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Homeschool Organization?

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Can anyone show me or describe their organization of homeschool supplies? I am talking textbooks, paper, notebooks, pencils, board games/puzzles, art supplies, etc. My oldest will be in a charter this year, and will have some books arriving soon. I want to make a place for everything so everything will go in its place (hopefully)
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We have decided to put everything in one room and have found it to be so much better! Here's our setup...
We have 2 tall bookshelf units with 3 large open shelves on top and a closed cabinet under. These hold all of our art supplies and books. The lowest shelf is full of cans or crayons, scissors, etc on one and our M-F boxes on the other , so my son can reach. The 2nd shelf holds books on one and the colored paper on another in this http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/seo...es/viewall.jsp The top shelves each hold a large basket of craft stuff and teaching supplies.
We have a loveseat with a few book baskets on the wall and a huge cozy leaf overhead for a canopy. We have lots of ikea storage ( this is also our "playroom") and unfinished wooden cubes that hold some science materials. Our large desk w/computer and printer is in here, too. This is our table http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80086575 which is covered mostly with a vinyl tablecloth.
Our toy closet is in this room and has a free standing shelf/plastic bin thing for lincoln logs, playcloths/silks, hot wheels cars, wooden puzzles, etc. The other side has short, hanging, cloth sweater racks for floor puzzles, board games, playmobil sets etc. This keeps toys out of the way but nearby. We have TONS of books, and they are in the dining room I just didn't want the family room to look too crowded, so we only use the book baskets for a few. Hth
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