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Originally Posted by 636Jen View Post
I so want to get into soap making! If you have time and would like an apprentice let me know! I'd love to learn how!!
Sure thing, that would be fun! I'll let you know if I ever find my supplies behind the massive pile of outgrown baby gear in my basement, lol! (I actually did go through my soap-making supplies shortly before I had DD and I had to throw away so much, it was all expired or dried up, it was so sad...I don't even want to think about how many hundreds of dollars worth of essential oils I had to toss. Now with a toddler around I'm afraid to even attempt anything, the lye part is so scary.)
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Originally Posted by Defenestrator View Post
Hey jackie!

I've been thinking about camping at Sugar Loaf because it is close enough to Ann Arbor that I can still be on call. Tell me more about it! You wouldn't happen to know if you can get a cell phone signal out there, would you?

I would love to hear about any more metro Detroit camping too. My kids are going out of town without me this weekend because I'm waiting on a baby.
Last time we went to Sugar loaf, I didn't use my cell, but my niece couldn't get a signal on my Mom's phone....& she walked all over trying! (she's a teen, lol!)

I did get a signal up at Pontiac Lake campgrounds, but, that might be too far from Ann Arbor?
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Originally Posted by Defenestrator View Post
I would love to hear about any more metro Detroit camping too. My kids are going out of town without me this weekend because I'm waiting on a baby.
Bummer, man! We camped a few weeks ago at the horse camp up by Hadley and had reception, though it's like an hour drive to A2.

(I'm frog. turtle and I have no kids, a passel of cats and we live in Ypsi. We're big campers--were up in Caseville at Sleeper a few weeks back, heading for Hueston Woods in Ohio in a few weeks.)
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I'm Michelle, wife to Ray, mama to Anthony(12/2005) and Bryant(01/2008). Stepmama to Amber(12/94). I work outside the home, not by choice though. We have a bearded dragon, 3 leopard geckos and a tankful of goldfish. I am a self proclaimed lactivist--planning on becoming a lactation consultant. We cloth diaper with me sewing the dipes. We are very AP--extended/tandem nursing, child led weaning, no circing, cosleeping, etc....
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Hey -- what are leopard geckos like? We have 2 crested geckos and a couple of eggs that should hatch next week.
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Hi there.

OK ok, so better late than not at all, right? LOL

I am Leah. Proud Mommy of those strange little creatures I affectionately refer to as Thing 1 (Ollie -3.5) and Thing 2 (Noah Lilly- 1.5).

My husband, Joel, and I have been married since '02 and live in West Bloomfield with our kids, two cats and one used-to-be-real-fluffy-until-we-got-her-shaved-for-the-summer dog.

We also homeschool/ unschool our little ones and are looking forward to doing so until they can convince us that they'ed be better off otherwise. LOL

I'd love to get together with other AP moms/dads and kids for playdates anytime some of you might be available. Our schedule is pretty wide open.

(We also stopped by the new Whole Foods in Rochester last Thursday and it is a pretty cool experience. It's almost an exact copy of Wegman's -for those who know what that is-except they're not open 24/7.)
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Orgasmic Birth

The Doulas of Northwest Ohio are Proud to Present

Orgasmic Birth
The Best-Kept Secret

A documentary that examines the intimate nature of birth and the powerful role it plays in women’s lives when they are permitted to experience it fully

Sunday August 17th, 2008
6 pm
2470 Blue Bush Rd
Monroe, MI 48162

Guest speaker Linda Johnson CNM and owner of
Mother’s Own Birthcenter

$5 admission
Profit to be donated to Doulas Care

“It is possible to have an ecstatic birth-in fact, that is the best natural high that I know of. And these states of consciousness are best reached when a woman is fully aware and fully awake. Women don’t have a way to know their body works until they really try it out in birth. I think that women can be completely surprised by the change in them from giving birth-you have something powerful in you-that fierce thing comes up-and I think babies need moms to have that fierceness-you feel like you can do anything.”
-Ina May Gaskins


For more information about the screening contact ncb_advocate@live.com
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Wow this thread got away from me. I meant to post a long time ago and wow, now look at all the posts!

I've met several of you in some way or another, but since I have yet to make it to a coffee night I am sure I've missed out on some good times I still plan on making one someday soon, especially now that dh works days and is home to watch the girls. And dd2 is getting old enough to tolerate mommy leaving for an MNO

Newly married to best friend Brian : tied the knot on Earth Day '08. : Been a couple since '04. We own a home and raise the girls over east in Mount Clemens. I'm a SAHM who often crafts things for random cash here and there (mostly for fun and as favors) and my siggy pretty much says the rest.

Hope to see/meet some more of you soon
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I'm Stephanie, wife to my amazing and super supportive husband Chad, and momma to my beautiful girls Kaline and Whitaker.
I am a DONA trained birth doula. I also do belly pics, casts, and henna.
We are strict vegetarian, co-sleep, BF, CD, eat mostly organic/natural foods, non-vax, babywear, almost plastic free, nature loving, peaceful, fun loving family!!!
Whitaker is my HBAC baby and her birth changed my life!

I look forward to getting to know you all! :
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Hello. My name is Meghan. I have been married to my wonderful DH, Scott, for 4 years. We just had our first, Audrey; she is 5 months old. I haven't made it to a coffee night yet, but am planning on it. I can't this week because I will be in Denver.

I would like to meet other mothers with little ones in the Royal Oak/Troy area. Many of my close friends live far enough away that it is hard to get together. I have a great network of neighbors, but they don't share the same views that I do. They couldn't understand why I wan't a natural birth or why I'm not feeding cereal yet.

I look forward to being able to make it to the next coffee night.
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Hi! I'm Suzy, and I have a two-month old little girl named Amelia. I live in Royal Oak with my husband and two long-haired kitties. I work part-time as a reference librarian(just returned to work last week - it's getting easier to leave her, but I don't know if I'll ever stop feeling torn about it), and I've been learning to play banjo for the past year or so (though I've gotten barely any practice time in since the advent of the wee one). Otherwise, I like to knit, I dabble in sewing when I have the time, and I love travel when we can spare the funds. DP and I went to Burning Man for the first time last year, and are trying to figure out how to bring Amelia next year.

Lets see, on the MDC checklist, we cloth diaper, ebf so far (pumped milk when i'm at work), had a drug-free birth, and try to babywear though it's not always successful.
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to all the newcomers.
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Hi! I'm Mary- Mom to my 4 yrold Sabina, 3 yrold Basil, 2 yrold Philomena, and am due with #4 mid-Nov. Been married to my DH Andy for about 8 years, we live in SE mich, and he is a test engineer. I SAH and sew a little, knit a little, and crochet a little. We are a ebf,non-vax, non-circ, babywearing, cloth diapering family. We have a dog and two munchkin cats. Not much other than that, just really looking forward to fall this year!
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I am Jennifer and married to the most wonderful man ever! We have 2 kids so far ds just turned 2 and dd is almost 8mos. I am a SAHM We are a delay vax maybe no vax , cd, bf, babywearing family. I seem to be getting less crunchy and dh seems to be getting more crunchy go figure
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Originally Posted by Jacque Savageau View Post
Do you live around here, Jacque?
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I'm Jacque (like you couldn't guess)

Two kids one teen and one tween, I don't use their names online.

Have lived in the Detroit area all my life.

I first started reading Mothering in 1993 when I was given a reprint of a Mothering article after my daughter was stillborn. It was by Marion Cohen called This is what I do for Karin. It spoke directly to me and I've been a Mothering addict since.
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I've been on MDC for a while (since sometime in 05) but never made it to a coffee night. Actually haven't been on here in a while either. I am Jen, we are in wayne county - on the oakland border. Dh and I have been married since 02 but we've been together since 92. We have one son who is now 3 . He was born at the Providence ABC. We also have 2 big hairy doggies and some fish.
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