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~*~ April Craft Circle ~*~

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Calling all crafty mothers! If you would like to make a craft this month please post here or email me by Sat April 6th. If we have enough interest (5 or more mothers) I'll post the list Sun April 7th.

I would like to get feedback from anyone who took part in the Jan, Feb, or March craft circles---is there anyone who never recieved a craft, anyone who recieved from the same person twice, had any difficulties they would like to express---please let me know any comments you have. Just wondering if anyone has felt left out. And if there are problems that come up maybe something can be done to prevent them in the future. Thanks in advance.

Happy crafting!
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April Craft Circle

I'm in...sounds great. Let me know what I need to do.

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April craft

Count me in!!!!!
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I'd like to jump in this month, too! But having never done it before, I'd love to hear what other moms have received in past craft swaps...so I can figure out what's appropriate (I would hate to not do enough or do too much, etc!).

And what's a rough date for getting the crafts out? Mid April?

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ooh ooh can I play? This sounds like a blast

love, Eliza
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Sign me up.
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I'm going to take a break from the exchanges (just found out I'm pregnant and have too many personal projects to finish) but they have been fun. I have machine embroidered things for people, and in return have received homemade paper art and a wroght iron garden spade and metal bunny pin.

Lots of fun!

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I want to join this time. I took a break, but I think I can join again. Once in a while it is fun. I've received a wreath w/ dried flowers and a doll. I've made a doll, booties, small crochet crafts, etc.
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Wow we have 8 mothers signed up so far & I have not gotten any concerns from anyone, so the craft circles have been running pretty smoothly...

Megan & MamaMae,
A list will be made of who you send to, email privately to get the snail mail address, then make a craft (or 2, or 3) & send it off. Crafts that I've made have been rubberstamped cards, hooded towels, scrunchies, polar fleece stuffed bears, now I'm starting to make crafts out of felt (finger puppets, purses). I tend to make a couple quicker crafts instead of one more time consuming craft, it's just my style (either way is fine, though). I have recieved a necklace, doll, Miracle Scrub in a painted jar, decorated gift bag, machine embroidered t-shirt. There's no time deadline, but if you aren't finished by the end of the month, just kindly keep in touch with who you're sending to so she can get an idea of when to expect it. Some mothers have also included a postcard from their area with their craft.
It's been a lot of fun!

parisfrance, congratulations on your pregnancy!
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I'll try it - count me in!
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I'm in and I don't mind sending over seas....

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i'm in too
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April Craft Circle

Yeah!! This is so fun. Can't wait to start creating my craft.

Sometimes it's the little things that make me happy!!!
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Count me in this month!

(Although I was SLOW getting mine out last time, and probably will be again )
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Include me in the crafty fun for April.
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sign me up again too! and thanks so much for organizing the swap each month saganaga, you do a great job!!
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Wow we have 14 crafters this month - we broke a record!

Here's the list:

abismommie sends to MamaMae
MamaMae sends to finnsmama
finnsmama sends to Bekka
Bekka sends to ColesMom
ColesMom sends to fullcirclesb
fullcirclesb sends to lilypad
lilypad sends to cbemom
cbemom sends to solmama
solmama sends to Megan
Megan sends to pinky
pinky sends to saganaga
saganaga sends to OakdaleMama
OakdaleMama sends to Roses
Roses sends to abismommie

Now you'll need to PM or email each other to get each others snail mail addresses.
Have fun crafting!
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I'll email you.
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Saganaga-I e-mailed you.

Oakedalemama, you can e-mail me at rosesroses25@hotmail.com
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When you have time, email me.
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