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oh, yes! We can compare bellies, lol!
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Originally posted by rubelin
oh, yes! We can compare bellies, lol!
My thoughts exactly! :LOL
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i'm up for it too, but our san diego play group is a weekly cloth diaper party

sounds fun!
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lol, jeri - it sure is!!

we scared a new mom off because of it (i think!!)...

ermaybe it was the *other* stuff...who knows??
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when and where does the san diego cloth party meet each week?
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wonder how much a plane ticket to CA from VA for 6 is???
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probably too much, my mom just got a ticket and it's costing her $289 round trip from PA and that was with a months notice
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we meet in serra mesa, central SD, off highway 805, near the 8

on thursdays at 3pm...

its our playday but usually ends up "diaper day"
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can you email me the info lbyerline@cox.net

Would have to bring all the kids though hope that's ok
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WOW!! Excerllent responses ladies!!

Let me figure out a day and time and I'll post a few options as apoll so we can get the most mama's OK?

As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier... bring kids, dogs, husbands (to watch the kids and dogs of course LOLOL)...

Will post the poll tomorrow or Monday

Thanks everyone!!

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yeah regina, we scared her off, but we got jane out of prefolds and sewing her own fitteds, so i guess we're even LOL.

detergent diva, was it park info you wanted emailed to you or the socal diaper party info? if it was the park info, let me know if you still need directions. and the more the merrier as far as we're concerned!
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the park info please
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I'm in the high desert out near Joshus Tree, maybe I can swingit, get a day off work. When? Not much to show off, I'm basically a CPF mam these days but I'd love to meet everyone.
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detergentdiva-I hope you do come to the park to meet us. We talked via pm looooong ago so I will be happy to meet ya!

As for the so cal mama meeting I am up for it as long as we survive these fires Hope everyone is OK.
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me too sybil - it looked like armageddon out there today!
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I am hoping you are all okay and not breathing in too much smoke!
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Hi All

Sorry mama's for the delay in planning this. My sister lost her house in the fires and I have her and her kids staying with us... the past week has been pretty crazy.

I am hoping to figure this party out by the end of the week.


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oh lo, i am so sorry. your family comes first so don't worry about the party right now. let me know if i can help at all. i know everyone says that, but if there is anything....
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oh lolov, i am so sorrry, please dont worry about the party, we can figure it out

take care,
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Lo~ Do not worry about it at all! We can wait a few weeks or however long it takes. If you need me to do anything I would be happy to.

Take care of your family mama!
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