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PG with our first! I'm 26 going on 27 in 2 weeks and dh is 29.

We're very excited and hope this pg will be sticky! congrats to all of us!

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I'm pregnant Due late Dec. or early Jan. and looking forward to haing a baby/child in the house

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I am 6 wks along I believe. Waiting for my health insurance to kick in, so I can go see the Dr. This is # 2 for us. I really hope I dont miscarry again. I usually miscarry around this time, 6 or 7 wks, so hopefully if I can last another week or two, I'll be safe!

Congrats to everyone! Wishing everyone the best!!!
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Me too, me too!

We're expecting baby #2, sometime in the beginning of May, I believe. I just took a HPT last night - I'm so excited!!

Congrats to everyone!
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We are delighted...

to be expecting our second child in May '03!!!!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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I'm pregnant with #2 due 01Mar03, but I'm going to try to hold out for March 3rd. How cool to have a birthday 03-03-03?!?! Like I can actually plan that, it is just a dream.
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I just found this board a few days ago. We are expecting our first on November 23rd and are excited and scared to death all at the same time!!!

I'm planning to deliver as naturally as possible in a hospital (I'm old -- 37 when this little guy is due -- and was afraid to attempt childbirth anywhere else -- and, most birthing centers won't take me!). We plan on having a doula, so hopefully that will keep the hospital staff at bay a little!

Good luck to everyone here!

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Well, I'm really pregnant! 4 wks today LMP. It is so early! I can't believe I have to make it thru 36 more weeks~give or take ~and I thought the 2ww was long! I'm setting my sights for 13 wks, that will be a personal best for me, as we did have a m/c @ 11 or 12 wks. That was 5 years ago & we have been TTC off & on ever since. This winter 2002 we decided to get super serious & go to Drs about it since I am 35, will be 36 when baby comes. We would have taken action in 2001, but DH had a serious heart condition repaired with open heart surgery & that knocked out about the whole year for us.
SO we are excited. After months of different Drs, diagnoses & tests galore, we conceived on our 1st IUI! Yippee! I really had my 1st + test 5 days ago, but I have been a nervous wreck all week, scared, scared, scared.
Right now I am taking it one day @ a time. I am still jumping @ little twinges & so on, but the blood work came back terrific for both my beta hCG & progesterone, so I think we are on our way. The nurse said they couldn't ask for better results! I've never heard a Dr office say "absolutely wonderful" before!
SO happy to be here joining you wonderful with-child-women!
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Pregnant with #3

Finally decided to post here.
My name is Veronica. I am due Feb 12 2003 with baby #3. I am hoping to have my first hypnobirthing experience with this labor.
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Pregnant with #1, Nov. 23, 2002, girl, Persephone Ann, very excited, hospital birth with doula, can't afford homebirth and family not supportive. very exciting=)
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due jan 17, 03. second pregancy.

I have diabetes and pumping this round.

Cant have at home birth or in birthing center, but hospital in Germany is so nice its like a birthing center. I hope to have waterbirth this time since hospital now has the waterbath installed (was installed a month after my first child birth). Keeping fingers crossed it wont be 'occupied'...or else I will wait in line. haha. Imagine that.

Dreamed of having waterbirth with first child.

Enough about me. Happy pregnancy everyone.
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trying for home waterbirth anyway!!! wish us luck!!!
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I'm expecting my first child on May 29, 2003!!!

Planning on giving birth in a hospital with a midwife and doula.
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5 weeks pregnant with #2! EDD May 22/03.
Hoping for a homebirth this time. Not planning on going to the dr. unless I'm having problems. So far just a little tired & sore breasts (dd still nursing!).
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Just found out I am pregnant today!! Due June 4th, 2003. A little shocked, not totally unplanned...but still surprised!!


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Found out yesterday that we are due with #3 on May 30th! Have two girls, ages 6 and 2. No, we're not trying for a boy! A boy would be great - but so would a girl. I am one of three so wanted three kids.
Had dd1 with nurse midwife in a hospital. Dd2 with a certified midwife in a freestanding birth center. Used Bradley natural childbirth techniques both times. Hoping to talk dh into a homebirth this time...
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So very excited to be here after a very sad m/c(aren't they all?) this May 1st- two cycles later and I was pregnant!!! Very hard to get excited until recently but now at week 16 something shifted (maybe the baby's body, which I just started to feel!) and I feel great (even the headaches are welcome!)
Anyway, little one will be our first and we're due March 28th according to the midwife's chart, but my own ovulation/conception date makes it more around March 21st-
sometime between Spring Equinox and the Full Moon, I guess!
Planning a homebirth (which the more I read about the more completely in favor of it I am) and have a very educational, wonderful midwife who has helped arm me with facts for those friends and family wary of our decision.
Love and blessings to all you mamas!
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Just took my second hpt today-- an absolute positive. This one will be #2 and by my calculations should arrive June 10, 2003!

We haven't told anyone yet, so SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
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Yeah, #2 is on the way!

Most likely early June!

Can't wait!
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Katie here (my partner is megincl). I'm due in early April.
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