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I just wanted to pipe in here

and say I am praying all of you Southern CA mommas are doing ok. I pray noone else loses lives or homes.
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Lo, I am so sorry your sister was affected so horribly. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers with everyone else. I am not that far from you, if you need anything, PM me. I may try to get out your way this week.

To everyone else sending thoughts and prayers, thank you. The city is in turmoil, everyone is shell shocked. We are all in a daze.

I am still looking forward to meeting with all of the great mamas here...now more than ever!
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Lo, call me if you need anything. I can't find your number. I'm leaving in a few to make a store run if they are open, call and if you need something I'll get it and drop it off.
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Oh, Lo, I am so very sorry to hear about your sister. Your family is in my thoughts.

As for the diaper party, I would love to come but if it's during the week I can't make it. I'll keep up to date on your plans though!

Everyone take care.
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Lolov---- I'm so sorry for your sister's loss. Please send my condolences.

SD mamas---are we all okay???? I'm in Oceanside, and the Camp Pendelton fire is controlled so we are fine. My mom was near evacuation many times in the Dixon Lake/Daly Ranch area in Escondido from the Valley Center fire....saw the flames from their house in the mtns behind their house, but firemen lit enough backfires to save their home. THey are safe for now.

If anyone needs anything, please pm me. We're just getting cabin fever from not being able to go outside....smoke and ash everywhere.....ugh....

prayers to all of you SD mamas affected by this terrible disaster.
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Is the sky orange where you are at? Wow, Oceanside....the far reaching affects of all this......amazing......

I am so glad your mother is safe and doesn't have to leave her home.
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We are doing OK here. So far the west thumb is controlled enough that we are not on evacuation watch from that but the eastern front is still about 5 miles away. Needs to go through the town though to get here but scary none the less.
We just found out that my "adopted" in laws have lost their house among many other friends and clients of my dh's.
Aside from being stressed and scared out of our minds I guess we are doing OK. We are alive and our house is still standing. The motorhome is still packed and ready to go at a moments notice
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We self-evacuated on Sunday afternoon and saw our neighborhood on the news Monday Morning. I believe it was all saved though. We are a few blocks from the mountain, but I think the firefighters saved even the homes at the bottom. We have not gone back home yet, we're staying at my mother's. The fire is still close and very out of control so I am thinking the smoke is heavy there. Plus I'm not looking forward to the cleaning job and thinking of spending a small mint on Merry Maids. :

Lo-I'm so terribly sorry to hear of your sister's loss, I hope that their got out everything that was important to them.

It's hard to deal with thinking that someone did this on purpose and is probably revelling right now.
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Lo, so sorry for your sister! sending her lots of strength and love!

Maybe we should consider waiting for a few weeks to plan this party?? It seems all our minds are elsewhere and it might be extra stressful to attempt it now?? Unless everyone thinks it would be a good respite from thinking about the news?

Hugs to all of you on alert. I don't love living in the middle of the city, but I am feeling grateful for it right now. The sunset just makes me weep.
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I"ve bee thinking about you! Dh never made a definite plan on that camping trip so sorry I didn't get back w/ you.

I'd love to come to CD party too!!!! DD would love just as well as she's turned into a cd junkie herself

I can't wait!
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the sky was orange yesterday adn the day before but today ( Th) it seems so much better, the weather is helping. I feel so bad for all of the families that have lost their homes.
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You women ROCK!!!

Thank you for all of the wonderful support. My sis and her kids are doing great. Fortunately, her landlord has another condo for her and the kids to move into YAY!!! So, by tomorrow, they will be in their new place. I'm providing some furniture and we went to the thrift stores today to find some clothes, etc. for the kids.

Thank god my sister got them out of there early Sunday am (before they were evac'd)... she lost a house before to fire (can you imagine??!!) and she had a plan in place, knew exactly what she wanted to take (pics, important papers, etc.) and she got the heck out before it was "emergent". Unfortunately, she couldn't afford renter's insurance, so she's SOL on that front, but I'm sure we'll be able to replace the "living stuff" like pots and pans... Makes me really appreciate everything I have... mostly the family end of it. My sis and I haven't gotten along for forever, but this has really brought us closer. For that I am grateful... I wish it hadn't taken a fire, tho

And to keep this OT, can I just say that EVERY ONE of my dipes now is stained... I can't sun them out because there is still ash and soot in the air (the day of the fire, I had put some dipes out the night before to get the dew and sun out... when I got them, they were COVERED - I mean COVERED - in soot... my beautiful FMBG hemp dipes... BLACK... ugh... gross!!! Luckily it all came out in the wash!!) So, eventho it was a GORGEOUS fall day here, I can't wait forthe fire YUCK to go away so I can sun my dipes back to their beautiful glory!!!

Thank you all again for your wonderful support.

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oooh, glad to hear she was prepared and has a new place

btw, our insurance is crap. they said that you need pix and receipts, and even then...they may not pay the entire claim!! WTH??

can you say scam???!!! what a hustle! i need to stop selling CDs and start selling insurance

jk, sorry not meant to be offensive to anyone who does, just venting...
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a good lesson for the rest of us on insurance.

lo--please let me know if there is anything i can help provide. i don't know the ages of the kids but do they need toys, more clothes, or anything? you know we would all help out in any way we could.
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Lo, my mom will be here Saturday evening from back east bearing cloths from my sisters kids ages 4-10. We were going to taken the suff to the red cross but I'd much rather see them go to someone in person.
Call me and I will pull out the sizes for your sis.
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I'm so glad to hear things are getting a little better for your sister. I've got a ton of towels and some books (children's) I do have some clothes (baby girl up to size 18mos) if she needs some. If there is anything else let me know. I'm trying to get rid of stuff that we don't use anymore! Actually, if there is anyone who needs anything, let me know! I'd be glad to send them off and help in anyway I can.

About the soot on the diapers, I know we up here didn't as much, but the first night I left our washer/dryer area open and had some pocket diapers sitting on the dryer. Well, woke up in the morning on Sat. and my balcony was black too! and the diapers, covered! UGH!
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Man, you women bring tears to my eyes you are all so wonderfully supportive and kind Thank you for your words of support and your offers of help. My sister and her kids are doing great in their new place... still a little on the "shocked" side, but they are doing remarkably well

Glad to hear the other SCal mommas are all OK... it was pretty scary there for a while.

ANyways, back to the party....

I realized in trying to figure out a place to meet that it's been long enough since I've lived in OC (about five years) that my memory isn't that great... LOL... so, here's what I've come up with, I'm hoping you OC mommas can chime in with some more ideas

1. South Coast Plaza - we could meet in the food court or ina restaurant, maybe even book a private room. I thought this might be a good place because it's central and everyone knows where it is.

2. Borders Bookstore in Mission Viejo... figure we can take over the kiddy area... Ive seen mommy groups meeting there before. I'd call in advance to make sure it's OK.

3. Diedrich's coffee in San Juan Capistrano. The cool thing about SJC is that they have (had? I dunno if it's still there) a small petting zoo for the kiddies in SJC and we could take the kiddies over there afterwards

4. somewhere at the Irvine Spectrum. I haven't been there in eons so I'm not familiar with what is there now.

5. The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. They have a children't museum which is VERY cool for little kids, so we could maybe meet at the Bowers' restaurant for the party, then take the kids to themuseum??

6. The beach in Dana Point. Ithink it might be too chilly tho... it's been pretty cool the past week... but we could always have a secondary location just in case it rains or something.

7. Fisherman's restaurant on the San Clemente pier. Again, we could possibly get a room to ourselves. I had a birthday there once with about twenty people and it was nice.

8. Saddleback WOmen's Hospital or San Clemente Hospital. I can see if we can get a room to meet at one of these places.

9. The Ritz Carlton in Laguna. We could get a large table at one of the restaurants... but it might not be the best for the kids....

I know there are TONS of places I'm missing... so please feel free to chime in with suggestions. I was thinking that we oughta try to do it in PUBLIC and maybe we could score a convert or two... hee hee hee...

I'm sorry "life" got in the way of planning our get together!! Let's do this soon so we can all have some FUN!!

Again, thank yuo for your support and understanding!!

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Well, being new to the So. Cal/OC area, I don't know much, LOL, but I do know the Specturm. The food court is nice and open and has a turtle walk through foutain for the kiddos, but it's a little chilly for that.

I'm feeling stupid here, but I'm not sure where South Coast Plaza is. Is that off of Bristol? If that's where I'm thinking that would be good spot too.

It's a little north but the Costa Messa Fair grounds? On Thursday our AP group meets for the farmer's market and then we go to the Farm and look at the animals and have a pack lunch in the grassey area. It's kinda nice b/c the kiddos can run around a bit and the Farmer's Market is really nice (esp. this one bread stand there! yummy!)

In Irvine (don't remember the shopping plaza (on Baranca) but I'll check on it) there is a nice one w/ a B&N and Ruby's and has a great open court yard. It has the frogs that kids like to play on it and South Coast Midwifery is there as well. Again, a little more north.

That's all I can think of! I'm so glad to hear to your sister is doing well.
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I'm glad your sister is doing as okay as possible.

My two cents, even though I might not make it is, if you want the mamas to get time to play with the diapers, a private room where you can close a door and it's semi-safe to let the kids play and not have to be stressed they'll run off, would be a good thing.

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Originally posted by Melaniee
I'm glad your sister is doing as okay as possible.

My two cents, even though I might not make it is, if you want the mamas to get time to play with the diapers, a private room where you can close a door and it's semi-safe to let the kids play and not have to be stressed they'll run off, would be a good thing.
Lo~ I am so glad to hear you and your sis are doing well!

ITA w/ Melanie about where to meet. If we are in a public place I may not be able to come... I have 2 spritied boys that run in opposite directions and a place w/o fences or walls is not somewhere I can be w/ both of them. If the party is on a Monday, I could probably leave my older ds home w/ dh though (dh usually has Monday's off). Can anyone volunteer their home? If anyone wants to drive up my way, you are welcome here. We are north of Edwards AFB... probably pretty far from most though.
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