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I realized I can't go tomorrow either any way... I work on Weds and Thurs.. I thought the 8th was today (good thing I realized that beforehand!).

I also live in a condo in murray, so I am not the best candidate to host a get together. But I would really like to come to one!
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So my friend delivered the most adorable baby boy!!! It made me so baby hungry but not enough to be pregnant hungry.
Does anyone ever get pregnant hungry?

Anyway, EG are you still open to hosting or would you rather I host? I could on Monday if anyone is interested but dont mind at all if you would like to host the UUHs this month. Just let me/us know.

My hubby and I are closing on our home on the 15th and then we are moving so I will not be able to host again until Dec. It is our first home and I swear I go there every other day and just walk around the yard dreaming of what we are going to do. I am very excited to be able to plant something knowing that I will be able to see it grow to its potential. Such a beautiful and rare treat we get to experience.
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I love reading your thoughts/sentiments. I'd be so happy if you hosted this month! I could do the month after unless anyone else is wanting to...

Are we on for Monday?
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Yeah one person said yes so Monday, Oct 13 at 1pm?

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I'm going to try to make it Monday...I'm in the middle of moving, but should take the time out! 10yr. old dd and ms. emberlotus in tow?
did I miss a post about address/activity/what to bring?
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I can do Mondays too
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So here was my post about activities an materials!!!

I will be PMing everyone later tonight!! It will be good to see the older faces with the new.

Originally Posted by purplepetal21 View Post
I am within biking/walking distance of South SLCC. I am glad you will be able to make it!!

So I have decided on what to do!!!

How does a banana cupcake makin', felt gnome sewin', kid playin' fun day sound?

I figure we could make simple banana cupcakes with the kids... then while the kids play and eat, us big people will sit down to make a cute felt gnome and talk about how are gardens did this year, share tips, talk about what we would like to do the same or different for next year etc...

I will provide the ingredients for the banana cupcakes and something to drink.

Below is what you would need to bring to make a gnome. They are super easy and usually take only 10-20mins to complete.

Materials Needed for a Felt Gnome.
1 8x10 sheet of felt any color (you can get wool felt at Piper's Quilting store on 11th East and about 19th South or you can get felt at any craft store like Micheal's)
Matching Embroidery thread
1 4x4 square piece of skin tone felt
A couple handfuls of wool or synthetic batting
A doll making needle
(however, any thinner needle will do just fine)
Sewing Scissors

If the weather is good I can accommodate up to 10-14 mommas and their kids. If the weather keeps us inside I can only accommodate 6-8 mommas and their kids. So pray for good weather!

I am excited to have you all over!!
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I'd be interested on Monday. Is this open to anybody?
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Aurelie -Welcome!!! We would love to have you join us!

I am PMing everyone tonight. If you don't get the info please let me know.
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Oops, I missed it! Didn't realize it had been so long since I checked MDC!

Well, next month hopefully!

We built a greenhouse... finished it right in time for the snow and were able to pull our tomato plants,etc. inside. Yeah!!! We designed it to reuse the heat from the dryer vent and also to help heat the house during the winter time... it seems to be working!
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OH YAY!!!!

I'm so glad I found this thread!!! MY hubby and I just purchased our first home and it's on .32 acres. We currently have a pear tree ( I have been making some KILLER pear cobbler and pear bread lately) and I just finished planting a cherry, apple, and asian pear tree. We are planning on getting chickens at the end of winter and two goats shortly thereafter. We are also planning on making a large portion of our yard a garden area. I'd love to meet with you all and share recipes/food/whatever!
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Hi xochitl! Hope you can make it to the next one!

delfuego- Oops! Next time! Your greenhouse sounds awesome!

purplepetal, saltphoenix, and Aurelie, It was great to meet you mamas today!
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oooooh a greenhouse!!!! i'd like to see that!

It was great to meet LizzyQ, Aurelie & Jennifer yesterday! I've already made a few more little felt gnomes... SO CUTE!!!
I'll be glad to host the group anytime! Warning: I'll put you all to work in the yard or kitchen.

I'm getting super excited to get started on this yard. I have GOT to get the rest of my stuff moved in tho!

First on my yard agenda:
Build a compost pile.
Cover next years garden area with newspapers & black plastic.
Build a Chicken Coop.

I made yogurt last night on the furnace pilot light. Thick, creamy yogurt. Yum. :
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Aack! Sorry I missed ya'all! My sister was in town with her 5 kids and my lil' one ended up needing a nap really badly...

So am I hosting the next one or who is? :
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That would be great... I'm bummed I missed the last one... will definitely make it to this one! I will bring you a scoby then too... unless your really jonesing for some kt, in which case I can give you one now if you want .

The greenhouse is working great. We haven't sealed up all the air gaps or added any thermal mass yet. Still, it hasn't gotten below 40 degrees in there. Right now the thermometer reads 100. It's no work of art, but it's definitely functional! Can't wait to show it off!
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oooh! the greenhouse sounds great, delfuego!

I hope all y'all are well...
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I would love to get in on these get-togethers! I first started emailing Alyssa a couple months ago when we were talking about the milk runs to orem but I flaked out of that then. Sorry about that Alyssa I would love to join in if you started something.

My car died a bit ago but I will be getting a new one very soon! Currently my dh and I are renting near Sugarhouse but someday we hope to own a home where we can have goats and chickens and such. But for now I am doing the best I can with what we have. I love making bread! ALthough I haven't had a ton of sucess with wheat bread yet mainly just white.

I am so excited : to have found this thread! I hope I can join in the fun with you ladies.
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So..... do we have any square foot gardeners? I'm thinking I'm going to give it a go next year and dedicate this year's garden for my bumper crop and squash.
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Hey Ladies-
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have been so very busy with getting our new house ready for a childcare inspection that I have had little time to do anything that doesn't involve eating, sleeping and building/cleaning/moving.

How is everyone doing?
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When will the next get together be? Any ideas?
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