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Daily 7/31

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Well I figured I'd start seeing as how I am up with possible labour iimpending! I am playing "water breakage or pee". there is no smell but it is not trickling. I have blood and mucous and pressure and cramping! crossing fingers that I could still have a July baby! :-)

ETA: Well I don't think it was water unless it is a very small leak, but I have started having ctrx that seem to feel different than the last 3 weeks. About every 7 minutes so far. I am going to shower and see if that changes. I don't want to wait too long cuz I know I am already at a 3 possibly 4, so it could take off at any point!
Was it the dancing? The Spicy broccoli cheese sauce? Coincidental? One will never know! LOL
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HulaJenn :::::goodv ibes::ELV for you.

I'm still here, with no mayor ctx , nothing.....Today, I have an appointment with a acupuncturist to try to induce me. Let see what happen.
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Good luck, Hula Jenn! I hope you're holding a sweet baby in your arms soon!

40+2 here for me, and nothing much to report--just checking in. You know how it is with these end-of-the-month dailies--if someone doesn't check in, you start wondering if they've got a baby already. I noticed some conspicuously absent people yesterday, for example.

Lots of twinge-y and irregular ctx-y feelings late last night again, but of course they're gone by morning. I have my 40 wk appointment today, so we'll see if anything's happening in there.

Otherwise, I'm here at work, just business as usual....
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Jenn - c'mon baby!! It is time!! ps, I get trickles every once in a while, but I think I just didn't wipe the pee well enough...but I always stop to examine, isn't that funny??

Well, still here. I did have some more intense ctx yesterday following acupuncture, but nothing consistent. I have a followup today to try to kick it off.

I really wanted ds to be born today. Not only was I a last day of the month baby, but my mom (who has been deceased over 3 yrs) was born 1/31/1948. To have ds's bday mimic hers at 7/31/2008 would be awesome. We have felt her presence the whole pregnancy, right down to when we found out we were preggers. It would be so awesome to have this resemblence in birthday... I think I'm holding out too much hope for a woman who isn't having any ctx this morning!! UGH!
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I don't think I posted yesterday, but I'm still here .

Ah, went out and had a nice date with DH yesterday. Movie, good food, it was good to get out and get distracted.

Nothing new going on with my body, also about 40+2. This babe is post EDDs...

At least I made the call to not go to work now. I think I'm happy being home now.

HulaJenn, hope you're having that baby! Elv!

Hyz, I see you're still here like me .

Baby baby baby come play with us!
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hula Jenn I hope it's your day to go!! Sounds like it is!

40+4 here. Saw my mw yesterday.. I was hoping that there would have been some kind of changes since the last internal exam 2 weeks ago. but nothing really, just thinned out and shortened a bit more. My cervix is still way posterior. How depressing, right?! She suggested taking castor oil.... I bought some last night she said to take it this morning. If the castor oil doesn't produce labor contractions then I look forward to the NST and US on Tuesday in the hospital. I really DO NOT want to go to the hospital unless I know I am pushing this baby out. I was so bummed driving home but I have to keep reminding myself that she can't stay in forever.

trying to stay optimistic and distracted. how 'bout a round of elv's for all you mommas.. :
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Hi, I am still here. My midwife left this morning for a 3 day trip. I really don't want to go while she's gone. So, now I'm on the 'wait' pattern, and if I'm going to wait for her, I might as well wait for my son to come back on sunday, and if I'm going to wait for him, I might as well wait for my friend to come back on the 8th, but I'm not really into that idea. Even though the 9th is my actual due date.

I watch and feel for water all the time too. Usually I have to move my belly/pelvis around to get all the pee out, it's stuck under her head, I guess.

I'm going to try and occupy myself.
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I am SOOO tired of people telling me "you aren't that overdue". Well, from when I expected to have this over I am already 2 weeks over. Let me tell you, if they were in my shoes they would bitch about it too! Yes, I know I am 1 day over my official due date used for counting 42 week status, but it is 1 day too many at this point.

I am depressed that he isn't here. I worry that something is wrong. I am angry that I will have less time with ds on the outside because I HAVE to go back to work at a scheduled date - I own my own business. I am sick over the fact that family is so anticipatory they won't give us the time we want with ds before starting to bug us to see him and god forbid, babysit. And noone, not even DH understands, why I cry about it! AH!!!

I know I made the right decision to home birth and let time take its toll, but I understand why women ignore what they hear about inducing for overdueness and do it anyway.
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madiesmomma, I hear ya! hang in there...we can't be pregnant forever!
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Still here, really thought last night was the night. Saw my midwife had a few cntrx in her office, then we went out for dinner, and I was having fairly consistent but tolerable cntrx every 6-8 minutes. Every fourth was pretty strong, we came home cleaned the house, I walked around, bounced on the ball, layed down, sat, they stayed. They never got closer or stronger and around midnight they pretty much died down so I went to bed. Woke up this morning feeling no different then yesterday morning but if I start walking around I get some more cntrx. today is dh's day off so we are going to go shopping and just try to do as much running around as I can handle to maybe get them going again. Going to call my midwife as she suggests not doing the castor oil unless my cervix is thinned and/or dialated somewhat and she hasn't checked. but in my past I usually dont start thinning etc until I get in a pretty close cntrx pattern. Hoping today is the day and i will have a july baby but who knows, this could go on for weeks.

oh by the way 40w6d. I went 42w1d with baby #1 so this is my second longest, all others were right around their due date.
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Acupuncture is so awesome. I came out with a restored attitude and faith in my body. I definently plan to continue after baby to heal my chi! She did some more aggressive points and I feel close to what I felt like when my membranes were swept the other night...so I don't know what that means. It is labor preparedness treatments - not intended to truly induce but to prepare the body and chi for birth to make it easier, faster, and healthier. Worth every penny!
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ell, just got back from my 40 week appointment, and no real changes since last week (still a little more than 1 cm dilated, 80% effaced, baby in -1 position, cervix in mid position). All of that was good for 39 weeks, but with almost no change, she wasn't as happy with it for 40 weeks. I've been threatened with induction. She says that if I make it to next Thursday's appt, she'll want to schedule the induction for that weekend (at which point I'll be 41+4 or 5). It sounds like she only does inductions on the weekend, and she doesn't want to wait until the next weekend when I'll be 42+4 or 5. Hmph. Our "compromise" so far is that we've scheduled a biophysical profile and NST for next Thursday, and if everything still looks good then, we'll "discuss it". Argh. :

I made it clear that I was really hoping to avoid an induction, and she proceeded to try to comfort me by saying "you know, when I'm talking about induction, I just mean Pitocin--it's very gentle, you can still walk around, etc." I told her I read that Pitocin can make contractions much more intense, last longer, come closer together, and that can make things really hard and even cause a slightly increased chance of uterine rupture, etc. and SHE said, "oh, that's not true, it's a misconception--we start off with a very low dose, it's just to get labor started"--basically, contractions are contractions, contractions are hard, and using Pitocin doesn't make them any harder.

Anyway, what!?! She's basically denying everything I've read and heard for 9 months--stuff that I thought was pretty commonly accepted knowledge. And she's been so encouraging about natural birth all along, has a good reputation among doulas in the community for being an accomodating, non-interventionist doctor, etc.--so all of this stuff from her today was just right out of left field for me. Hmph. :

Well, I guess that's the end of my little vent. And I usually enjoy these weekly visits so much. Hmph.
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