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Poll Results: Do your multiple's names "match?"

This is a multiple choice poll
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No my twin boys names are Charlie and Sam, but I've got five kids and they get called anyone of those five names several times a day
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Ours have a theme in that they are all family names, and they are all classic English names.

I had friends in high school who were identical twins with matching names and it drove them both batty, so I never even considered matching. Also, people have enough trouble keeping twins straight (even extremely different dz twins) that I wanted to do everything I could to make things different between their names. They are going to be called the wrong name enough even if the names are totally different.

On a practical level, when they are old enough to need everything labelled for activities, camp, etc., it will be easier to keep their things straight if they don't have a matching first initial.

Just my two cents.
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Nope, they don't match, but they do sound nice together, and also sound nice with the older two kids' names. It was important to me that nobody shared a first initial and nobody had names that rhymed. The only common thread is that all of my kids have names that have been in use since the middle ages, but the origins are different: One Latinate, one Gaelic, one Germanic, and one French. It works, though. :-)
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we had such a difficult time even naming these babies that to take time to find matching names was just not an option or a desire really. both dh and i could not come up with names. i really liked poppy for our girl but dh said it was too crazy. i like nature themed names in general and realized after the fact, that our babies both had that. our boy is named talon and our girl is mica. and oddly, i still havent gotten used to calling them their names and they are 2 mo old-- i refer to them as 'the boy' and 'the girl'.....like, 'can you change the boy's diaper' or 'i need to nurse the girl'.........and my other 3 kids do the same......oh, these poor babies!!!
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We honestly never considered it. Just went about the naming discussions as if we were being given two singletons. I was unprepared for people being shocked that we didn't name thematically.
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I voted "yes", but they don't match in the traditional sense. They don't rhyme, or start with the same letter or even have the same number of syllables. But they're both saint's names. So, they match in that sense.

Of course, my oldest (singleton) daughter has a saint's name too - so, the twins match, but so does she.
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No. We had a boy name and a girl name and when we went to our 20 week u/s and found TWINS we decided to use them both!

They are Benjamin and Claire.
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My girls are Leila and Sarah so not matchy at all. And we don't have names picked out for these boys yet but they won't match either. (Hopefully we'll name them soon!)
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Originally Posted by carycaj
and oddly, i still havent gotten used to calling them their names and they are 2 mo old-- i refer to them as 'the boy' and 'the girl'.....like, 'can you change the boy's diaper' or 'i need to nurse the girl'.........and my other 3 kids do the same......oh, these poor babies!!!
LOL! I love this. The babies in my family are "the baby" until they are 4 or 5 usually (or unless another is born!)

Thanks for the thoughts on naming, ladies. It's such a hard thing, isn't it? We have now narrowed down our names to 2 boy names and 2 girl names and none of them "match" (unless I can convince DH to put Harper back on the list!)

I definitely don't want to do anything cutsey - but I would like to celebrate the fact that they are twins. Don't know much about twins yet but it seems like celebrating their differences is just as important! (I'm going to start another thread on book recommendations for raising twins, now that I think of it...)

Thanks again everyone!
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Ours match, but it was not intentional. We had our son's name picked three months before our daughter's name. I picked his and my husband picked hers.
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Originally Posted by jencat View Post
- but I would like to celebrate the fact that they are twins.
IKWYM. One of our twins has the middle name "Benedict" and depending which baby name book you read, it has a twin association. While most of the online sources I checked just now say it means "blessed" the book I had said it meant "twin" referring to St. Benedict (who was apparently a twin).

Benedict was one of several middle name choices on our list and the "twin factor" gave it a small edge, although we liked it very much on its own accord. We didn't bother trying, though, to find a "twinny" middle name for his brother.
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Just lurking - I don't have twins - but I absolutely LOVE Harper and Harrison. I'd say go for it!
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We did our own version of 'matching' names.

Both DH and I love the poet Dylan Thomas. So that's what we named our boys. Thomas and Dylan. Very few people get it, I'm always surprised at the people who do. None of my ENGLISH MAJOR friends got it!!! But thus far I have had my jiffy lube guy, our favorite water at our favorite Indian place, and a handful of random people on the street get it.
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No. I picked Angus, my husband picked Jocelyn, then middle names were after their grandfathers (both have the same first name, made it a pretty obvious choice) for Angus, & after my grandmother for Jocelyn.
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Nope. Rory and Tiger. Although the fact that Tiger ends in a R and Rory starts with a R makes it nice when I'm calling both of them:

"Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro ooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee!"
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Our older children are Mark and Maggie and when we found out we were expecting the third time, we considered another "m" name. But when we found out at 20 weeks that we were having twin boys, we dumped the theme and went with two "c" names: Carter and Cooper.

I usually end up calling them the wrong name and have just started calling all the children Willie...makes life easier!
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We had an unintentional match with all three of our kids' names. Our oldest DD is Hannah. Before our twins were born, we chose several boy and girls names and waited to see which fit best after birth (we opted to not learn their sex until birth). My husband mostly decided which of our top boy names fit which boy and it wasn't until a few weeks later we realized the 'match' of all three kids' names in a traditional Biblical story (Hannah goes to see a priest named Eli for help in having a child. She eventually bears a son, Samuel, who is dedicated to the church.) It took someone else to point out that match to us, however, lol! I'm sure my religion teachers during my 13 years of Lutheran school would be so proud of the attention I paid!
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I don't like the rhyming names myself.....nor do I like the same initials....but that's just me! My kids are Brady, Dylan, Cameron and Kylee. My neice named her twin boys - Jake and Jackson....
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Yes, but they were named when they came to us.

Camryn and Carson were named with a C to stay in theme with their other three siblings.

Since my oldest daughter's name starts with a C and we are adopting the twins and their older sister lives with us as well, it was only fitting that my baby's name start with a C as well. So, Caitlyn it is

Oh, btw my name starts with a C as well

Poor hubby, he is the only one in our house of 7 whose name doesn't begin with a C
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Yes. And No.

All my kids have two syllable names with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable. All the girls have a y somewhere. All have gender neutral names. But I don't think the twins match.

Avery-girl (Some people say her name with 3 syllables, Ah-va-ree, but she prefers two, A-vree)
Meryl-girl twin
Finley-girl twin
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