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Firefly Diapers

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I have a large Firefly from the original owner and I love it. It dries super fast and is very absorbant. I'd probably still need a doubler for night time though.

The workwomanship is excellent. I have a snap diaper and I love her innovative snap system.
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I have a large hemp firefly for my DS (14months). I like it a lot. It dries much quicker than many hemp fitteds. It gives a nice fit (though on my son it is a little big around the legs) It has a nice high rise, and is very soft. I think you would need to add anther doubler for nigh use.

I like how absorbant the diapers is, yet dries fast due to the "soaker" design.

A very nice, high quality diaper, very well made. I am not sure it is totaly worth the high price tag... but a really nice diaper non the less.
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I have 3 regular fireflys from the origonal owner and a nighttime firefly. These are some of my favorites. They are super trim and fit great on my high rised skinny boy. They are pretty absorbant too. They are all aplix closure which I normally don't like but I will make an exception for a well fitting abosorbant diaper.
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I have a large firefly and I really like it. It's very trim, yet absorbant. One of my favorite diapers!
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I have two L hemp Firefly colours and 1 L organic colour. I love these dipes - they are our favourite - at least right now, LOL! They fit dd perfectly (28 lbs, 19 mos., average height and weight) and seem really absorbent although they are so quick drying. They are our quickest drying dipe, including prefolds. I love the vibrant colours, too! I have a sleep tight on the way, so will post at a future date about it.
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I love my Firefly sleep tight diaper! It is a perfect fit, the most absorbent fitted I have for night time and goes on quickly for night time changes. Wish I had more. This is my ideal night time diaper. Love the glowing snaps, too.
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Fireflies are my all time favorite diaper. The design is unique, the fit is fabulous and the quality is top notch.

The "new" Fireflies have more sizes than the originals, allowing very small babies and large toddlers to get a good fit. The only negative thing I have to say is that the difference between small and large is very significant. If you have a small toddler, the smalls border on being too small (and definately not absorbant enough) and the larges are almost too large (esp around the leg holes).

Overall a great diaper. Very well made and quick drying.
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I have one of the new Firefly quick-dry colors with snaps- dark green- and this is my all-time favorite daytime diaper. It is a perfect fit on my toddler. The color is gorgeous, it is trim and beautifully made. It is extremely absorbent for being trim and has sewn in doublers, so it requires no assembly. It dries in one dryer cycle.

We go coverless at home, and this diaper takes a long time to soak throuh, unlike many.
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I have used the large, hemp firefly. I have very mixed feelings about it.

It is beautiful to look at. The green thread is lovely. The shape is great--an hourglass, rather than a straight front panel. The snap settings are well done--close enough to get a good fit. The sewing looks great. My favorite thing is the rise. My son is long and skinny, and this diaper fits him so well in the waist, and rise. I also love the wings. And that firefly tag is the cutest! Lori's business philosophy is admirable, and I am happy to give my money to a good cause.

Alas, the diapers haven't functioned that well for us. My son has skinny thighs, and the leg holes are gigantic. When he is standing up, I can reach my hand right into the leg hole. The leg holes also seem rather rough to me. The ruffles are very short, and because the fabric is smooth side out, the serged edges seem stiff and hard to me. My son is a heavy wetter, and this diaper is not absorbent enough for him. He can easily drench the crotch in 30-60 mins.

I love to admire this diaper. But I prefer to look at it, rather than use it. The quality is so nice, I'm having a hard time parting with it, even though I really can't use it.
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We have two fireflies and we like them so far!
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I have one small hemp firefly and i really enjoy the fit and the design of the soaker for quick drying. And the workmanship is first rate.
i hope to add more to my, i mean Ella's stash

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I have been searching for a good nighttime "system" and FF sleep tight are it. I use the doubler and a wool liner underneath the first wing, cover it with a wool soaker and my toddler seems dry and cozy all night. I really enjoy seeing that glowing trim underneath the soaker.

I also agree that the fit on a small toddler is not perfect in a large-- I like the way it fits him in the waist, but the leg holes are too big. Because of that, I would not use FF during the day, given that I try to avoid situations where things come flying out of his diaper. If the leg holes were just a bit smaller, I'd think these were perfect. They would be great for chubby thighed babies/toddlers, though.

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FireFly Diapers

I'm talking specifically here about the Firefly Quick Dry Diapers in hemp. I know they come with an organic cotton soaker as well, but I'm a hemp gal.

I purchased 4 initially - picked up 2 more for love of their fit, look and absorption and have just added 4 more, for a total of 10. Getting awfully close to the dozen that I desire!

These are now our mainstay diaper because they really do seem to be built for our son's body. I like their trimness and the fact that it doesn't seem to compromise absorption. I love the design of the 'fly-away' double soaker inside that flies out to the left and right (sewn on sides and not snapped-in or sewn at top or bottom) for a quicker drying time. Wonderful selection of colors - you could have a literal rainbow collection!

I don't believe the site takes orders - I just called Lori at the number on the site and she was able to let me know exactly what colors were available and in what size.
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We are very pleased with these diapers. They have become our mainstay. We use the organic cotton in Large, and are now ordering some mediums in the hemp/cotton colors. The small, medium and larges all fit Eli to varying degrees.

The quick drying wings are so clever... I like them much better than lay in or snap in soakers which are always *somewhere else* when I need them.
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We tried a small and really liked it. The colors are adorable and the workmanship is excellent - I love the quick drying wings! And it is a very trim diaper.

DS outgrew his small diaper quickly, though. I heard she has some medium sizes now, so I will probably give one of those a try.
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I have 3 Firefly Sleep Tight diapers and they are great for overnight. The hemp is super absorbent but still trim so my child doesn't have a huge bubble butt. The only thing I have noticed is that the leg holes seem a little big and gape a bit which isn't a problem unless your child poos in the morning before you can get the dipe changed. I have had an issue with poo escaping the diaper and getting on my wool covers. The snap configuration is a little odd and I can never get a symmetrical snap placement on both sides. Overall a very good and very absorbent overnigt diaper.
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I love the new organic cotton fireflys. This cotton is very soft and absorbent. Admittedly my dd is only 4 months right now but she usually doesn't even soak past the two winged soakers and other diapers just don't work like that for her. I used some colors in the small and I believe that the plain organics are more stretchy. I also think the legs can be unusually wide and gappy. If this was somehow fixed they would be the perfect diaper I believe. It is so refreshing to use these and not have anything to snap in or have to run it through the dryer again or hang it up after the dryer. They really are quick dry. Did I mention the new organic cotton rocks! DD has outgrown her smalls and while the mediums just fit her thighs now she will probably slim down later. This is why I am afraid of investing in a whole stash of them. As it is, if she has her occasional bf poopy blowout I don't think the snugness of the legs is such that it would be contained. On the other hand there are no red marks on her little rolls...

We have used the nightime fireflys too in the hemp/ cotton and they work wonderfully on my heavy wetting toddler and overnight on my infant. I do believe that due to their heft they are more than unusually uncomfortable for the sleeping child. I don't really mind because I would rather wake up and change them but if you are looking for all night comfort I don't think they would suit. Maybe the new organic cotton ones would be more comfortable (less heavy). Did I mention I really like their new organic cotton.
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After trying every single diaper out there (no joke) I have decided to sell the entire stash to buy more Firefliy diapers! I love these diapers. They are so trim and absorbant. I have 2 sleeptight diapers as well and I could not be more satisfied. The fit is absolutely perfect on my petite toddler (we use small FF's). I did try these diapers when dd was a few months old and did not like the fit. Maddie has skinny legs and the small FF just gaped around her little legs. I am willing to bet that I should have been using an XS, but I was in denial :LOL Madison now wears medium diapers (from almost every other wahm diaper maker) on the tightest snap settings, but she wears a small firefly with room to grow. Pay attention to Lori's sizing guidelines and you cannot go wrong.

As far as customer service goes, Lori recieves 2 thumbs way up from me! I have emailed and called multiple times and her responses are always within 24 hours and very friendly. Diapers are mailed quickly and packaged nicely.

I have truly found every quality I have been looking for in these great diapers.
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I have 3 clown Fireflies (hemp). Mostly, a great dipe. The first time ds soaked one of them... the blue dye from the soaker pad bled. It got on other parts of the diaper and stained ds's bum. After a few hot washes, the dipe no longer seems to bleed. Ds's bum was back to normal a couple of days later. I didn't think it was a enough of a problem to return the dipe (I just washed it a few times before I used it again), but I wanted to let Lori know what happened so no other babies would have blue bums. When I called Lori to inform her of the situation, she said they didn't use the dark colors anymore because they tend to bleed. It really bothered me that they knew of the problem and failed to mention it to me, when I purchased it. It wasn't a big deal, and I still would have bought it, but I would have liked to have known ahead of time. Otherwise, the diaper works great, and they're really cute.

ETA: After reading this, I think it came across badly. Lori did offer to let me return the diaper. As I already said, it wasn't that big of a deal, and she was very polite. And, upon further inspection... the card included with the diaper did say to wash SEVERAL times for dark colors. I guess I just didn't think it was a dark color, because only one layer of one flap was dark blue (clown dipe). So, my oops! I really like the FFs, I just wanted to make sure that people wash them enough before they use them. I've bought another one (organic cotton) because I do really like the diaper, and Lori is really good to work with.
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I had 4 sleeptights that I used for a while, then sold. They were loose in the thighs on my average-thighed baby, and short in the rise for her long rise. But that didn't actually affect how they worked, which was just fine for a 2-4mo night-nursing infant. The quick-dry design really does dry quickly, and they are very well made.

But. I felt that the loose fit in the thighs is a natural consequence of the design, since the bulk is all in the baby's crotch area and there is only so much space in there. I sort of wished the soaking part was not between the legs at all... I found that my baby quickly soaked either the tummy or back part of the diaper, the middle (where all the extra absorbency was) did not get so wet. The design seemed more suitable for daytime or a standing baby, when gravity would be pulling the pee into the wings of the diaper, not just the front or back. So I wonder if extending the wings on the night diaper would help with that?

Anyhow, they were fine diapers and easy to use. And my older children enjoyed having a baby with glowing diapers!
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