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just found this thread

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with our very much anticipated and wanted second. Its a planned UC with midwife back-up. I've very happy to provide a sibling for my LO.
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im due march the 10th with a little girl . i dont understand all your abbreviations so im gunna type it all out lol

i am planning a home birth with (hopefully) my named midwife, i want a drug free natural birth and theres a possibility that my 7 year old will be there as well :
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I'm 24 weeks pregnant with my first. It took 2 years ttc, 1 miscarriage and a cycle of Clomid with an IUI. And here we are! And it's a boy. His name is Joseph. :
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I'm pregnant with my second child. I'm officially due March 3, but ds1 was 6 days early, so I'm expecting this one to arrive late-Feb (though I've been participating in the March 09 DDC ). Homebirth this time around. Oh, and we're having another BOY!
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Hi! Pregnant with my first (a girl), planning a home + water birth for...oh, let's say, early February. :
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I am due August 11th, with my very first!!!
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Almost 6 weeks along with #2 and intuiting a boy (this may change). I'm "due" on August 17, 2009 but "expecting" on September 1 b/c that's just how babies are. The latter is the date that I'm giving to my neurotic relatives.
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Hello ladies!

Well, after MONTHS of discussion we got pregnant a month before we planned to!

Of course, I took myself off the insurance policy (effective at the end of the month) planning to buy individual insurance. We have a call in to see if I can get put back on, not sure if I should see the Dr. before we find out, or wait until after I'm covered before I document this little one.

We definitely want a HB. We'll be moving when I'm at about 24 weeks so we'll have to split our care between here and there, but since we don't yet know where 'there' is, we're researching midwives coast to coast!

EDD: August 28, but we'll see if that changes after an ultrasound. DH should start grad school the same week I'm due but that means student loans will come up around then too!

It's gonna be a wild ride, but we're young, super excited and blissfully in love, so bring it on!
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Hi all!

I'm 14 weeks along with my very first one. My due date is 6/28/09. Hoping for a boy, but we should know for sure when I have my amnio in 2 weeks! This baby was a complete surprise, but it's a good surprise.
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I'm due in mid-May sometime. Our second child, our second daughter. Our first is 5.5 y.o. and seems to be adjusting to this so far... :-)
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hi ladies! we're 7 weeks pregnant with our third! : we have a 4 yo dd and a 4 mth old ds and we wanted another child, but we didn't think it would happen so fast..... we'll be moving in a couple of months so i might look into a home birth too!
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Hi Pregnant Beauties! I'm going to unstick this thread because there are roll calls in the DDCs. For those who don't know, there is a Due Date Club for every month and you are welcome to join in. Congratulations on your pregnancies!
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