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Double vs Triple Stroller?

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I'm due with twins in March and have children ages just turned 2, 3, and 4. We had a double stroller that we got passed down to us, but it's pretty much falling apart at this point. So I"m going to have to get another stroller for taking the kids out. I don't know if it's worth it to get a triple stroller or just get a good double. I know this summer - sometimes I ended up with all three kids piled in my old double - so I"m wondering if a triple would be a better investment? I hurt my neck being rear ended a few years back and can't sling a child for very long - esp past the newborn stage.

Has anyone here had experience with triple strollers? Loved a triple? hated it? waste of money or worth the money. I think I would have to order online - I haven't seen anywhere local that sells them.
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I probably would want 2 double strollers (or a double and a single) before a triple stroller. I have no experience with a triple, but I'm wondering how much you really are going to be getting out by yourself and all the kids in the beginning. Personally I think it would be easier to have another adult with you, pushing another stroller, or slinging one baby and pushing the 2yo and other twin in a double. Or even having the twins in 1 stroller and the 2 and 3 yo's in the other double.
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That's what my dh thought actually - to get a double stroller and use that and maybe a wagon for the older ones. I did used to take my three out as far as several miles walking each way this past summer - but I doubt I'll be able to do that with five AND we're getting a car for dh to drive to/from work, so I'll have the van during the day.

A double stroller would probably fit better in the back of our van anyway. We already have a wagon that seats two children that I"ve been using. Plus we have a sling and two tough traveller backpack.
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My dd was 27-months-old when her sisters were born. Before then she hated her stroller and refused to ever ride in it. We knew that when the girls arrived and she saw them in their stroller that she would probably change her mind and want to ride too. We looked at triple strollers but they were so big and SO expensive. There's a huge price jump from a double to a triple stroller. So, what we did was buy what's called a "Buggy Board" from One Step Ahead. If you buy a side-by-side umbrella stroller and two Buggy Boards then you can stroll your little ones and the older ones can ride. My dd LOVES her's because she can hop on and off when she wants. Here's the link:

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That's neat - I've never seen or heard of those before. Thanks for posting the link.
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we use the peg perego tender twin stroller. it folds as compact as a double can. it fits in the trunk of our honda civic, very important.

i sling or backpack the third and the fourth walks or hitches a ride on the stroller.

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triple stroller

We have four under four. My twins are in the middle of that. We have three diff. doubles strollers and a triple. (and a wagon).

We use the triple a lot, but it is not something we can ever take with us. We bought it THIRD hand on-line through twinstuff.com, and that made a big difference, because we didn't feel like we had to use it the same amount to justify it as we would have if we had spent a fortune to buy it new. And it has worked really well.

I would keep my eyes opened for a used triple if I were you.

Good luck!

Rachel Moore
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