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How cluttered is your house? - Page 4

Poll Results: What level is your clutter?

  • 14% (52)
    Cleaner than Level 1
  • 45% (165)
    Level 1
  • 26% (98)
    Level 2
  • 6% (25)
    Level 3
  • 1% (6)
    Level 4
  • 0% (1)
    Level 5
  • 0% (3)
    Level 6
  • 0% (2)
    Level 7
  • 0% (1)
    Level 8
  • 0% (1)
    Level 9
  • 0% (2)
    Higher than Level 9
  • 2% (9)
365 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by *clementine* View Post
I was cracking up. We're less than picture #1 because I would never allow newspapers to be nicely folded on an end table. That'd drive me crazy lol.
Me too. It's hard for me to leave today's newspaper out for DH all day, so I could never handle having weeks of them stacked up like that!

Originally Posted by Viola View Post
More clutter than 1. It seems like there should be something between 1 and 2. There is trash on the floor in photo 2. I have clothes hanging off my bedpost and stuff piled up on my dresser, so I'm definitely not a 1.
I agree that 2 seemed like a big jump from 1. It seems like a lot of people might have piles of clothes around but fewer probably have garbage just tossed on the floor.

Originally Posted by Collinsky View Post
My room was at a 5 or 6 for a while ... we were having guests and to make the rest of my house all at level 1, I tossed EVERYTHING into my not-that-big bedroom. And one of my friends opened the door and saw it! I was mortified. It's at 4 right now... with any illness or trouble, I could easily see it growing into a bigger problem. Fortunately I'm healthy and happy... but not everyone is. Adding any illness (mental or physical) to an existing clutter issue is just a recipe for this sort of living situation.

For people who are used to living with clutter... it's different than if you just walk in someone's house and their place is a wreck. Because it's YOUR clutter. It's your mess. It grew gradually, and you just get used to each subsequent level. You get used to not using furniture - or that chair's job becomes to hold stuff. You get used to pushing stuff over, moving piles around, or sitting on the pile. You get used to stepping over or walking on things, and knowing the best path through/over the stuff. When I was a teen, my bed was often unusable due to the clothes on it (I was probably at 4-5 all the time then) and I would sleep in a pile on the floor. It wasn't a big deal to me. The stuff stops registering after a while. Which doesn't mean there isn't an underlying and all-pervasive sense of guilt, dread, and shame... just that if you're used to a pile of clothes being in that chair, you don't notice it anymore - unless someone from the outside (friends, neighbors, anyone) might see it.
Collinsky, thanks for this. It really helped me understand how it happens!

Did anyone else notice that the #1 pictures didn't all seem to go together? In the living room, they had really big stacks of newspapers. Yes, they were neatly stacked, but still, that's at least a couple weeks' worth of papers just sitting there! The kitchen was neat, but it had the cereal boxes out. And then there was the bedroom, which was downright spartan, even by my standards. My bedroom is very, very neat, but it doesn't look like it belongs to a monk who's taken a vow of poverty! There's a phone, a clock, a lamp, a couple of books I'm reading, a photo, and a couple of candles. The bedroom one was almost excessively spartan, for my taste.
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Originally Posted by The4OfUs View Post

I picked 2 because I have a couple rooms that are 1's, one room that's a 3, and the rest of the rooms are 2's. BUT, I also agree that I don't have empty soda bottles strewn about, and no clothing piles in the kitchen either, so it's more of the level of clutter in those pictures than stuff being in the really wrong room or empty food/drink containers being left out.

: thanks
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Most of the house is level one, but the basement is a 2 or 3.
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I'm a 1 for most of my house, but my bedroom is worse than a 1 but better than a 2... I don't have garbage laying around on the floor, but I do have right now 3 baskets of clean laundry that are piled pretty high and 2 boxes that have not been unpacked yet (we just moved)....
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Less than a level 1. The children and I pick up as we go along. I do have draws of papers that only get sorted out every few weeks though. If I sleep later than the boys the main living areas can be reduced to a level 2.
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I voted 1 but.... don't look in my garage. If I haven't used something in the last six months or so I get rid of it. DH on the other hand never throws anything away.... so it goes in the garage. You can barely walk in there.
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I had to say other. We have several baskets of clean laundry that should be in dressers but we ran out of space. Need to go thru and prune out some clothes. There is never trash on the floor, but the edges of my room has laundry baskets (clean clothes) and a few boxes with extra toys in there that the next youngest has outgrown and the baby hasnt grown into yet. My office area has piles of paperwork to sort and file and the living room is covered with a playpen, exersaucer, swing, all sorts of baby stuff the baby never uses LOL.

The examples confuse me. The bedroom example show a #1 having nothing on the floor, it looks very sparse and organized. No clothes, trash not even a dirty clothes hamper.

The living room #1 has trash on the floor.

There should be a 1.5 where the dirty laundry for the week hasn't been done and clean is waiting to be put away and possibly just more "stuff" in there but not to the point where the use of the room is impeded. Rather than to go from basically nothing in the room to trash on the floor, which is a big leap IMO.
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depends on the room and the time of day. . . I try to start and finish each day at less than a 1. My bedroom is the only room that I will let slide and then maybe to a 2ish before I have a major cleaning surge.
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Originally Posted by AutumnBreeze View Post
well, between a 2 and a 3...but there is no trash, and stuff isn't piled on beds. hard to explain. dh has too much computer crap in the living room and our room, and it'd displaced some of my stuff. And i'm trying to minimize all my stuff.
That would be us....no food or yucky trash but there are random papers and things the kids drag around. DH and I both save everything.
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Originally Posted by skai View Post
Normally cleaner than #1, now #1 because we're packing for a month-long trip.
Yup - although in my case, I'm in the midst of packing to move in a month or so. I've got my boxes of books in the LR, and other things are out of place.

I'm a neat freak (most of the time) AND a minimalist. So much of a minimalist, that my moving estimate (for a single person whose main furniture is a couch and a double bed) came in at $460 (only moving about 20 miles) - 2 guys and a truck for 3 hours.
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it depends on the room ... less than 1 for the living room and my bedroom ... kitchen is between 1 -2 depending upon the time of day, mostly because the countertops end up with dirty dishes on them (although we don't ever have garbage on the floor) and the kids rooms .... they can be a 2.
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But there is a difference between clutter and garbage IMO. I definitely have more "clutter" than #1, but it is certainly not garbage strewn on the floor - it's pictures and candles and books, etc.
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I went back to look at the pictures again. If my living room looked at bad as the living room in picture #1, I'd be bumming out. How is that a starting point for their example of clean?
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Originally Posted by Calidris View Post
Part of the problem with those pics, is that they are staged, not real clutter.

The pictures at this site have a much more real feel to them
click on the people's names to get stories and pics.

Wow, that was insane. The person "Suedonym", their 'after' pictures were filthy. Sadly, DH says he's seen houses like that (the before pics).

My house is less than a 1 on the scale, even my garage is probably at a 1, maybe 1.5.
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I voted Level One, but that describes only my bedroom and kitchen. My living room is cleaner than the Level One photo.
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I voted 2, but it's hard to say. It depends on the room. Most of the house would be 1, but the kitchen and bedroom, probably 2. So maybe I should say 1.5.

We definitely don't have trash on the floor, though. Most of our messiness is leaving dirty dishes on the counter and clothes on the floor in the bedroom. Also, the table by the front door is the collection spot for everything set down.
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Those pics made me feel so much better about my clutter. I'd say that my living room, kitchen and family room are about a 1.5. The family room is a bit messy right now but thats b/c I'm working on catching up on my laundry. But its not like this all the time. My room is about a 2 b/c thats where everything gets stuffed if we get behind.
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I voted a two for an average. With 4 adults- my lovely ILs- and a 5yo that has WAY too many toys this place could certainly use some tidying up but sans trash on the floor. Mind you, there is about 2 of everything so it can get a bit crapmed at times. Plus, my MIL has an obsession with chairs, I kid you not. Right now we have 13 chairs in this house plus 7 outside. Why? I have no idea but I sure as heck can't wait to get our own place!!!!!!

DS always tears the pillows of the couch so they are on the floor along with his toys. Today is a laundry catch up day so there is a load of towels on one of our 13 chairs that needs to be folded.

The dining room table always has something on it like my purse, MIL's purse, that days mail and right now my new sewing machine- yay for the new machine:

The kitchen is always a little messy, dishes in the sink, cutting board out, and some recyclables that haven't made their way to the bin yet.

The only rooms that have anything on the floor is the living room and DS's room and definitely no trash on the floor.

My room was a total disaster, probably about a 3.5 but again no trash, just clothes. I'm going through the things that still fit me and stuff that will have to wait about a year!!LOL!! Plus, we are hoping to move soon so I kind of have the cleaning bug and I'm going through EVERYTHING.

Those pics are kind of funny though, it's quite a drastic change from one level to the next and what's with all the trash?
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Originally Posted by *clementine* View Post
I think of myself as below level 1, but sometimes I slip up.
That's so funny. I think of my house as being about level 3, but it is definitely not even close to 1. T and I were looking at the pics and reading the list and we kept saying "why would we do that?"
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We are a 1.
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