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"baby" chopsticks?

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Are there chopsticks for babies like there are baby forks or do they get full sized ones? I want to teach ds2 to use chopsticks while he's still learning to eat.
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I've never heard of or seen baby sized chopsticks. When I was about 2 my mom tied a piece of paper (rolled up like a wedge) and a rubber band to the end to start with. Like this: http://daddytypes.com/archive/jakes_chopsticks.jpg

Learning to use chopsticks just takes practice / repetitive use. By 3 or 4 I could use chopsticks just as proficiently as a spoon or fork.

If you don't want to DIY the chopsticks, you can buy fancy-schmancy versions: http://www.amazon.com/Pack-Combi-Suc.../dp/B000GEKF78
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I've seen children chop sticks in various asian stores I frequent. There are ones that are held together so that you use them like tweezers (I wouldn't recommend those b/c I think it would be hard to switch to using adult chop sticks) and then there are ones that are a bit shorter, plastic and have cute designs like hello kitty. Most of them are Japanese style chop sticks.

I never bothered geting them for DS I just give him full size chop sticks and he does fine. I also just give him adult size forks and spoons and he does fine with those as well.
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when i was in taiwan all the babies used "baby chopsticks" and theres different varieties.. they are smaller and a lot have a spork-like tip for easy scooping. and a lot of them are rubber banded together at the part where chopsticks usually rub. theyre pretty danged cute!
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We have some that are hinged at the top and have hands grips to teach kids' hands how to use them. If you google 'japanese combi chopsticks' you can see them. They don't get a ton of use. My son is more likely to (inexpertly) use kids size chopticks that aren't joined.
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I have 3 or 4 different types of "trainer chopsticks". I have something called "Rookie chopsticks" that I got at the Japanese-American National Museum, a Korean pair of chopsticks similar to the Combi ones, bamboo ones that slide into a little plastic hinge, and then little kid sized chopsticks without the hinges.
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Thanks for the responses.
I think the next time I go the Asian market, I will ask the proprietor about combi chopsticks. I didn't want to go in there and ask about baby chopsticks and have him (or his wife) look at me like I'd grown 2 heads. I don't mind looking foolish on MDC as much as I do irl.
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I've seen the tweezer-like chopsticks at www.asiaforkids.com, but they're pricey.
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we have both kinds but they kids constantly lose them so they don't get much use.
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My bil got my girls some small chopsticks that are joined at the top on their last trip to china. He said kids there start off with them, but I can't remember the age that they transitions(I think it was 3-4)
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I found trainer chopsticks at Bed, bath and beyond. They were full sized but had the spring hinge like a clothse pin. However, my 18 month old, having only used regular chopsticks previously looked at them and immediately pulled them apart - I assume because it didn't make sense to him that they would be joined.... So we just keep giving him his daddy's chopsticks. So far he just stabs things with them, but he does hold them correctly sometimes.
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