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Pregnant Beauties Rollcall!!!

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(For those of you who have already read this post please read the bold info edited in below. Thanks! ~Cynthia)

I'm starting this thread to set up a registry of sorts for all you expecting mamas. We'd like to have some way of keeping track of everyone's pregnancy and delivery so this thread will be it! If you care to join in here's what to do:

Click on Post Reply in this thread and give your pregnancy info that you wish to share, most importantly when you expect to deliver. If you wish to add anything later just click the edit button of your original post and add what you wish instead of a new post. And of course we want to hear about your delivery so I've set up another thread just for that - Woo Hoo! Birth Announcements so you can post to let us know.

Please! - no discussion amongst one another in this thread. Start a new thread for that. This thread is for pregnancy and birth announcements. I'll be deleting all the extraneous postings.

That's it! May you all have wonderful pregnancies and we look forward to welcoming all your babes into the Mothering community!

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I'm pregnant

My official due date is Nov 30th with #2. I plan on having a homebirth with midwife in attendance. That's it, that's all I guess!!

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I'm Pregnant

This is #3 for me - My boys are 7 and 9 and I am planning my first home waterbirth. I am due June 14 - My first was 15 days early and my second was 3 weeks early so we'll see when this little one decides to show up.

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I'm pregnant with my first babe due May 13th. I might get lucky and have him/her on Mother's day. How cool would that be? We're planning a home birth with a midwife and I'm alternately excited, impatient, and nervous! But mostly happy!
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I thought you were pregnant too, Cynthia!

I am pregnant!

Due December 4, 2002.

This is number five for me. Right now I have two girls and two boys. This will be the tie breaker. I'm not sure right now where I will deliver the baby. I really want a homebirth but dh doesn't want to pay for it if we can get it free with insurance at a hospital. I had a midwife at a hospital last time and it was ok but I really had my heart set on a homebirth. We'll see.

Good luck everyone!

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pregnant with #1

We are expecting our first child August 12 after 3 1/2 years of unexplained infertility, and many, many nightmarish treatments (all of which failed). We had sort of given up, then this baby just happened. I used to hate it when people would tell us to "relax". In fact I still hate it because I really don't think that we were responsible for our infertility. I have no explanation for what happened, but people diminish our years of sadness by making it sound as if it was just all in our heads. Gosh, I sound bitter, I thought I had moved on from all that.

I am planning a water birth at the hospital. I have a doctor and a doula. Every day that I make it through is such a miraculous blessing for us. This site has been a wonderful source of information and support!
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Hi all. I am due August 9th with my first baby. Not sure if its a boy or girl, and don't plan to find out until the big day. But I have an intuition that she's a she. *G*

Good luck to everyone!

ps: To ary, my friend is also having trouble getting pregnant. She rarely ever has a period (and therefore we assume she rarely ovulates although I know this is completely true because I got pregnant 3 months after going off the pill and not having a period since going off the pill - when I give birth it'll be a whole blessed year without the big red - of course then I pay up for it, heh *G*) I tell her to relax as well, but I also tell her why I tell her to do that. Stressing (and she has herself stressed out to sickness) will not help her get pregnant. I never said it is all in her head (although she has been tested and apparently there is nothing wrong with anything else other than her irregular periods - but dh won't get tested for anything (plus he is a avid smoker and drinker and isn't really wanting to get pregnant IMO). I just think that because she wants it sooooooooooooo bad (and with me in my condition doesn't help I'm sure!) she is almost ensuring she won't get pregnant. She is just TOO stressed and really needs to veg out! But I make it sure to tell her that it isn't in her head, because of the irregular periods/ovulation I'm very sure this is having an effect on her getting pregnant. I just tell her, try and relax a bit more, maybe this will help regulate her period/ovulation and then she'll get pregnant. Its not like being stressed out is really helping her anyhow. I'm very sorry you were made to feel that it was all in your head because it isn't. But congrats! I'll tell her your story and I'm sure that'll make her feel a bit better too hopefully.
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This is our third baby and I'm due in ... 3 weeks!!! April 22nd. I had planned a homebirth, but will be in the hospital (not for long though, heh heh) with a nurse-midwife.

29 month DS INSISTS this is a boy. Why not?

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What a great idea! I'm due Oct. 22nd and hope to have another home waterbirth.

We heard "her" heartbeat yesterday, Easter Sunday, and are now ready to spread the news!
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Due with #2 around 6/1/02...its a boy...now we'll have one of each! Will be having baby in hospital with AP-friendly MD.

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I'm due on sept. 7th.
this will be #4.
we decided not to find out if we are having a boy or girl (my intuition is leaning towards a girl).
I'm tandum nursing my 4yr. old (she's almost weaned!)and 2yr old
my first 2 were born with midwives at their birthcenters/homes. my third I developed G.D. and ended up on insulin in the hospital, but with a great doctor who respected all of my wishes.
This time we are trying for a homebirth with a midwife...I've been on my old G.D. diet since I first suspected I was preg. as a way of trying to avoid developing it again.
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I am due Nov. 9th. with my first baby! We will be using a midwife at our local hospital. I am about 2 months along, we saw the heartbeat at 6 wks. what a sight to behold!!!


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Me Too!

I am due in mid-Nov. (I think-- I haven't seen a midwife yet, but I have a pretty good idea about when this little one was conceived.) This will be our forth child, and probably our last-- never say never, right? I love being pregnant and giving birth and since this is my last time I really want this to be a little different from my last experiences-- I would LOVE to have a home birth-- I finally feel like we're in a place where we can do it. The problem is that our insurance doesn't cover it, and I don't know how we could pay for it ourselves. Sudgestions anyone? So far in this pregnancy I'm feeling pretty good-- a bit sick, but not too terrible, really tired though. Hoping everyone here has a blessed pregnancy and birth!

Love, Zoe
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I'm pregnant with # 2! I suffer with PCOS and had two miscarriages last year but now that I'm at 8 weeks (and already showing!) I'm pretty sure this one is a sticky one. My son is 14 months and I am positive this one's a girl! We will be birthing VBAC at a birthing center with a midwife. We won't be having any ultrasounds and only one time of doppler, at 12 weeks (I don't want to wait longer!). After that we will be requesting fetoscope. This will be a completely natural birth and also my first attempt at breastfeeding!
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I'm almost there!

I am due April 19th with our third baby. It will be a hospital birth with a midwife (like my other two). I am still really, really sad that we can't afford a homebirth. My three 1/2 year old son has been talking about his sister since before I even became pregnant.....so we will see what comes out! I have to admit that I have lots of "girl" clothes out and ready!!
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I'm due June 2nd, 8 weeks away.
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i'm due with my first may 10 (but i have a feeling it will be earlier)--don't know if it's a boy or girl but i think a boy!
we're having a waterbirth at the local birthing center, staffed by 2 CNM's.
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I'm due around May 20th with #2.... I'm doing a midwife-attended homebirth again, with the same midwife who caught DD. I'm thinking it's a boy, but who knows? I was convinced DD was a boy, and even painted her room blue! But the way I'm carrying this baby is soooo different than the way I carried my first... I'm all belly... it's very pointy and sticks straight out... with DD, I was huge EVERYWHERE.... my face, hips, thighs, neck, even my calves got humungous!
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almost there!

I am pregnant with my first, due May 1 (a Pagan Beltane Baby, if he actually comes on his date.) He's a boy, we plan to name him Caleb.

We are having a hospital birth with a Midwife. I am very worried about being in the hospital, but having a homebirth here in Georgia is really difficult... all but illegal. And there are no independant birthing centers in Atlanta. I wish I were brave enough to buck the system and do the homebirth anyway, but instead we have found the lowest-intervention, most progressive midwife practice we could.

Doing pregnancy yoga, hypno-birthing classes and hoping for the best.
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Ok, here I am!! Pregnant with number 2, due Nov. 24th, dh's birthday. Going to have a VBAC in a hospital with a midwife, or that's the plan.

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