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what about me!!!

So I was making dinner and in the early stage of the recipe I have to saute onion, garlic, and cumin together in olive oil. Now I cook nearly every night, but this night, well, as soon as the cumin hit the pan I was having massive cravings for Puerto Rican black beans and rice (which are different than Cuban black beans and rice). My mouth was absolutley watering for it!

Boy, I called my mother right away and asked her if she had all the items on hand to make her black beans and rice. I mean, I was nuts! I took ds over to her house the next day and she made us authentic beans and rice. And she promised to make me red beans with calabasa next. yummmmmmmmm

DH does not like beans. The only thing that comes close that he will eat are gandules, but those are peas, not beans. So, I don't cook beans. I guess I will just for me and ds and dh can eat something else!

I had actually forgotten how to make beans and rice!

Now I'm off to merengue with my son. Gotta keep my flava up!