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Originally Posted by beemama View Post
in order of preference... peaches, blueberries, bananas, cheese, kefir smoothies, toast, zucchini, O's, pasta, lint, wads of hair & other indiscript clods of brown matter (hoping mud). Wait, I have the order mixed up on that.
Today she was eating cat food before I could get back from diaper retrieval... that really grossed me out, they use some really nasty stuff in cat food.
hahaha! I almost forgot abt the lint, wads of hair etc. My LO LOVES hair. It comes out in her poop. blek
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Originally Posted by beemama View Post
in order of preference... peaches, blueberries, bananas, cheese, kefir smoothies, toast, zucchini, O's, pasta, lint, wads of hair & other indiscript clods of brown matter (hoping mud). Wait, I have the order mixed up on that.
Today she was eating cat food before I could get back from diaper retrieval... that really grossed me out, they use some really nasty stuff in cat food.
Haha!!! Too funny! Except the cat food part. They DO put some nasty nasty stuff in that. Hopefully it wasn't *too* much. Thanks for the ideas!
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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
is that the right link
meh... no, it's not.

Thanks, Jeanine

Try this. ahem.


there is a thread going on in Health & Healing > Fitness & Weight Management for this challenge, which was what I attempted to link to.
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I know I wasn't the first to do that, I was about to go back to find it in the last thread but that would take more time than I have. It really rings true for us now.
Ruby really enjoys playing with doors, she likes to stand there & open/close, open/close. ... not closing all the way, of course.... if she does she yells until we open it again & it starts anew.

I think today will officially go on the calender as the day we broke out the baby gates.
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Originally Posted by :loveher: View Post
Hi mamas!! I am just looking for some ideas of what to feed my 11 month old. I swear, I cannot think of anything to feed her for lunch! Maybe I just need to go grocery shopping, because we don't have much in our house today! haha Anyways, can you just give me a quick run down of what your babe is eating these days. Thanks!!!
egg yolks, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, peas, O's O's and more O's, steel cut oats, teething biscuits and animal crackers (organic, of course ), steak, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, banana, apples, pears. And citrus, she loves lemons and limes.

also twigs, potato bugs, dead flies, cat food, random bits of carpet fluff, etc.
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about eating lint wads and hair off the floor. We have four cats and now that she's crawling around on the hardwood floors, I've started using our iRobot vacuum so that maybe the floor will be somewhat hair-free for a while!

Lucy's foods, roughly in order of preference, are: blueberries, rice rusks, Cheerios, banana, pear, cantaloupe, broccoli, sweet potato, peaches, then apples/carrots/peas are her least favorite but she'll sort of eat them. I've been meaning to try wheat but sort of holding off, my SIL has wheat allergies and my deceased uncle had celiac. I'm going to wait and not give her anything new for a week or so, wait until she's completely rash free, and then try some wheat bread. She's had very tiny amounts of pasta and done just fine, but it was such a small amount that I don't trust the result. Apparently, dh had some bad reactions to eggs as a baby (up until age 2) so we haven't tried yolks yet either.

Yesterday, we learned that her suspected dairy sensitivity is really more of an allergy. Dh and his siblings are all allergic to milk to varying extents, so we've been holding off on that, but decided to try some cheese yesterday, since dh does comparatively well with cheese as an adult. Yeah...not good. Within minutes of eating maybe a square inch of cheese torn into tiny pieces, her whole face was beet red, including her forehead up to her hairline. She refused to eat anything else all day (and she NEVER turns down rice rusks!) and started rubbing her eyes until they were horribly bloodshot. I called MIL and the eye/nose rubbing was a symptom for all of her kids, too. Poor Lucy was all out of sorts for the rest of the day, her eyes looked funky all evening, and she threw up a ton all over dh and one of cats (gross, but funny). I feel awful. I guess we'll be looking for dairy-free cake ideas for her birthday!

THEN later on, Lucy crawled over to me right before I kicked one of the cats off my computer chair and she knelt and put her hands on the chair to pull up, and he reached through and clawed her. It's just a tiny nick but it's about 1/4 inch under her eye. Yikes. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that he didn't get her eyeball.

Here's her little bloodshot eye after the redness faded on her face: http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...8_08040025.jpg

And here she is modeling her claw mark: http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...8_08040028.jpg
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Last night was the worst night of sleep since Liam was born. Not kidding. He went to bed around 8:30, slept well until midnight just before Andrew got home. He then proceeded to stay up until 5am. He would fall asleep and then snap back awake all night long. He finally fell asleep and woke up at 8am. All I can think is that it must have been teething pain because he was obviously tired. He's taking a nap now and I hope it's a looooong one.

Still no luck finding a house This is the longest it's ever taken me and I haven't heard back from anybody I emailed. We did get everything situated today as far as moving our stuff though, but that doesn't do us much good if we don't have a house to move it to. I'm scouring the internet again today though.

Ishy - You've said she has been sensitive to certain foods in the past so I would wager a guess that she may have food allergies. I would hold off on giving her any food you may think she could be allergic to, or there is a family history of because this will exacerbate the allergies by causing her body to attack it and create antibodies against it. Definitely avoid any gluten if there's a history of ciliac.

Food - Green beans, peas, squash, brustle sprouts, asparagus, melon, blueberries, peaches, avocado, pears, chicken, beef, fish, rice, potatoes, black beans, prunes, noodles.....pretty much all food.
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Originally Posted by forestrymom View Post

jbirdbrain--did you know you can pump wean without weaning completely during the day when you are together? I did that after dd was 14 months and my body responded perfectly! I ditched the pump at work and continued to nurse her as much as she wanted on my days off. Let me know if you want more info.
I would LOVE more info...I'll PM you...

Katie: That is great that you are going somewhere you want to be. Yippee!:

MrsB: I definately want to pump-wean and I'm also with you in that I don't care how long he night nurses...I just hate that d@mn plastic thing!!!
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Foods-Avocados, green beans, egg yolks, beans & rice, flour tortillas, yogurt, blueberries, broccoli, O's, cheeses...the sharper the better, Organic Mac & Cheese, whole wheat toast and butter, tomato...loves tomato, apple, mashed potatoes!!, organic risotto and does not much care for any meat yet. Loves dog food, lint, hair, random pieces of fabric off the floor....Soap...was putting her hair up and looked down and she had the bar of soap in her mouth.

So today my mom wanted to give Lucy a cookie and I said no. She says "Why not?" And I said "I don't want her to have the processed sugar or the hydrogenated junk that is in there. She has organic snacks that she can have if she wants something." She replys "You are getting so boring." Huh??? Guess I am boring now...oh well.
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I'm here. I only have a few minutes. I'm just coming home to change clothes and pick up Lilah as I haven't seen her for a few hours....I've missed her.

Mom is doing better. So that's a blessing.

On the other hand.....

We've survived a near drowning.

I hope it's something I never have to experience again. I hope its something none of us ever have to experience.

Dd1, 4, is in the hospital. She will be going home tomorrow...

We were at the pool 2 days ago and I looked away for a few seconds to get Lilah something out of the pool bag, handed it to her and turned back to the water and she was bobbing in the water. Neither I nor my friend saw her take her swimmies off and get back in the water.

I tossed off my shirt, it made sense at the time, and the next thing I remember is setting her up on the side of the pool pounding her back to get the water out. Her face was blue, her lips were blue, her nose was bleeding, she had broken blood vessels all over her face but mainly on the left side. She cried and I just held her. She was more upset about peeing in the pool. She said it was dark and she couldn't yell for help bc her mouth was full of water.

I almost yelled at her about taking her swimmies off.

Neither my friend nor I saw her take em off.

I think she was standing on the stairs (it has stairs that lead you into the water gradually) and just took em off her arms when I turned my back to grab the toy out of the bag.

I had told her she could stay in the water for some extra time bc I was sitting on the edge with my feet in.

There were other ppl there just watching. Most of them were on their cell phones and their kids were just running around. Nobody offered to help. I would've jumped in after someone else's kid. WHen I pulled her out that's when all eyes turned on us of course......and I got the you're a bad parent stares...

From the time I pulled myself and Lilah out of the pool backwards to sit on the ledge to the time I was pounding on her back was 25 seconds. I only know this bc my friend had just checked her voicemail and the timestamp for the call duration on her phone said 25 seconds. She had just dialed it when I got out.

It happened so quick. So silent. The medic said that 5 more seconds she would've been completly unconscious. and not just the almost when I got her. Said I saved her life. Whoosh.

It was by far the scariest thing that has happened in my life. My heart stopped......

I wrapped her in a towel and just held her. They just wanted to keep her just in case.....she thought we left her at the pool, that's why she couldn't see us but I was 2 feet from her sitting on the edge and I didn't see it.

When I got home later that evening, I sat and cried for a bit, held Lilah and vomited a few times. I've been at the hospital with her most of the day yesterday and a bit today.

It was just awful. The universe gave me a small reprive last week and now it's back at it's work.....

But she's ok. She knows how to swim, dog paddle and tread...Maybe she was more tired than I thought she was????

SO, that's where I've been.

I miss you guys.

Katie: Through my scanning I did see that you found out where you are going. I know where that is and I love it there. It's pretty.

Jess: : on the daycare!!

Ok, I need to shower, nurse, nap and go back for a bit.....I need my Lilah cuddles.
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Oh no, sunshine's mama, how terrifying! That's the stuff of nightmares. I'm glad you were able to react so quickly and that she's okay.
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oh, sunshine

i'm glad she gets to come home tomorrow.

be gentle with yourself

dear universe,

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OMG! I am in tears for you Sunshine! I cannot believe how the universe keeps slamming you over and over! I am sooo glad that she is alright and I hope you are alright. : Dahlia's crying! I will write more later.

I am so sorry!
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sunshine: oh mama, I'm glad everyone is safe
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Things have got to slow down soon.
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Oh, Sunshine's mama!!!
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Oh, my goodness, Sunshine! I'm so grateful she is okay. It's not well known that drowning is SILENT. It doesn't take a big splash to fall into the water, and once they're in, there's no sound to be heard. I've been right near my own boys and had them slip under, and been glad I was right beside them when I looked back. It's terrifying, and I can't imagine how much worse for you to have it be so long that she was in. :

There was another thread in the last week or two about grabbing another person's child who slipped under the water, and many people agreed that the people around are likely to be distracted or otherwise not paying attention, so it may take them longer to notice and react than it does to the mama. Scary!

Big hugs!!
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omg sunshine!!!!

so scary. i'm so glad she's ok.
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Wow, Sunshine, that is SO scary! Hugs to you. I'm glad she's OK!
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