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How cluttered is your house? - Page 7

Poll Results: What level is your clutter?

  • 14% (52)
    Cleaner than Level 1
  • 45% (165)
    Level 1
  • 26% (98)
    Level 2
  • 6% (25)
    Level 3
  • 1% (6)
    Level 4
  • 0% (1)
    Level 5
  • 0% (3)
    Level 6
  • 0% (2)
    Level 7
  • 0% (1)
    Level 8
  • 0% (1)
    Level 9
  • 0% (2)
    Higher than Level 9
  • 2% (9)
365 Total Votes  
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The pictures are just for visual reference of how much clutter/mess each level is - not what type of mess it would be. For instance, with the higher levels, you might also have rotting food or fecal matter going on. With the lower levels, it might all be stuff that belongs in that room, just not put away.

They used the same clutter for each room just to show scale.
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We're a 1. There are some moments during the day that my house can approach Level 2 (thank you, DD and DS). But it's a temporary thing that always gets cleaned up before I go to bed. I cannot sleep with clutter or dirt around me. I just can't.
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Originally Posted by BarefootScientist View Post
I would rate our garage a 3 or 4.
Oh goodness, I didn't realize I needed to include my garage into the equation! That's the only room in the house that isn't my responsibility. Ugh. Right now it's probably a 5. But as soon as DH ebays all his car parts that he got for a song from some kid on a message board he belongs to, it'll be a 1 if I have to kill him to get it done. :
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I always seem to have clothes in my kitchen:
DP leaves his lab coat and tie on a chair as soon as he walks in, littlest one takes his clothes off wherever he is, and the older 2 unpack their sports bags in the kitchen making a pile for me to wash. Our laundry "room" is a closet right off the kitchen. The food prep area is clean but the seating area closest to the laundry will be forever plagued with clothes until they all move out. DP included
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We spent the weekend cleaning for ds's birthday party. We managed to get the kitchen, living room, playroom, and bathrooms to a 1 or less than 1. But that did turn my bedroom into a 2 or 3! Our kids' rooms are about a 2.

Our carport went from a 1 to a less than 1, too! Yea!!! I'm really enjoying the space.

The storage space in the basement is an irritation. It's hard to rate, since it is mostly boxes. But I can't find ANYTHING when I need it, so I just rate it I for irritation.
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I put cleaner than #1 except for today. We are unpacking!
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Bedroom: Somewhere in between 1 and 2. Imagine 2 but without all the stuff on the floor.

Kitchen: 1.
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I put a 2. All the rooms are messy with clutter but not garbage or food. The laundry is clean but in baskets waiting to be folded and put away. Papers need to be filed. Toys need to be put away.
I am really getting the urge to make a dent in the junk we don't need. I hate having all this stuff around and it wears on me psychologically. I was looking at the Squalor Survivors pictures the other day and it is frightening to see how clutter can get out of hand. I can imagine being mentally torn down and not having the energy to deal with it. Now if I could just manage to have a house like the Zen minimalist! Ahhhh, that would be so nice. It looks so relaxing.
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Originally Posted by The4OfUs View Post
I LOVE this website. It seems so simple.....yet so unachievable! :

I've been working on weekends purging...only problem is now we have piles of purged stuff all over the house waiting for a yard sale in late August.

Tell me about it! Thankfully, we have basement storage, but I can’t get rid of this stuff fast enough. We have a charity org that drives by 3x a year to pick up stuff, but I still have a bunch of things to get rid of.
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I voted 2.

My bedroom would be 2-2.5. No trash, not many clothes on the floor (mostly stuff that didn't get all the way to the hamper, but I put them in when I walk by), but dp and I each have designated clothes piles (on the dresser and desk). lol. We each accumulate piles of clothes that have been worn but are clean enough to wear again.

Kitchen- 2. Different stuff, but yeah, it would be a 2. No clothes, but there are dishes on the counter, and we have one counter that always becomes a landing place for clutter. It is the home for things that have no home. lol

Living room- between 1 and 2. If toys count as clutter, then it's usually a 2. When I spend a half hour cleaning up, it's cleaner than 1.
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It depends on where my kids are.

At night, after they're all in bed, and I've had a half hour to pick up, my house is about a 1. In the middle of the day, when they've been playing hard for hours, and I've been busy doing whatever I'm doing, and DH has a couple projects going, it's probably more like 2 1/2 or 3. When I send them to my mom's overnight, we often are cleaner than 1.

My bedroom is pristine, though. I can't sleep where there's clutter. It disturbs my peace too much. And my basement is often a 3 for several days on end-- I don't have time for it most days, and we spend very little time there so I really don't care.
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There should be a scale with regards to how much space you live in. We are a fam of 6 in a very small house and four kids make a lot of mess. Im so sick of nagging at them to pick it up. I almost had a nervous breakdown when I had my first child that I wouldn't have time or energy to put everything in its place (my mother was OCD clean) but when your breast feeding every two hours and it takes over an hour to complete, you learn to prioritize. I have to admit Ive gotten a lot better, Ive started reading decluttering books, ive learned to throw things out, I dont 'collect' things anymore with the notion that someday I may come up with a use for them. Its difficult when you are conscious of what you throw away (my family makes fun of me because I dissect the trash into compst, recycle, burn and garbage, which at that point is just packaging). Ok so I may be a three most of the week when Im working, on Sat, I bring it down to ground zero and feel like I can relax on Sunday's and work on some of those big piles.
Here's some questions for all of you:
Do messy parents make messy kids? and in turn neat ones beget little neatfreaks?
Is it worth all the stress of hounding your children incessantly to clean up?
Do you see kids who carelessly trash the house as not caring or just kids who are too busy being kids to worry about big people stuff like cleaning and organizing?
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I agree there needs to be something between 1 and 2. We're probably a 1.5 on a regular basis- a 2 on our absolute worst days and a 1 one or two days a week when we have a cleaning spree and/or aren't home much!

my friend's mom has a 8-9 I worry about her health
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Like level 1.5. I don't have trash laying around like in 2, but everything isn't neatly put in their own places like in 1.

Honestly, I have as hard a time picturing people regularly living at 1 or less as I do picturing people living at 4 or more. (Yes, I know people do, I've even been in their homes, I just can't grasp the day to day habits and such behind it.)
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Anything over a 1 would drive me insane. I get seriously depressed and anxious. And I would never allow anyone in my home if it was a 1 even. My MIL's house is a 3. Maybe even a 2 at times. I don't understand how she can live like that let alone imagine what a 4+ would be like.
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I would say most of my house is a 1.5. Except the dining room, which is about a 2.5 edging closer to a three. We don't use it to eat in, it is just a catch-all for all of our crap.

Our house is rather small, designed in what I think is a dumb layout. There is very little storage space, plus DH is loathe to throw anything out, ever. It has become a source of stress to me to be honest. There is a minimalist inside of me, waiting to burst out, but I can't ever get rid of any stuff b/c then DH throws a fit. I would love to put a dumpster in my driveway and just start pitching stuff in.
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Between a 1 and a 2. Even while moving, we're still right there.

NOW, my old house with STBXH, it was a 3 on a good day and some areas, as bad as a 7. I worked my butt off to keep it at the 3 level for years and finally got tired of it, so cleaned out the kitchen and living room and said it had to be near a 2 continually. I had to ride him every day to keep crap picked up. I do NOT want to see what it looks like now that I've been gone for a year.

His house that he lived in when I met him - whew! Somewhere between an 8 and a 9. And I cleaned it up.
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My bedroom - which was a level 4 when this thread started - is now between a 1 and a 2! Yay! : It was definitely the worst room in my house. And now, my kids' room has migrated from a 2 to a 3. Sooo... I'm tackling that tonight. And then my WHOLE house will be between a 1 and a 2. Boo Yah.

Originally Posted by homeblossom
Do messy parents make messy kids? and in turn neat ones beget little neatfreaks?
Is it worth all the stress of hounding your children incessantly to clean up?
Do you see kids who carelessly trash the house as not caring or just kids who are too busy being kids to worry about big people stuff like cleaning and organizing?
I think it does tend to run in families. I have the same struggles my mom did. Which is the same that her mom and sister have always had, as well as my dad's mom and his siblings. And now me and my siblings, all to varying degrees. And neat parents generally have neat kids (or neatish, anyway.) My best friend is the tidiest person in the world. (Not a neat freak but she is just so ... tidy.) And she doesn't remember EVER being told to clean her room or straighten up. There are some who have a "backlash" effect when they're on their own - the child of white-glove OCD parents who becomes a slob, or the child of slobs who becomes OCD about the cleaning. But I think in general, we learn what we live, and carry that into our lives.

I think that it's absolutely pointless to hound kids to clean up. It's not pointless to try and engage them. It's not pointless to model habitual cleanliness, tidying up, taking joy in a clear counter or a shiny sink or folded laundry. But what it boils down to, in the VERY black and white world of kiddos, if you want the toys picked up, and you do everything you can think of to get them to do it, what they see is that you want something done and will do anything to get someone else to do it. If nothing else, we teach them to rely on outside motivation to "take personal responsibility" - instead of their personal responsibility being something internally motivated.

I do think that for a person who is habitually tidy, kids can be a shock and a half as far as the mess goes, in those early years. I feel bad for people like me who are living with clutter and mess pretty consistently, and definitely for people who are living with level 4 or above. But I also feel bad for people who have to have less than 1, because that seems like it would be so much work and stress all the time. I watched Nanny 911 (or Supernanny, I don't remember) once and the mom would stay up until 2 or 3 EVERY morning to clean her house to her specifications. And she would tidy up all day long. She was so focused on keeping her house looking as clean as she thought it needed to be, that it was interfering with her enjoyment of life and her children. I am sure that those of you who have houses that are less than one either simply don't have anything in your house, or you'll chime in with how you fit it all in... but as someone who is NEVER less than one in any more than a square foot of my house at a time, it's hard to envision. Because if not being able to relax if there is any disorder is the price to pay, I'm not willing to do it. I've got way too much on my plate to freak out if there's a towel in the middle of the living room floor.
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Sorry, double post. Urgh.
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Between 1 and 2.
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