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How much do you spend for groceries each week? - Page 2

Poll Results: How much do you spend each week on groceries? (Food only)

  • 10% (40)
    $50 or less
  • 17% (68)
  • 23% (92)
  • 25% (101)
  • 10% (40)
  • 7% (31)
  • 6% (27)
    $175 or more
399 Total Votes  
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How many of you do organic produce? I find that it's really expensive. We go through so much milk that organic milk for instance is just too expensive. We do drink some soy but even that's expensive.
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3boys4 - i buy organic everything -if it's available. i have for close to 10 years now...for me it's a form of commitment - to myself, family and the planet. until recently we had no health insurance, so buying organic was one thing i could do to help enhance our health. as for the planet, i think what i spend supporting organic agriculture is a small investment to help bring some sanity and sustainability to our ailing biosystem. i mean really how much more is organic produce? if i spend $1.50 for a bunch of broccoli instead of .79 that's a .71 investment towards our planet. unless you're on food stamps most of us can afford that. most people "waste" more than that everyday on things totally unnecessary. when i first made the commitment to only organic we were fairly poor - dh & i making under $20,000/year total, and living in a fairly expensive housing market (bay area). i just decided that if it was important enough, that the means to support it would materialize - and it has. what we put in our bodies has a direct impact on our health, and what gets dumped onto/into our planet has a direct impact on its AND our health. it just makes sense to me.
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We spend about $400/mo for 2 adults and a 14 mo. We do one big shopping trip to the coop once a month where we usually spend between $250-$300. Then we pick up a few items here and ther the rest of the month.
It seems expensive, but we have very high standards when it comes to food. We eat practically all organic, lots of fresh produce, pricey yeast-free breads, cases of rice Dream, etc...
But, we don't really spend much elsewhere, other than house payments and utility bills.
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Most of our produce is organic, 3boys4us. I can't afford organic milk and I don't like that it's ultrapasturized and shipped here from the northeast. (I'm in Virginia.) I compromise and buy hormone free milk at Whole Foods which is the same price as conventional milk and it's not ultrapasturized. I agree with Steph that buying organic is putting my money where my beliefs are. Besides produce, I buy organic flour (white and whole wheat), organic beans, organic chocolate (occaisionaly) organic coffee and tea. Most fair trade chocolate, coffee, and tea are also organic. I like it that spending money on fair trade items helps ensure a living wage for some farmers. I save money by preparing most of our food from scratch and staying away from convenience foods. Organic oatmeal is 69 cents a pound. A 15 ounce box of mainstream cereal can cost as much as $4.
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daylily: if you don;t me asking, where do you shop? We have no organic grocery store near us (like wild oats which I loved) so the organic section at stop & shop has to do. The selection is pretty limited. Your kids are about the same age as mine. Do they ever ask for other stuff (non-organic stuff) We eat no junk food and rarely go out. But we do allow snack food like granola bars, pretzels etc.. I bake ALOT, cookies, brownies. At least 3x - 4x a week. They take lunches to school. We eat lots of fruit and some veggies. We do eat meat (dh refuses to give it up but will do 50% veggie meals). We spend maybe 100$/week. Dry goods I buy at the warehouse type places along with dog/cat food. I have hard time with organic foods. I like them but it seems like we consume so much food during a week non-organic is better on the budget.
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For Heaven Sakes!! How do you people do it? I feel good when we get through a week on $175. I buy as much organic stuff as possible, and we drink soy milk rather than cow's milk, but I do prepare our food from scratch, and bake, and buy bulk. And we rarely buy alcohol or coffee. We are two adults, two kids and a nursing baby. The baby has doubled her weight (9 lbs at birth) in 3 1/2 months on breast milk alone so I am eating like a sumo wrestler. The older two--6 and 4--are also very big for their ages (65lbs and 48lbs) and my husband is big and athletic. We do talk about trying to reduce our food spending, but then I am at the store and I think about how eating is life and I want our life to be a celebration.... I feel very much like Elismama. We are lucky now to be in a position to spend so much on food--in the past it was a struggle--but I would love to be able to spend more! There have been more than a few weeks that we've spent $350 on food. (Not counting eating out!) We do not waste much, either, and we are fit people. I do a lot of shopping at Wild Oats--and would love to do all of my shopping there. Expensive but so pleasant and delicious! Considering how much we go through, and that the baby will soon be plowing through solid foods too, I have been thinking we should start a co-op. In fact, I've been thinking we practically could order enough on our own to be a one-family co-op. I would love to start a non-profit ultra-responsible health food store that would sell to families at cost, or lower if neccesary--kind of like a health food WIC. Feeding your children well shouldn't break the bank!
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In the winter, I shop at 2 stores: a local natural foods store where I buy produce, cheese, grains, beans, oils, yeast and other staples. Then I go to a mainstream supermarket (Harris Teeter)for things like frozen bagels, cereal, etc. I also make a special trip to Whole Foods just for the hormone free milk. If I bought all our food there, I'd probably spend more than $200/week, easily. It sounds like we eat pretty much the same way you do. I bake cookies often and make things like bannana bread for snacks. I buy pretzels, but not chips or doritos or anything like that. I also rely on air-popped popcorn for snacks. It has some nutritional value and it's really cheap. My sister gave us a popcorn popper for Christmas 9 years ago and I use it regularly. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received.

In the summer, I skip the natural foods store and buy produce, eggs and cheese at the farmer's market. I also have a small vegetable plot and we pick strawberries, blueberries, and mulberries and preserve them. (We just go to U-pick farms.)
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I spend about $220/week on groceries.

Before you suspect steak and caviar I have two adults and five children living at home presently. I have three adult children (two of whom are very close-by my oldest's fiance' and secondborn's boyfriend.

DH and teenagers have hearty appetites.

I try to buy good fruites and veggies and quality food (oh, I spend very little on the doctor :-) and, as daylilly suggested if you do the math it's less than $25 per person

Some of you guys, well, I admire your frugality. SIL has two children and spends about $50-75/week I admire her.

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I would like to buy more organic things, but the cost is too high for me! We grow many of our own veggies, so I figure we have organic produce for about 8 months of the year. (freezing, canning etc the surplus). And we have strawberries in the summer too.
When we lived near philly there was a place called produce junction we loved....
I wish I could find a co op here, but my searches have proved (ahem) fruitless (he he he).
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To begin with, we are two adults and one 9 mo (who eats very little besides organic veggies). I am now a vegetarian and don't buy any meat. We shop at Trader Joes and the local farmers market every week. My bill is normally around $45 a week. This gives me mostly all organic and soy products. I am also recentlya vegan (or at least making a HUGE stab at it... seems my ds is now lacto-intollerant... a bummer for the ice cream lover in me). In the past I could spend $10 a week on ice cream. YUMMY! But not any more... then again I degrees.

Anyway, mostly veggies, some blue organic corn chips, salsa, soy beverage, cereal, pasta... you know the basics. We don't make a ton from scratch. I have the same flower/suger/type of stuff from when we married two years ago and I have only used it twice. How do you ladies and gents do it? Making bread and goodies? Not to mention that AZ is HOT already.

Anyway... we really try to keep it low but it can get up there if we have others over for dinner. I usually buy more food special for that event.
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Yes, using the oven in the summer is difficult. If I can't avoid it, I'll bake early in the morning. (You can make bread dough at night and let it go through its second rising in the fridge overnight and then just pop it in the oven when you wake up.) One of the Tightwad Gazette books has plans for a solar oven made from very basic materials (cardboard boxes, black paint, scrap blocks of wood, tin foil and a piece of glass.) I meant to make one last summer, but didn't get around to it. I think such an oven would work great in Arizona. The Tightwad Gazette family live in Maine and they use one.
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I said over $100 (Cdn), but if I only bought what actually seems to be consumed, it would be about $10. I only shop and cook because the law says I have to provide food for my family! Where's the law that says they have to eat it?!?!?!?!
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man o man can my family spend!!!!!

: thier are two adults my 3yrold son 3dogs and 2cats ! we spend about $200.00 dollars aweek on food . the problem is we all eat differnet things iam a don,t eat meat , my son is very picky but only drinks soy milk my husband drink organic cows milk and so on thats how it works at my house . i end up cooky 3 different dinners a night !! were did i go wrong love and light
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For two adults we spend about $25 a week. It was exactly that for a while, but now I am not sure on the exact, but it is on to much more.

We can't buy as much organic as I would like, we can't afford it.

This is also not considering the sale items I stock on when they are on sale. When I see a great deal, I get several of that item so I don't have to buy those for maybe months.

We have to be frugal, so we make it happen.

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Well, having just confessed on the other thread that we are poor, i am confessing here that we eat well! Maybe that is whare most of our money goes! It's abot $60-100 per week for a small family of ours (me, dh and 16 month old dd). But like said before, we invest on organics and currently as much local produce as there is. And as it was said before, when i go to Wholefoods, what appals me there is that there is rows and rows of food made from the same incredients with different flavorings, is that choice? (Oh, and i'm not even talking your local supermarket here!) so my mission is to make from scrathch as much as i possible am willing to spend in the kitchen.
And i like oatmeal.
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We usually spend at least $100 to 125 a week for 2 adults and one 5 yr dd. I buy everything organic that I can. We don't eat meat, but I buy alot of soy alternatives like Veat and salmon sometimes. We buy blue corn chips and soy and rice ice cream. I get cases of soy milk from Trader Joe's, the cheapest and I can store 2 cases in the garage and not worry about it for a while. A coop I go to has great deals on all the organic flours, whole grain pastas, etc.
I've noticed the price of a lot of organic produce has come down in the last 5 years. If everyone keeps supporting the organic farmers they don't have to charge so much. There are more organic frms at our farmers mkt now too and fresh eggs from uncaged hens.
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TRACEY, i love trader joe and sense we moved to the sunshine state , we know longer get to shop thier then in end in virigina state .thats as south as they go !! but aren;t they great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe some day they will come to the south . love and light:cool:
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This is a great poll -- I was just worrying about how much we were spending recently, and now I see we're pretty average. We spend about $120/week at the grocery store, for two adults and two children, ages 7 and 4. This doesn't include the extracurricular grocery trips to Whole Foods or Chinatown, though. I'm glad to see I'm not overly indulgent with my budget!
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Wow!! I feel so frivolous!! We spend approximately $200 a week. I will say that we live in the SanFran area. That does not include once a week of eating out- usually sushi, my favorite! That feeds DH and 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 lizard. Oh, and myself! We are vegetarians, but do eat fish(what would that be called Fishatarians?!). We do eat almost all organically and whole foods. I shop at Trader Joes onca aweek and get a organic box of veggies once a week. I don't buy in bulk as much as I would like, Whole Foods is about 40 min away. In the summer we eat a lot from our garden, so the price does go down.

Hey Bigcats, where do you live? I should shop at your store!!
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Hey eleni
I used to live in Indian Rocks Beach-I noticed you are in Tarpon Springs. There was a pretty big grocery store sized-health food store in St. Pete-not as good as Traders, but might be worth looking in to.

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