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I'm pregnant with number two (I can hardly believe I'll be a mother of two!) and am due in mid-July. I'm an "older" parent - I'll be 42 at the time of delivery. My daughter will be three by then and we weaned a couple of months ago b/c it was just too too too hard to nurse pregnant with a biter. Ow. Don't know yet about gender but we'll probably give in within the next month and ask the medical establishment what they already know. Naming is so hard for us that narrowing the field would give us a little more peace of mind, and that goes a long way these days!

Birth plan (and our last one had only our names unchanged by the end of labor!) includes a hospital birth with a nurse midwife in a birthing tub, with two birth partners plus a doula skilled in, among other things, labor massage. Last labor was very long and complicated (40 hrs, first 32 unmedicated, baby in distress and getting more distressed, ended up safely delivered w/ forceps, thus avoiding the close call with Casarean but creating lots of recovery time with me and some TMJ with my daughter, cleared by an expert chiropractor/cranio-sacral therapist). Hoping for a much calmer, simpler birth this time.

Robyn: 6/1 is an excellent birthday! It's mine!

Asherah: 5/1 is an excellent birthday too! Child number 1 is a Beltane baby/International Labor Day baby (was shaking her fist to try to organize within her first hours out of the womb!)
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I'm pregnant

We are due on August 10th with our third child. I have a 6yo boy and 2yo girl. we are not going to find out the sex this time.
We are planning a home waterbirth.
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This is our first baby and I'm due today, April 10th! But I haven't had the baby yet so thought I would go ahead and post! I had a prenatal visit yesterday and found out my cervix is 80% effaced and the baby is at -1 station. When the baby finally decides to show it's precious face I will be delivering at a Birth Center with a Midwife and my sweet husband

Fun facts ... I'm 5'9", big boned and have gained a total of 30 pounds
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I'm due mid-September
I had an unnecessary c-section almost 5 years ago and 2 early miscarriages since then so we're especially excited about this pregnancy. Planning an all-natural birth at a freestanding birth center with midwives and maybe a doula. HBAC is all but illegal here or we'd be doing this at home. Hoping to do it someday somewhere else. In the meantime, we found a great group of midwives and are working harder at this pregnancy (exercise, education etc) than I would ever have imagined I could when I had my ds in '97. Very hopeful! At least the experience will be better, even if it ends in a section again. Happy thoughts!
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I am pregnant with #2 due October 25th.
We have a wonderful 2 year old son who at this point is very excited about a baby brother or sister - However I realize that can all change

We are planning a home VBAC with a wonderful midwife and a Doula, my parents and sister will be there too and help out with our son.

We are not going to find out what we are having as we didn't with our first and LOVED the suspense.
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I am currently 34 weeks preg with #4 due 22 May. This will be
our fourth home birth. We will find out if its a boy or girl on baby's "birth"day. Happy pregnancy to all!

Sarah sahm mom to:
Eva 6
Noah 4
Eliza 2
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I am pregnant with #3! Due August 25 or thereabouts! I am so excited, as are the kids. This will be our third out of hospital birth center birth with CNMs. I can't wait!
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mee too!

hi beautiful bellied mamas...

i'm pregnant too...due to meet my first bebein the begning of october. don't know exactly when we conceived so we'll be waiting for bee to tell us when october rolls around.

we're in the process of moving from honolulu to minneapolis this weekend and will be birthing at home in our apartment there.

i'm a "young mom"i'll be 21 a few week after the bebe's born...anyone else in my boat? i'm soooooooo thrilled and glowing.

i've been studying birth and pregnancy for years...will become a midwife someday...and am currently studying freebirth, or unassisted birth.

love from belly to belly, maari
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We just found out yesterday that we are pregnant with our first - due December 16/02. It feels too early to add myself to this group, but if Laralou's here, I'm not the earliest-along!

I like the idea of a home waterbirth, but I have to do a lot more reading before deciding for sure. Up until now my reading has only focussed on enhancing fertility! Whatever I decide, I will have dh, my supportive mother-in-law (whom I'm more comfortable with than my own Mum) and a midwife there. I don't know if you need a doula if you have a midwife, but if it is recommended I will have a doula too.

Dr said you should gain only about 5 lbs in the first trimester. I've been so hungry since I conceived I've ALREADY gained 5 lbs! Oh man, am I in trouble! Would it be terrible if I wished for some nausea to reduce the hunger?

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I am pregnant with my third baby in four years and I am due in November. Probably around the 12th. I am currently planning, or not planning, an unassisted birth at my home with my husband and my mom as my support. My stepdad will be on hand for prayers and shots if needed. Still considering a doula...
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Not much longer to go!!

I am pregnant with my first baby - due May 26th '02.

We have a labor workshop tomorrow with my yoga teacher...we're taking a birthing class, have read everything, now we're jus waiting out the last 6 weeks!!  

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my first

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Hi... I'm 25, due in october, and this'll be my first. It wasn't a planned pregnancy and the timing is pretty interesting since neither DH nor myself has had a job for awhile now. We don't have medical insurance or (obviously) a lot of money at present, so it looks like I'll be getting a crash course in the government social services system. I'm waiting on my Medicaid application to get some prenatal care, and Í would LOVE to talk to anybody who knows anything about how to use the system so as to get the kind of care I'd like, to whatever extent that may be possible.

I had joined the hM forums a few weeks before their demise, and I'm happy to see some familiar faces here. I look forward to meeting everyone else here. =)
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I just joined this site today, and thought I would add myself to the list My husband and I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter, and are expecting our second child between Thanksgiving and Dec 4th. I ovulated late, so I know that I m about a week behind all of the devlopment stuff for the week I am supposed to be in. At least right now.

We are planning a waterbirth with a midwife at a birth center, I am really excited!!!
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Hi, I'm new here too!

Pregnant with my 3rd, due June 3. DD is 10 and DS is 8. Great to see some moms with the same large age gap as me.

This will be my first natural birth, at a hospital with a really great OB.

We had an ultrasound, and I'm having a girl (probably).
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due december 26. this will be my second, i have ds, age 3.
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due in June

Hi I am due June 30 or July 1 2002, it is my first baby and I am very excited. Iam having the baby at Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital.
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Hi Everyone!
Congratulations to all of you!

I'm thirty-two and pregnant with my first baby. S/he is due December 3 (two days before my anniversary, three before my birthday, and a lovely gift either way).

I'm planning a homebirth with my midwifery partner, and a couple of friends for support. I am happy, excited and all the usual.

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I'm pregnant with #2, due Sept 1 or thereabouts. I'm still trying to decide where I want to give birth this time, either in a birth center or at the hospital. My OB is wonderful and the birthing room at the hospital has a big jacuzzi and double bed, so I'm leaning towards that option. I located the one and only doula here in French-speaking Switzerland, and she has just finished her training with Birthworks. This will be her first birth!

I love being pregnant and think it is such an exciting time! Congrats to all of you.

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i'm pregnant!

older mama just barely pregnant -- due around winter solstice with #2!
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