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Firefly Quick-Dries were the first diapers I bought (purchased 10 and 4 fuzbombs) and I love these diapers still after buying many different types since. They are a great fit for a chubby thighed little boy with high rise!
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I love these diapers! I think they are hands down the best fit for a toddler. I even use them as "training pants" on my older son. I haven't tried the sleep tights, but I am going to order a bunch for my new babe.

They don't seem to be as absorbent as some of my other diapers, but its ok, because we change often, and the fit is so great!
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I just received a Firefly Easy Wool Cover. Oh my goodness, it is beautiful! Very trim and yet has great coverage. The workmanship is incredible, color fantastic. I highly recommend this cover and I'll be purchasing more of them!
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