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Job idea's?

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I need to find a job where i can bring both babes with me. The only thing i can think of is a part time nanny gig. Does anybody have any other idea's?
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The only thing I can think of is maybe working at a daycare or working at a ymca where you could put them in their daycare.
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You might get lucky if you spread the word - family and friends - and maybe find somebody who works from home but needs some filing done, etc. I don't know how baby friendly it is and I forget you have 2... Or maybe someone who needs computer type work done that you could do at home. I know my dh could use somebody who is familiar with certain programs who could fill in data, etc. in their own home, on their own time yk?

Just trying to hellp
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Hi, I haven't really posted much but have been lurking. I know a few people on forums in the UK who work for Any Questions Answered from home and they are looking for people in the US.


You answer people's text questions by researching on the Net and get paid 30p, which is about 60c per answer, there's quite a good Wikipedia entry about it here:

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