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We have 2 dogs who love our son. They play togather and are very gentle with them. They let him pet and play with them, and to lay with them.
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We have one dog and the babe and pup have gotten along wonderfully from the start. They play together, lie down together, etc. We've been lucky with that.
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I think pets are a wonderful lesson in love and nurturing for children. It makes them better people.
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Originally Posted by vegiemum View Post
OY VAY! Please do not allow a child to climb and/or pull at your cat. You're asking for trouble and the cat would have every right to bite or scratch!

our older kitties are okay around the baby. they don't like it when he cries, but they sleep together. (only as high as baby's butt though...and although i kinda was training kitty for that, i think he kinda knew himself as well, that he shouldn't sleep by his face.) our older female purrs whenever we initiate contact between her and the baby. he is only three months and we are already encouraging gentle touch and respect for the cats.

but a note on the post above...cats are FI-NI-CKY!!! Even though I trust my cats to the end of the earth with my sleepy three month old, I will be watching like a hawk when baby gets mobile. i agree that you're asking for trouble, even if it doesn't come to biting or scratching.

you know your cat best...but BE CAREFUL!!
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Both our dogs ( Coonhounds) adore DD, my older one especially. DD LOVES them too and shrieks with laughter when she crawls over to pet/play with them. She is amazingly gentle with them, although likes to try and eat their tails! She also loves to use my older dog to stand up....he doesn't seem to mind, but I always supervise just in case. Our younger dog ( still a puppy) even takes her squeeky toy to DD for tug-of-war! So cute.
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Originally Posted by Greenmama2AJ View Post
I think pets are a wonderful lesson in love and nurturing for children. It makes them better people.
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Our 3 year old boxer loved DD from the second she came home and has always been very attentive and sweet with her. He LOVES to play with her (meaning, he sits or lays down and she pulls on his lips and sticks her hand in his mouth, while he licks her hand constantly.)

Our 13 year old beagle ignored her at first completely, and now tolerates her well. She's incredibly gentle and is very easy going. She pretty much coexists with DD but will go hide in the closet and sleep on the dirty clothes if she doesn't want to deal with the baby.

I have been very aware of how they all get along, and agree that DD needs to learn how to interact with animals well, but they all do great!
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I agree with other posters about not letting children climb..m

and bang on your pets ...I feel like we want our pets to be nice to our children so the children need to be nice to our pets..A girl at daycare punched her dog in the face for snapping at her 1 year old daughter..But she would always go on about how the baby was ripping the dogs ears and slapping him in the face ect...What did she exspect would happen?That said...

I have 5 cats.4 girls and 1 boy..When Lily came home from the hospital they all pretty much ignored her except to try and climb in her bassinet..I sprayed them with the spray bottle and they learned that was a nono zone.My male cat and his sister started watching her when she cried they would meow.The others continued to ignore her.When she would be lying on the floor on a blanket my Tinkerbell would lay next to her and just watch her..(she by the way has had 2 litters and is a very good mother).My male mischeif also liked to lay next to her and give her little kitty caresses by rubbing his head on her head..The other 3? Continued to ingore her.When she started scooting and grabbing I tried to teach her gentle touches with the cats.But when she started grabbing no body except for my totally vegged out Frankie and Mischeif would stick around long enough for her to get near.

Now Lily is 11 months old..She is walking along stuff,standing and can crawl as fast as lightning.My older girls Fraidycat,Figet and Tinkerbell keep their eye on her and get up and go if she gets too near..But she has surprised them and they just sit there frozen..They don't growl,scratch or bite her..Because they know that I will always come and move her..I have always made them feel like I would never let this little person hurt them just because they were an animal.And she has had wads of their hair in her hands.I always say the kitties don't like to be hurt so we have to gently pat their hair.Now my other two will lay there and take the abuse..And go back for more..Cause they love her to peices... But I still don't let her do it..My paitence and persistance has paid off although it has been hard and I have had to be very diligent and fast...She now pats their hair.Very rarely does she pull.But when she does I just say That hurts Frankie(cause it is usually poor Frankie who is getting the hair pulled)..She is nice to you so you need to be nice to Frankie.And I will gently pet Frankie to show her and then I lead her away to her toys.

Good luck...I agree that relationships between babies/children and animals are special and need to be nurtured..It teaches both of them empathy and compassion for others.It is tough sometimes but so worth it in the end...:
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My cat is amazingly tolerant of my 18 month old, but I am worried that he is going to really hurt her because I keep catching him pulling her fur/ tail, and trying to climb on her.  I do not allow him to do it and try to model gentle behavior, but he has decided that being mean to the cat is a game.  He has never had any issues with being rough with other children, so I am surprised that he is so aggressive with the cat.  I hope that if we continue to set boundaries and model gentle behavior that he will grow out of this phase, but right now,, it seems like things are getting worse, not better.  I wonder what I could do to change my reaction when I catch him so that he doesn't think it is funny.  We have never had to discipline him before and It is very important to me to treat him with respect, but it is also not okay for him to abuse the cat.  Any advice?

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we have a cat, his name is yummy. he loves my baby boy.  one time I saw my then 2yr old boy sitting on his back, riding him like a horse but yummy did not fight he just meow until I asked my son to leave him alone. 


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we have a cat, his name is yummy. he loves my baby boy.  one time I saw my then 2yr old boy sitting on his back, riding him like a horse but yummy did not fight he just meow until I asked my son to leave him alone. 


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We have a Golden Retriever who has been with us since right before DS1 was born and he is an absolute dream. He is a gentle as lamb with the baby and knows he can roughhouse with DS1 & 2 when the time is right. He rotates sleeping in their beds with sleeping in our bedroom on his own bed.

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Our cats are wonderful with our baby. Some of them flee from her loud sounds, but otherwise they treat her like their kitten, washing her and cuddling up next to her (with supervision). The other day, Legolas (one of our gentlest cats) rested his cheek against the top of her head. She's seven months old and likes to grab everything, including their fur, so we disentangle her fingers and demonstrate how to touch them with a flat hand...again and again. She'll understand eventually, but for now, we're just vigilant and peel her fingers off their fur so she won't hurt them. Our animal companions have the right not to be harmed or frightened by children and teaching little ones how to engage in respectful touch is an essential life skill, whether the recipient of that touch is another child, another living being like a dog or cat, parents, or objects.
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Originally Posted by Greenmama2AJ View Post

I think pets are a wonderful lesson in love and nurturing for children. It makes them better people.

I completely agree. All of the necessary precautions have been mentioned here. I think we all know how the relationship between baby and pet should go and how to monitor it. Also I'm sure we all know our animals well enough to determine the parameters of their relationship with our kids. There are so many proven cases about how pets help people, enrich their lives, comfort them in times of need, etc.

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