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hi everyone

due with number 2 , our second girl, around mid august. hospital birth with wonderful midwives and ap obgyn.
total placenta previa diagnosed but were fighting that every step of the way!!

oh! and in the process of weaning my 22 month old
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here too!

baby #2 is due august 3rd. dd is 9, pretty sure this one is a boy.

have had a bit of a tough pregnancy this time out due to complications with dd's delivery (awful c-section job apparently) and there's been concern that i might have cervical incompetence..but! just went to the specialist today, and after 4 weeks of having regular cervical ultrasounds, i've had no cervical changes at all! which, is quite good news considering i'm already 24 weeks along and most cervical incompetence problems rear their ugly heads between 20-22 weeks. so it's quite possible that i just have a scarred cervix, and am not at risk for pre-term delivery!
(i'm very happy about this news!)

i still have to take it easy, but things look good..and the little squirmy one looks GREAT!
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5 more weeks-- EDD May 7th. First was stillborn at 39 weeks 7/7/00 with emergency c-sec after attempting a homebirth. Going for the VBAC but just want my baby. Feeling like a beached whale as time is standing still. Excited, nervous and content all at the same time.
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I am due on 8/19 with my second child. My DS is almost 3 1/2 and nurses a few times a day. I will be having a hospital birth
with a natural birth friendly OB and a doula.
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I am a 23 yr old first time mama, due August 7. Its a little girl and we're planning on a home waterbirth with a fabulous midwife!
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Due 11/3/02. Having a homebirth with a midwife if she gets here in time. Mine have always come quick, and that's with a hospital delivery!

kerikadi: We have similarities. Mine are 7 & 9 also! Do you feel like you are starting completely over again, or what?
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Yes, I do feel like I am starting all over again! However, I am much more in charge of this pregnancy and birth. My first two were in a hospital. The first was a very textbook 12 hours, the second was an exhausting 22 hours! I've decided I won't be doing that again!
Do you have boys or girls or one of each?
Do you know what you are having?
We have 2 boys - we are not finding out (no U/S) - everyone wants a girl except me! It seems like everyone is dying to find out what the baby is - but it doesn't really matter to me. The labor and birth are more important to me than pink or blue.
Good Luck!
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I'm pregnant too!

This will be #2 for me, but Taylor was so long ago that I think I forgot everything (he is 8). I am due on 12-24-02! One day after dh's birthday and one day before Jesus'. Oh, I hope #2 decides to come later!

I am planning on a homebirth with a midwife. I hope that my due date doesn't conspire against me.
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Hi everyone~ just thought I'd see how everyone was feeling. I have been feeling SOOOOOOO sick the past couple of days, the only thing I have been able to keep down is plain popcorn. Does anyone have some advice for me? This is my forth pregnancy so I thought there'd be no surprizes, but I've never been this sick. I hope everyone else is well. Oh by the way-- we found out that our insurance does cover homebirth after all~ I'm very happy, and so are my children, they wanted to be there for the birth so much, but DON'T enjoy hospitals.
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I am pregnant with my second and am due August 20th (our best guess). I have a son who is 2 years old and we had a hospital water birth with him. This time we are planning a home birth and I have already reserved my "spa in a box" birthing tub. We took Bradley Method classes for the last birth and we have decided to take birthing from within classes for this one. It is funny how this pregnancy seems to be passing so fast.
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Hello, I'm pregnant with our second and due October 20th. I would love to have a homebirth but dh is not in agreement so we'll go to the hospital again for another natural birth. Only spent the last 30 minutes at the hospital last time and did most of the labor at home. Have been so exhausted lately I haven't had the energy to post much at all.
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I am due with #2 any minute now. I have a 21 month old girl and am not sure what the sex of this baby is! Can't wait to find out! I am having a hospital birth with a verrrry cool FP doc in attendance. Hoping labor starts soon.........
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I'm anticipating the birth of my first baby any time now...Right now I'm about a week "overdue." I am planning to labor and birth my little one at a wonderful birthing center with midwives...I'm resting & DH is nesting like crazy!
Hopefully, I'll be able to post the birth announcement soon...
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Yahoo number two is on the way!!

I am expecting to deliver sometime in December. I will see my midwife for questions and my first check up on Appril 24 and we will go from there. Thinking of homebirth......

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I'm in Killeen TX now after months of moving around I'm finally mostly settled.

I'm due July 4 and totally ready! Emotionally, that is...the house is really lacking readiness...

I plan and pray for a midwife and homebirth, but it isn't looking positive because I have not found one yet...

Heart's wishes to you all!!!!!
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almost forgot, this is #3 child, we adopted the first and the second was beautiful natural birth!
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Hi all! We are expecting our first little one around August 25th or so, and sooooo excited about it! We are having a homebirth and will be "older" parents -- 33 and 52. I've been feeling movement for several weeks now, and I can best describe it as a cross between the coolest thing in the world, and an X-file, so bizarre!
I guess that's about it....
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me too

hello. I am due July 31 with our second!!! This will be my first natural childbirth at a birth center.

Can't wait for that KS heat and humidity with 30+ pounds!!!!

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I'm pregnant and due the first week or so of June!

This will be number 2 and it looks like Devin, who will turn 3 right around the time babe is due, is going to have a little brother. We had Devin at home and it was a wonderful experience but different insurance and a bunch of other circumstances are guiding us to deliver with midwives in a birth center.
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Expecting #3 around Thanksgiving. We have two wonderful daughters already, who will be 7 and 5 when this baby is born. Planning to birth with a mw at a freestanding birth center. We're all really psyched!
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