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Originally Posted by Calm View Post
I'd suggest avoiding totally, all malt and vinegar for a week and see if you get improvement. Maltodextrin is in so much, and barley malt is what our kids eat for breakfast each day! What a way to kick start those yeasty chemicals messing with our babes each morning. Malt was designed to feed yeast in beer, nothing feeds them better than malt. No wonder they fall asleep at school. Get off those things altogether and see if that alone gives improvement.

I think it is an individual thing, how much of a diet and how long on it. Some people get all their symptoms return, of itchy skin, migraines, you name it, if they have some vinegar or malt. Some can return happily to normal eating (not that vinegar and malt are found naturally, not the way companies are making some products!) and get no effects. You'll have to experiment. It also will depend on the strength of your immune system. Take the yeasty burden off it, and the parasites too if possible, and it will usually then be able to keep the rest in check regardless of what you eat within reason.

But I also think the big whammo diets are overkill. They are also hard to maintain, so only rarely does someone stick to it long enough to see results. Each person is different and we should all start off slowly to find what level gives us relief. Malt and vinegar is a good place to start, and for some autistic kids, this is enough to see profound change for instance. But then some of us need to go a few steps further, AND kill the yeast, AND install new bacteria (probiotics) before we can relax symptom free.

ack! maltodextrin is a malt. sigh I just found a yummy food based vitamin C my boys and I can take. maybe we can take it in the future, just not now. We are gluten free so we already avoid other malt products because I've always assumed they were gluten based. DH wants to know why vinegar is yeast growing.

I am learning so much and am starting to feel a little hopeful.

thanks everyone
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Originally Posted by Calm View Post
I'd suggest avoiding totally, all malt and vinegar for a week and see if you get improvement.
Even RAW apple cider vinegar???

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Are any of these safe for breastfeeding?

Grapefruit seed extract
Oil of oregano
Olive leaf extract
Caprylic acid
Pau d'arco

thought I'd give the enzyme/herb thing a try.
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Originally Posted by WuWei View Post
Even RAW apple cider vinegar???

this is what we use. it would be awesome to not have to avoid it.
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I think Threelac has more citrus than I am comfortable with (DS reacts to citrus).
I am trying to figure out what to use now.
What does everyone think of oil of oregano?? Calm mentioned that she wasn't sure if it knocked out the good guys too, that is concerning.
Maybe we should just use nystatin
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I'm behind in this thread and haven't read everything but wanted to comment on our experience with OoO. It didn't seem to kill our bad guys. DD is having gorgeous poops after a one week trial on OoO to rule out yeast. We did continue with probiotics during the trial though.
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It didn't seem to kill our bad guys.
Did you mean it did kill them? Did you give directly to LO? How much? i'm thinking some sort of trial can't hurt.
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Sorry. I was braindead yesterday after a 5 hour drive to town plus three hours in a doctors office. I meant to say that it didn't kill our GOOD guys. The ND recommended 1 drop in the morning and 1 drop at night. Taslyn LOVED the flavor. She's such a spicy girl...
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I think Threelac has more citrus than I am comfortable with (DS reacts to citrus).
My son was allergic to citrus. His skin broke out and his poos went freaky if I ate lemon or grapefruit (I never tried another citrus, but no doubt the same would have happened). We got him tested and treated with NAET. I can give you the basic treatment protocol for NAET, but I strongly suggest a practitioner, and if at all possible, those using the frequency generators. This is where we go: Renew You Centre for Wellbeing and Longevity. Contact them (Australia) and see if they have a partner clinic near you.

I had to wait until his allergies were cleared to citrus, which was in our second band of treatments, so two weeks, and since then I've been able to eat citrus with no effect on DS. It's simply amazing. I've seen people recovered from anaphylactic shock in ten minutes with them. I'll make my next post a copy paste from another thread I wrote the protocol in.

DH wants to know why vinegar is yeast growing.
Vinegar contains many chemicals which kill bacteria but leave yeast alone. Vinegar is added to bread dough to keep the numbers of bacteria down and the yeast numbers high in the bread dough. Vinegar will do the same in your intestine, kill bacteria and leave yeast alone.

So when you have the power punch combo of the yeast grower, malt, and the antibacterial, vinegar, you are never going to clear yeast without a struggle. The western diet pretty much relies on those two things, you'll discover that yourself when you try to avoid them.

In nature, yeast and bacteria usually live together. When one lives without the other, this imbalance allows one of them to get out of control. Also, when they are together, yeast fights bacteria by producing antibacterial chemicals. That is one reason why you find antibacterial chemicals in places you find yeast.

However, I am not sure if this is the same for ACV, but I would steer clear of it while trialing the avoidance of vinegar. Make it the first vinegar challenge you do.
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This is the standard treatment. The treatment we got starts with this, and then goes onto some more radical things that use machines that generate frequencies and resonance with the individual.

NAET Treatment

Be sure the person being treated is well hydrated.

Get the allergen, say... lemon juice. Put it into a glass container - I suggest an empty and clean baby food jar. Say, a teaspoonful.

Do not use plastic or metal.

(if nec, you could put it directly on the skin, but you must wash it thoroughly after the treatment as the allergen must be avoided for 25 hours. Not recommended.)

Put the jar so it is in the region of the baby's solar plexus (or if treating an older child/adult they can hold it there).

You are now going to stimulate all the meridians down the back either side of the spine. This is where every single body system meets in a powerful junction. It isn't too specific, just about an inch either side of the spine put two fingers (I use index and thumb) for an adult, and a little closer obviously for a baby.

Start at the shoulder level beside the cervical spine, and end at the tail bone.

Tap all the way down the spine in small increments. OR, wiggle the fingers, move down half an inch, wiggle the fingers again.

For a baby, do it about six times, spacing the fingers apart a little further each time, enough so you hit all the points.

For a child/adult, have them hold their breath the first time.
Second time, exhaling and holding.
Third time, panting.
Forth, normal breathing.

A few more times after that breathing normally, moving the fingers closer or further from the spine to cover all bases.

My practitioner then put the jar against DS's forehead, so go ahead and do it all again with it there although I haven't seen that in any other NAET treatment.

THEN: find the point L4 on the right hand between the thumb and forefinger. Slightly toward the forefinger. Massage that point for 1 minute clockwise. If you have an acupen, you can click that point instead.

Find this point on the left hand, same again.

Find the point on the left foot between the big toe and second toe, Ki1. Same as the hand.

Same on right foot.

Then back to right hand, forming a circle, ending where you started.

The points will be sore, work those sore bits if unsure exactly where the points are.

Avoid the allergen for 25 hours.

If you treat something like mould, then it won't stick because you can't avoid those allergens. You may have to do it somewhere unmouldy or wait until another season (good for pollen allergies). Some people wear a gas mask, no joke, for the 25 hours.

If you have severe reactions to an allergen, don't go and dive into the allergen to test it worked. Do a scratch test or see a professional to see if the body has stopped reacting negatively to the substance. You can test it with kinesiology, if you know how to muscle test. If it is an allergy that you can risk exposure to, go right ahead and see how you're reacting to it then.

This video I am linking is the woman who works at the treatment center I go to. She shows you how to do it to a sensitivity, but have a piece of paper as she uses many more points than the ones above so you'll want to jot them down.

NAET example

Give it a go and report back.

So I've said it out loud, if you get no results, see a professional NAET practitioner. Do NOT underestimate this or discard it if you personally cannot elicit the results in yourself. Practitioners exist for a reason, even though the protocol is available publicly.
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So people can really do NAET themselves?? the way you described it seems clear to me.
I am going to seriously consider this. I wanted to do NAET, but my naturopath suggested not to because it was so expensive.
thanks for the info.

eta: I am familiar with muscle testing, although to be honest, I don't think it was very accurate related to allergies (maybe 60-70% accurate). Testing for other things did seem to be very accurate.
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Please, if anyone does do it, let me know how you go. PM if you'd prefer.
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Originally Posted by Calm View Post
Please, if anyone does do it, let me know how you go. PM if you'd prefer.
Calm, have you done it?

We did and it didn't work at all.
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I have had 3 kids, and 3 c-sections. I was only on antibiotics during the second pregnancy. The first and third are the ones with health issues, 1 Aspie and suspected gut issues, but she is an adult and refuses to check it out, and the third is 6 with 29 allergies and gut issues and a few sensory issues. The one who had antibiotics in utero has no health issues at all, except that she has had chickenpox twice and shingles on top of it and mono on top of it all.
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I haven't done it, no. We had it done at the clinic. It was a miracle for us, I watched his skin clear before my eyes each morning for three days and then he was totally clear - plus I can eat anything I like. Some practitioners claim 100% success rate, too.

Our people use other stuff too, but I don't think that's the reason why they have so much success. NAET stands alone as working for allergies. Weird when it happens, weird when it doesn't.

I know of several people who self treat using just that protocol and it works for them. I will never understand why it does and why it doesn't for others. Maybe that's why practitioners are used, they may be better at banging on the points? Dunno though.
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Nini, did you have a c-section without antibiotics? They don't do that in this country.

I've also learned that it isn't just c-sections. There are so many reasons yeast overgrows. Pregnancy alone causes it because of the progesterone. I do still see a big correlation between c-sections though.
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my first C was out of the country, no antibiotics, the second one, I don't remember in the hospital, but I know I didn't take any home with me. The last one, was in CA at a Navy hospital, and I don't remember taking any home, but honestly I may have, I did take pain killers home for a few days.
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After my first c-section, I got antibiotic pills for a few days. But with this year's c-section, during the surgery I was asking what they were doing the whole way. At one point, they flushed something through my IV and I asked what it was and they said it was a powerful antibiotic, so that they only had to give it once instead of pills. Had I known then what I know now... I wouldn't have allowed it.

So these things are given without knowledge of the patient usually. The consent of the surgery pretty much covers all they have to do during it. I got my records from the hospital after my daughter's birth, (my first c-section) as a healing thing to go through it. I got those records during my pregnancy early this year. I found out a whole stack of things that were done to both of us without our knowledge, and like most others, I may never have known had I not requested my file.

With major abdominal surgery, I find it strange that antibiotics wouldn't be given. I've heard of it, I just find it strange. Such a big risk for a doctor to take considering people sue at a stiff breeze.
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[QUOTE=kjbrown92;11825644]I had 3 kids:
Pregnancy/kid #1: I had 2 rounds of antibiotics while pregnant (UTIs). Vaginal birth. Seasonal allergies (started when she was 6). No food allergies. Never had a yeast problem. Weaned herself at 10 months.

Pregnancy/kid #2: I had 2 rounds of antibiotics while pregnant (UTIs). Vaginal birth. Intolerant to milk through me, from 1 week old. Intolerant to soy through ingestion. He's 8 yo and he's intolerant to many foods. Never had a yeast problem. Weaned himself at 8 months, then on Neocate until he was 13 months.

The terminology of a baby weaning themselves would really mean a strike. Perhaps there was an early introduction of solids?
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lack of going through the vaginal canal

Any UCs out there having all these problems with the allergies?
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