buy the supplies to make it. Baby is crying gotta go
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Soup Swap WILL happen. :

I'm thinking of Thursday, January 22nd ish. Dinner time. :
I have to confirm the location first.
I'm just going with the suggested guidelines on the NSSD blog.
And now is the perfect time to start promoting it!
Who wants in?

I'd be down for a laundry soap sample, but anything you want to do is great to me!

I had a realization over New Year holiday. I have spent the last 20 years preparing to keep bees and didn't know it. : It's like they are coming TO ME. I've been called.
Now it's my job to learn about and work the bees.
So, does anybody have, know about, work or know anyone that DOES anything about bees?
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AND I have TWO quart size containers of freshly made KimChi up for grabs if anyone wants lacto-fermented veggie goodness without having to stink up their own kitchen. I have 3.5 quarts total, and with the kraut (2 quarts) and gingered carrots (2 quarts) and only ME eating it. I'll want to make more before this is EVER gone. I made too much and have some to share. I eat it alone, with scrambled eggs, on sandwiches, side for beans, soups or stews, wrapped in cheese...
LMK if anyone wants some!
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Originally Posted by kissykoko View Post
Happy New Year !!! yes I still would love to host this month... how about Jan 21st wed 3pm?
I think that works for me

Originally Posted by salt_phoenix View Post
I had a realization over New Year holiday. I have spent the last 20 years preparing to keep bees and didn't know it. : It's like they are coming TO ME. I've been called.
Now it's my job to learn about and work the bees.
So, does anybody have, know about, work or know anyone that DOES anything about bees?
I have a friend whose step-dad use to be a bee keeper, I think. I'll ask her if she knows anything.
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We will probably move in time to come to this month's meeting.
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Sorry I didn't make it to the last meeting! I haven't been on here for a little while and I we have been in and out for the last month or so, sorry Alyssa about not returning your calls I haven't been home much.

But I am excited to come to the next meeting!

I have made my laundry detergent before and it seems to work well.
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Thanks Jennifer! It was truely a selfish act though... I've been wanting to be a part of a group like this for awhile!

Julie, a friend of mine keeps bees, and his honey is sooo yummy!: I'll ask him about it for you. Do you still have some kimchi? I'm all in for soup swap on the 22nd.

Wednesday the 21st at 3 works for me too. Maybe we could make it all about natural home cleaning. I have a recipe for homemade drain cleaner that I love. Should we bring our recipes/ideas and share?

Deborah - I didn't make it to First Night either!

Sarah - no problem! Did you join the yahoo group?

Finally, I'm excited to report that I am now LEED certified! Hooray! I took the test on Friday and passed. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, it's a green building rating system administered by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Sooo, now that I'm not studying everyday, Jennifer I'd love to come take a look at your new house/yard and see if I can offer any ideas to help!
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