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Wow- that's pretty crazy (in a good way)!!

So where did you find that spit test? I am totally trying it tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Calm View Post
Wow, that is such a yeast pattern, Susan! Cystitis and lupus. Here's some info on lupus and yeast:

Autoimmune disease and yeast

So you say you have felt fine for 5 years. That's a good sign. Although it can behave, until it doesn't. You could try the spit test to check for candida. It's on my blog in August - progress
Well, I've felt fine for over a year, thanks to acupuncture and Chinese herbs that I did for 6 mos in 2006. I haven't had a lot of yeast issues for the past 5 years, especially since I found MDC - and garlic suppositories - in 2006. The acupuncture took care of the leftover lupus stuff that western med didn't touch.

Off to read about lupus and yeast...
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So, my little guy is allergic to Nystatin.. go figure.. he is covered in hives. It isn't a die off.. it is an allergy..

What else can he take to help get rid of his yeast? Is there an herbal tincture?
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Have you checked this is an allergy? DS was covered in welts and stuff and cried for 5 hours solid as part of his die off. The yeast release some horrendous stuff he could be allergic to, causing low level chronic allergic reaction until the immune system have them under control.

If he is allergic, there are lots of alternatives. Depending on his age also. How old is he?
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Well, his Pedi and the Biomed Dr said it wasn't die off.. The hives are covering his whole body. Some fade, others appear..He looks like his sister did when she had ammoxicillin and it went into serum sicknes.. I'm praying it doesn't do that!
He's 18 months..It's bad enough when you can understand what is happening and why.. but for him.. all he knows is that he itches.. Makes me sad.. I've been advised to not give him any more Nystatin.. the concern is if his throat closes..

holy smokes.. what a few days..

I went to the health food store but there wasn't anything for yeast that I could see..and the clerk was less than helpful..
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Well, I'm not one to believe everyone's issues are all due to yeast overgrowth, but anyway:
I had a c-section, Antbiotics during labour, (GBS+), and antibiotics several days after my daughter's birth, b/c my inicision was infected.

She has always been super healthy, and no food allergies or intolerances. She's 3 now.
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I don't think everyone's issues are due to yeast overgrowth. But I sure as sh!t know when I see someone with yeast overgrowth.

Pau D'arco (herb)
Oregano oil (potent stuff)
Threelac (brilliant stuff, check for allergy, it contains lemon)
Oxygen Elements

Those four are great antifungals. Check with your doc for the age bracket for any of them, and if you get the green light, go for the threelac first. I can't take mine at the moment cos DS is allergic to citrus. I'm waiting until he is cleared with NAET.
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Also garlic. Kills bad guys, spares good guys. I was just looking at the Pharmax one.
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And silly me... the rec that REALLY helped me: enzymes. Candex or Candidase, very gentle compared to other yeast "killers". Doesn't kill what you don't want it to. Can use in conjunction with something stronger. Totally knocked down my thrush within days while bf'ing. (Been so long I forgot!)

I would totally use enzymes before anything else on a little one.

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Enzymes!! Totally. I was taking enzymes but then the bromelain issue cropped up. In the Ox Elements are all those anti-bug enzymes but no bromelain so I was pretty glad to find that. Haven't taken it since my dieting though cos I'm worried - what do you think the chances are of an allergy to an enzyme?
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Nope. None recorded.

Allergy database
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My DS is extremely sensitive to bromelain. You could go with an all fungal enzyme. We've used Houston, Enzymedica and Similase.

Bromelain is a protease, good for viruses and bad bacteria and inflammation (and cleaning up dead yeast waste, reducing die off). Cellulases target yeast cell walls directly.
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Ideally I need something chewable and that tastes good. He is very orally aversive and getting him to take something that is foul tasting is difficult and turns him off to even more foods.. however, he'll take things that he can chew.. vitamins, pain relievers etc..

any suggestions?
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Ox El has cellulases and proteases (but not bromelain). I'm thinking of taking it today. It also has amino acids and fulvic acid. Great usually, but with this allergy rubbish, still unsure. Esp as we test positive for certain amino acids (haven't found out which ones yet). But amino acids are in everything so I can't do much about that yet.
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definitely the threelac then; it tastes good (like lemon, which it is naturally flavored with) and you pour the powder straight into your mouth and let it dissolve - good for kids - there are several studies currently using threelac for austistic kids actually. Although, it says for age two and up. Here's some reading on it anyway: Threelac

It is a specific blend of three bacteria in a matrix that protects them from the stomach acid. Most probiotics only get by at a 2% rate. 80% of threelac bacteria survive to colonise the colon. It is Japanese, and we can't get it here in Oz, I have to order it from NZ. The bacteria were chosen as the most effective yeast killers. One of them doesn't stick for long, it kills as it passes through. The other two stick and colonise, which is the most effective way for long term erradication - leaving little room for candida regrowth. (the bugs all compete for space and nutrients) It is expensive as far as probiotics go, but it is the most effective I've seen or used. I had die off the day I used it.

The oxygen supp I was talking about here, that would be suitable too as it is 7 drops in a glass of water as an adult dose and you can't taste it.
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Houston has chewable enzymes
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Hello, new to this thread, but directed here from another (thank you WuWei!).

I would have to agree with the CSS or Antibiotic Syndrome. I had 3 c/s and health has gone downhill with each one.

First child (who ended up with autism) was like the "starter" child. I was on Macrobid twice during the pregnancy. Poor kid was fully vaccinated until age 4 and was the recipient of a lot of my own metal load and Candida issues. Along with whatever chemicals I was carrying around to download. Then he started the ear infection merry go-round with all different kinds of nonstop antibiotics. At least I had the good sense to breastfeed and give only organic foods when the time came (as per the Super Baby Food book). I finally got a clue when he was 4 and went GFCF with him and then on to years of biomed and other diets (SCD & BED). He is now about 90% recovered.

Second child was only vaccinated until 6 months of age. I had antibiotics at birth with her. She ended up with asthma and eczema. She is being treated naturally and doing pretty well. She only had 1 dose of amox as a baby, but then at age 5 had pneumonia (mycoplasma positive) and was treated with lots of abx. That is when the asthma showed up for the first time.

Third child is when I had more of a clue. However, I had a lot of issues while pregnant with him such as PUPPPs, gall bladder issues, severe reflux (to the point of hospitalization and more abx), and then premature labor (abx and steroid shots). So when he was finally born, I put him on Pharmax Neonate (probiotics) right away and I had been taking lots of DHA during the pregnancy. I also took GPC (Glycerophosphatydlcholine), probiotics and a few other supplements.

It took a while for me to realize that I passed a lot of my own issues on to my kids. In addition to the Candida and metals/pesticides/chemicals, I also suspect Lyme/mycoplasma/Bartonella etc as possible suspects as well. After my 3rd C/S (I had 2 miscarriages in there as well) I had an infection of the incision, so MORE abx. I then went rapidly downhill eventually developing autoimmune problems (ANA is 1:640). I have the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I know I have leaky gut/Candida as well as a good load of metals/chemicals/pesticides. I went gluten free about a year ago and since then have had to take out a lot more (dairy/nightshades/soy/corn. etc.) eventually going SCD and now going to BED. I just bought the stuff to do the Young Coconut Kefir and am working up to the cultured vegetables (having a tough time with that one). Just changing my diet has not been enough. I have been taking probiotics for years. Have been on Olive Leaf Extract, KandidaPlex (from VRP) off and on and a few others. Also take a small dose of Samento (Nutramedix). Just got my Adrenal Saliva test back and it definitely shows Adrenal Fatigue in the lowest (worst) zone. So have been looking to see what to do about that one (I am over on the Adrenal Fatigue thread for that issue).

Very good thread here and thanks for all the great info!


:yawning: :Mama to Erik (11) ASD:, Severe Dyslexia, Julie (8) asthma, eczema and Christopher 17 mo NT so far and unvaccinated :
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I have been thinking about this thread a lot. We are a classic case also, with the addition of sensitivity to food allergies in our genes (or maybe sensitivity to gut issues.)

First son I had a prolonged 72 hour labor. I stayed med free until the last 10 hours when I just started to shut down. My labor stayed intense, but the contractions stopped being productive. I knew that if I didn't take meds, I would end up with a c section. I suspect that with the addition of the epidural, I had antibiotics added, maybe it was normal, but also my skin was badly torn. DS had undiagnosed food allergies, and we both had thrush a couple of times.

My second son was born via c-section (he was breech). He had extreme food issues from the beginning (although all respond negatively for both skin prick and blood test.) I have had low levels of thrush since his birth. When I eat sugar, I get pain in my breasts. There are many things we can't eat, which has made it hard to eat ahealthy well balanced diet, but overall I think we do well. Except, inthe area of probiotics. I didn't recognize what was happening, but I started to react to all think carb, got the shakes and felt ill. Tests revealed that blood sugar reaction related to diabetes where wonderful. Turns out I just really needed probiotics. When I started taking them, I started to feel much better, but not fully great. I am wondering if nystatin would help. Also, for the past year I started getting reaccuring uti (all treated naturally).

so, I am trying hard to fix us, but am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I used a NP who is not well versed in food allergies, she gave us things that were not good for my son, and argued with me that I was wrong about my concerns. I rarely see her now.

I am looking for a good enzyme and probiotic to help with gut healing. I could really use some suggestions.
THis is what we can't have: dairy, soy, beef, all legumes, all citrus, all tree nuts, gluten, tomatoes, strawberries, eggs, coconut, shellfish, pineapple, peanuts. I think I am forgetting something. eta: apples, cantelope, peaches (I just started to react to them.)

we eat lots of bone broth, and have ordered glutamine. We just found a vitamin c that doesn't have citrus bioflavonoids. Our vitamin c levels were really low (my gums were sore and bleeding). We will start to drink teas for calcium. We do fish oil, but am looking for a cod liver oil that would be good. question: son loves the strawberry flavored fish oil, but he is not supposed to have strawberries (strawberries are not a high level reaction). any suggestions? can he still have them?

sorry I wrote a book, but wanted to give the facts.
thanks for reading this far.
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I forgot to include....the first 2 kids have allergies as well, but so far not the third. They also have food sensitivities.

:yawning: :Mama to Erik (11) ASD:, Severe Dyslexia, Julie (8) asthma, eczema and Christopher 17 mo NT so far and unvaccinated :
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Someone mentioned the possibility of an epidural also having abx added - is this a common thing?
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