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There are as many opinions as people. I would not choose OoO. I wouldn't want to dump toxins into my breastmilk or fetus. I would stop dairy (for both/3 of you), apply coconut oil topically and keep a food journal for the two weeks trying to find a pattern to the eczema. Skin is a detox pathway, so I wouldn't want to ADD die-off toxins into circulation.

Did you have antibiotics during this pregnancy? Do you have/had any mercury fillings in your mouth? Are you consuming any whole food probiotics?


Topically, coconut oil will help cradle cap and yeast. But, you have to identify the underlying cause. In general, yeast is a manifestation of an imbalanced gut.


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You won't like my answer..

I had two unplanned c/s with my first two. I was on abx twice with pregnancy #1 and during and after delivery. I was on abx once with #2 but not during delivery. Neither of them have any food allergies although they are both lactose intolerant, had gut issues, yeast problems and the first was dairy protein intolerant as an infant until we healed his gut. They have seasonal allergies..

baby #3 was a natural homebirth, I was on abx once during my pregnancy but took probiotics. This is my allergy baby.. He had a hives reaction to green beans. Had terrible reflux. Is very sensitive to potatos, sweet potatos. Soy and Rice seem to give him pudding stools. He cannot tolerate milk, even lactose free items.
While his skin and blood testing came back that he has "no" allergies.. his reactions to when he ate/eats things seems to indicate differently..

Not to side track the thread, but have you considered FPIES?  Negative testing for allergies is common with FPIES.


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bump, the thread that started it all...

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