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Southern California CD party... anyone interested?

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I know there are lots of us CD mommas here who live in S. California... any interest in getting together for a cd party?? bring your stash and show off/trade/sell have some lunch and good conversation???

I'm thinking we could do it in Orange County so that LA mommas and SD mommas can come and not have TOO far of a drive... Maybe Dana Point or San Clemente?

I'm happy to coordinate if you are interested, pm me and I'll figure out when works and where


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hey if you do a So Cal party in orange county i will be there!!! well me and one messy toddler.. lol
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Depending on how far I would have to drive, I would love it! There are a few of us near Edwards AFB.
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I would depending on the drive..... i am at the air force base so i am game....... i only have boring prefolds but i will come ......... COOL!!!!!!!
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Can you come if you're not a mama? I have diapers but no one in them.....
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Except South OC is way too far for me.
I'm in Ventura County.
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I'm game, would love to go
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sure, nice idea. I'm game.
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Oh yeah! I am there!!!!

Well, depending on the day and time of course!
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I'm in too. I love San Clemente! LOL
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WAAAH! I am in No Cali.
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Oh me me me!! Maybe us near edwards can try and carpool.
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No fair! I am in DC! Lo, great idea and I hope all the So Cal mommies have fun
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yep, sounds good!

were in SD.
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Count me in. I live in Long Beach!

Sounds fun!
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I want to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in SD now too ( just moved from OC) I 'm North COunty--Oceanside.
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Awww. I'm jealous!! I grew up in San Diego. Wish I were still there sometimes, though I wouldn't be able to afford cute cd's if we lived in SD. :LOL Have fun mamas!
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with envy......But take pictures of EVERYTHING...LOL
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OOOOh, I'd love to come. I only have a few tiny things that I've been collecting for new baby, but could use some more ideas Besides, how fun would it be to meet more MDC mommas!!
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Oh Robin!!!! It would be sooooooooooo col to meet!
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