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How About an August 2008 Decluttering Thread?

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If there was a July Decluttering Thread, I think I missed it!

I would like to announce that since beginning this regimen with the February Decluttering Thread, I have purged my home of 100-- count 'em -- 100 thirteen-gallon (recycled!) bags of items! Mamas, I feel liberated!! :

So how about it? Anyone on board for August?
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Wow! I am really impressed!

I am on board for August- I need some motivation and an occassional kick in the @*$ to start on my house. We are looking to move in the next month or two and I have several scary closets that need some serious help. I no longer want to move junk from one house to another!
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I'm totally in. I am always trickling stuff out of the house to the VV Boutique, and like to sub for inspiration.

Right now I'm mentally battling with myself about letting go of some of my smaller sized clothes and maternity clothes. Argh!
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Today I decluttered my fridge and panty of old and funky stuff. Ah, I didnt know how much in there I needed to get rid of!
This month I also want to sell or donate most of the dvds we have. I'm also doing a kids consignment sale this month, so thats my cue to declutter kids clothes and toys that we no longer need.
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I'm in for August.

Yesterday, I cleaned out the baking cabinet:
1 nasty pan in the trash
bag of 6 assorted baking sheets/racks/etc in the donation pile

Plus, I gave away 3 sweaters to my mom.

So, 10 items so far. I'm setting my goal high for the month: 250


ETA: My goal is to sell some antiques and baby clothes this month as well as clean out seldom-used items.
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I'm in!!

I have already decluttered my kitchen cabinets and started returning things to their rightful owners. I have that stuff all bagged and ready to go to Goodwill, so I'm going to say it was about 50 items all together. There was a whole set of dishes.

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Me too! I have just moved house to a place with extremely limited storage and no garage. I have no choice really, I can't live with all these boxes in my face all the time. I am aiming to declutter at least six big boxes of stuff this week. I've got one almost sorted. The places I come unstuck are children's toys, scrapbooking stuff, and my partners mystery boxes of cables, computer bits and tiny but perhaps vital thingamigigs.
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This weekend I finished up all the laundry and actually put it away (I had 4 laundry baskets hanging out in my room for the longest time). This week I am going to go through the closet and dresser drawers and pull out all old clothes to donate. I know my closet will look empty when done!
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I'm in! I need to get DD's clothes ready for back to school. Her pants are all very short, and shirts are mostly tattered/stained, so I need to look into what she needs and can get rid of. I'm also decluttering our files and might tackle the garage next week-- gulp. First I have to take a load of trash/recycle to our transfer station. That's the goal for this week.
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25 items of clothing

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All right, I need to do one of these challenges again. I've been making progress at keeping my house cleaner and more organized thanks to a weekly cleaning schedule (for the curious: Monday-laundry; Tuesday-bedrooms; Wednesday-bathrooms; Thursday-living/dining/kitchen; Friday-basement; and Saturday-errands. Rest on Sunday) ....but the more I work on things, the more I realize how much "clutter" I still have, and that it would be so much easier to keep things tidy with some of the clutter gone.

For instance: just occurred to me that I don't need to keep that battered old cookie sheet just for broiling bacon or baking fish sticks--I could cook them in my pyrex 9 by 13 instead. Adios, battered cookie sheet (and I think there's another one in my basement too).

I have a box of stuff on my front porch labeled "free." I hope I have some takers--and if not, I'll take it to the sidewalk exchange at the recycling center.

My goal: I'll keep it modest because I'll be out of town a lot this month--so 100 items.
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I am in! I am aiming for 50 items.

Off to look now!
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got rid of one huge moving box and two small ones. Still so far to go, but a healthy looking huge donation box is filling up.
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Count me in. We had to clear out a whole "junk room" to put our washer and dryer upstairs (yay!) so we have a plethora of boxes in the kitchen that dh needs to go through since they are all his. But so far I've gone through our dishes and what MIL doesn't take then the rest are off to goodwill. I've also gone through and gotten rid of a few things here and there so hopefully we can have this place simplified by the time the new baby comes! My only problem is that I inherited this house when my father passed away so it's hard to let go of sentimental things that were his that I know I'll never use.
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I'm completely wiped from cleaning and decluttering this morning, so I guess I can post my totals for the day.

15 things went into the garbage
To be donated:
8 beauty items
3 dvds
76 books
4 pairs of shoes
1 shirt
1 pair of sunglasses
6 items to return to friends/family
1 item given to friend

Total for the day: 115
Total for month: 190/300
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I cleaned out my bedroom closet and dressers this weekend and was able to bag up 100+ items of clothing to donate! I love clothes but had so many items that I never wear anymore but was having a hard time of letting go. It feels so good now that it is done! The closet is organized and neat, plus everything in there are things that I wear. I tossed some old shoes and purses too.

My hall closet is next... that is a truly scary one. It'll probably take me a few days to get through it all.
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Originally Posted by ShareBear View Post
I have a box of stuff on my front porch labeled "free." I hope I have some takers--and if not, I'll take it to the sidewalk exchange at the recycling center.
Did this work? I'd love an alternative to those many commutes to Goodwill!

As for my August decluttering progress . . . . With all of the family stressors we're facing, I couldn't sleep last night. Well, my philosophy with insomnia is either get up or shut up. So I went to the kitchen and ended up decluttering one of my cupboards, which included those PITA spices!

I've also purged all of those unnecessary tools in the garage, including entire boxes of nails that I bought just to use one or two!
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This month I have taken 5 garbage bags of clothes and toys to the thrift store, and had them pick up a dresser and a stuffed chair, put another dresser in the trash, and I have two kids desks to give away.

I'm really attached to the desks, but we just don't have room for them!

I would like to streamline my clothing a bit, that's probably another bag to go. And the kitchen. I haven't even started on the kitchen!

Good luck, everyone!

BTW, didn't there used to be a voluntary simplicity thread on here?
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Originally Posted by Turquesa View Post
Did this work? I'd love an alternative to those many commutes to Goodwill!
Where I live, if something is out on the curb it is free game. Anything junky isn't usually picked up (although sometimes I have been surprised!), but other items are picked up quickly.
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