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When did your nausea *peak*?

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I started experiencing nausea at 6 weeks and it progressed to vomiting (a lot) last week (8w3d). I've got the vomiting under control (I was becoming dehydrated and was prescribed a medication to help with the vomiting some), but I am wondering when most people who have had nausea/vomiting felt theirs peak. I am now 9w2d and I am beginning to feel a little bit hopeful that maybe the uncontrollable vomiting I had late last week was the "worst of it" and maybe I will begin to feel a bit better (or at least, stop getting worse each week) in the next couple of weeks. I know it'll probably continue for a while, I'm just hoping I've gotten through (or am getting through) the peak.

I've read that nausea often peaks when hcg peaks - that should be around week 10 or so, right?

This is my first pregnancy and my mom never had it this bad, so I turn to you all.


Edit: I should clarify, I am more interested in when yours was at its absolute worst. I know I could potentially continue to feel sick for months, but I just want to know if I should expect it to continue to *worsen* or if this is as bad as it gets.
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I had it for about 5 months. 20-22 weeks, with all my pregnancies.
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When was it at its worst? Or was it the same the whole 5 months?
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Mine started at about 9 & 1/2 weeks
stopped at about 14 weeks I think.
It was always worse at night. I woke up feeling ok..then about 1-4 in the afternoon I'd feel icky & it just progressed until I went to sleep.
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For me the worst was the first trimester, but I vomited everyday for my entire pregnancy last time and so far am doing the same this pregnancy. I also still feel sick the majority of the day.
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Mine usually starts at 6weeks. I'm at the peak right now at 10 weeks and it should be better soon. I've never had it past 12 weeks. I don't vomit though, just feel aweful and nauseous.

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It was severe from 5-12 weeks.
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Okay, good to know!!
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For me I peaked at 9 weeks.
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I had m/s from 5-10 weeks both times. I can't say really when it "peaked", though, as it just started suddenly one morning and just as suddenly stopped one morning.
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I'm almost 11 weeks (will be on Friday). It seemed to be the worst last week and the week before. I was practically in tears a couple of nights bc it made me so miserable, and I missed a good friend's party on a Saturday night bc it took me out. It seems to be easing up a little this week. I'm hoping it'll fade out entirely once I hit the 2nd trimester. I miss enjoying food and I miss my energy.
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Mine started at exactly 7 weeks (Mother's Day--how fitting!) and lasted until about 11 weeks. I remember starting to feel much better by 12 weeks.

But I should say I only vomitted once (that first day, Mother's Day), and then the rest of the time was just horrible nausea and food aversions.
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For me it has always peaked at 8 weeks and been mostly gone by 12 weeks.
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I honestly can't remember when the peak was with my other pregnancies, although the nausea was gone by 13-14 weeks.

This time I'm at 11 weeks and the last week or so has been the worst yet. I really hope it's gone soon!
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Weeks 7 and 8 were the only weeks I felt nausea, never had to vomit though.

Ginger helps with nausea.
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I'd say around 6 weeks it was horrible, then it let up, then was horrible again around 12 weeks. I had "morning sickness" until I was 6 months along.
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DD #1 very sick from 7 weeks to 11 weeks. The peak was those four weeks!
DS mild off an on m/s for the first four months.
This time the m/s started at about 5.5 weeks got really bad around 7 and I am now 9 and hoping that I am starting ot feel better.
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I had all day morning sickness from 6-10 weeks (lingering a little until 12/13 weeks) and the absolute worst of it was around 7.5/8 weeks. I threw up several times a day in that time frame, but only a few times total after that.
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