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I am due June 9. This will be our first baby! We are having a homebirth with CNM. Don't know if it's a boy or girl, so we'll be plenty surprised!
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I am due with #2 - just got my due date, December 4th. I really wanted a homebirth, but it looks like it will have to be a really nice birthing center instead. As long as it's not the HOSPITAL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to see if I can have a waterbirth there.

Had dd naturally and could not believe the pain, but I aim to go that route again.
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June 9th!

We are due with our first around June 9th!

Chose not to find out the baby's sex, want to be surprised. I'm supposedly "high risk", only because I'm 38, but nobody's made much of a big deal out of it yet, except that my doctor talked me into an ultrasound, "just to be sure". Due to the limitations of our insurance carrier, we have to use a hospital, and the hospital I chose has no midwives who deliver there!! They do have jacuzzis though, and a nice, calm atmosphere.

One thing that I think is going to be a real benefit is that we are taking Bradley Method classes, which I highly recommend. We've learned so much!
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soon... really soon

I'm pregnant with first. Due May first, *****9 days***** give or take a week!

Planning a waterbirth at home with 2 midwife and a student midwife. Not sure of sex... just want to meet the little tyke at this point!
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Well, as of today I am officially here.

This is my third child and I am due Dec. 25, 2002.

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me too me too!!

Baby # 2 in the beginning of October (5th-15 is my guess). We'll be having an unassisted birth at home just down the street from a hospital should an emergency situation occur. A dear friend who is currently an apprentice midwife in training as well. My first, Jackson Tell, was born in a hospital all natural when I was 18 (8 yrs ago) and I know SO much more now that I think this will be no problem. I am using a cnm for prenatal care until August, when we'll be moving. My mate and I have been reading (and we need to start practicing as well) the Bradley method. I meditated naturally (a first for me--I had never meditated before at all) with my son and so the Bradley appeals to me.

Hoping for a girl but not turning boys away!

Good luck to everyone.

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Hi Cynthia! (that's my mother's name!). My user name is Piglet and I have been posting here at mothering.com for a while now but haven't gotten around to visiting this forum yet.

I am having a girl, my first baby, and she will be born on July 16 by scheduled c-section. Her name is Emily Jasna (pronounced "YASS-na", it's Croatian).

I look forward to getting to know other "july moms".

thanks for doing this.
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I'm due May 27 with #1, a boy - Lazarus James. I had to find out the gender because I had two dreams right after conception in which a beautiful little boy greeted me as "mama"... Also have a 10yo stepdaughter, Johnnie, who lives with us half-time and is really looking forward to meeting her baby brother.

I'm hoping for a natural birth, and am taking Bradley classes to improve my odds. My OB seems supportive of my choices and hasn't given me the "but you're 35 and high-risk" rigamarole. I'd love to home birth with a midwife, but I am going the hospital route (possibly with a doula) because my insurance only covers hospital/OB and both DH and I are now unemployed.

I'm also hoping lil' Lazarus will decide to come early, now that we're past the danger point. Anyone else due soon and ready to lose their marbles? I've loved pregnancy, but suddenly I don't know how much more barfing and joint pain and weird Braxton-Hicks and near-immobility and sleeplessness I can take... but that's another thread, isn't it??

Anyway (to end on a happy note!), congrats to all the mamas-to-be!!!!
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december baby

Hi! I'm Victoria and due first week in December (the 5th, but I'm keeping an open mind ).

I'm interviewing midwives/alternative birthing centers and even a practice of dr.'s who attend you in your own home! I want a homebirth but dh doesn't know where he stands yet.

All the Best,
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due right now!

I'm due with #2 any day now, and I'm walking around with a head lodged between my legs! I really hope to go soon, today I found out I'm over 4 cm dialated so at least I know that this baby wants to come out. My dd was a 2 1/2 weeks over induction ( just awful!) We are having a homeibrth this time... wish us luck!
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i am new here... pregnant with our first, due november 30th. we're a bit suprised, but plenty excited!
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HI all!!
This is my first posting and our first child. I'm due oct 20 and will hopefully be birthing in a birthing center with a midwife.
One funny thing is that I knew that I was pregnant 2 DAYS! after conception, it was just a feeling and then 2 LONG!! weeks later I could take the home preg test.
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Just took the test today! Positive! (day 29)

I am a first time mom. I had a miscariage 1 1/2 years ago, but we were NOT ready then!

Hope to have a home birth, we'll see what the Universe provides!

Due January 5.
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We're expecting our 3rd baby the end of June. We aren't finding out the gender with this one! We're holding out for a surprise ending! We are planning our 1st home/waterbirth & I'm SO excited. (1st birth was a nasty hospital birth, 2nd a wonderful waterbirth at a free-standing birthing center with a midwife.) I tend to go overdue so I'm thinking early July. Our boys, almost 3 & just turned 6, are SO excited!!!
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Hey everyone. Congatulations!! I am due Dec. 13, 2002 with my third child. A bit worried because of a miscarriage three months ago, but very happy! DS is 4.5 and DD is 3 and still happily nursing. Although I long to nurse the new baby alone(got pg with dd when ds was only 7 months old and tandem nursed until he turned four)but we'll see.
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I'm expecting baby #2 mid July. We don't know if it's a boy or girl. We didn't know with dd but I had an instinct that she was a girl. This time I just don't know.

Dd is still nursing well - she's 19 months - and we'll tandem nurse. She loves my growing belly and kisses it all the time. Hopefully she'll love the baby when he or she arrives!

The birth will be at a birthing centre with a midwife and a doula.
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I'm pregnant! I was due last Wednesday. I am having a homebirth with a DE midwife.
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I'm pregnant

Hi everyone. I'm pregnant with my first and am SO excited. I'm due November 26, 2002, but of course I'm sure the baby will come whenever s/he feels like it. Plan on having the baby in the hospital and am seriously looking into using hypnobirthing to make it easier. DH and I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

All my best to everyone!
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Pregnant with our third child, my official due date is August 26th, but I am always about 2 weeks late so September!

We plan a homebirth with a CNM and an apprentice lay midwife in attendance.
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After 11 months of trying, we are PREGNANT!!!!
I am so so so so
Soooooo HAPPY!!!

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