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Oh my Sunshine. Thank God you reacted so quickly... Mama.
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omg, i'm so thankful for your dd's life!!! how terrifying!!
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I have a few minutes to try to catch up...

Sunshine, I hope you are resting and recovering well tonight, as well as your DD! Please let us know when she's home!

Katie, hooray!! NC is wonderful! Ah, I'll be so jealous of the NC barbeque! My DH's grandparents were in Wilmington, and we adored a place there for Eastern North Carolina-style bbq. Amazing... : In fact, I still have two pounds in the freezer from when DH went out there for his grandmother's funeral. I told him there was no reason we'd be going back now, so he better bring me bbq!! Hope all the plans and move go smoothly.

Food: Some things he likes... avocado, cucumber, carrots, apples, watermelon, dried peas, Os cereal, plain rice cakes, plain pasta, bread, edamame, dried peaches, broccoli, celery, unsalted corn chips... and WATER. He is absolutely crazy for water. And lint! We have a wool rug and he's CONSTANTLY getting bits of fuzz and eating them. The other day he was rather traumatized as I tried to dig one out. If I'd known for sure it was only rug fuzz, I mighta just let him keep it.

The main things I try to avoid are added salt and sugar, and acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus, as my middle DS had a bad reaction to tomatoes. We haven't really done dairy yet, but I think we can at some point soon. My big boys adore goat cheese now - wonder what Judah would think of it! Yogurt concerns me due to the mess, which we dealt with constantly with Iain, so it's scarred me for life! We haven't done eggs yet but I may let him have some scrambled eggs next time we have some.

Can someone tell me what rice rusks are? Is it another name for rice cakes, or what? I know I've known in the past, but I am such a visual person and am having trouble visualizing these things!

ishy, how scary with the dairy! I'm glad you found it with something obvious, though, and not a hidden source that would be hard to identify.

Well, I am finally done with this phase of the KQO order. : I'm so thrilled. It's been a lot of work, and actually more stress than actual work. Like stressing about how I'd get the spreadsheets to do what I want, when I'm not really very good with spreadsheets. DH and I were up till 3am last night getting it sorted out, but thankfully he's a software engineer so it's easier for him! I dunno what I'd do without him! Then we had inconsistencies in totals to track down, and I about lost my eyeballs from that... ugh... But at least it came to me what the problem was before I had to read over it all one. more. time. So, it's done and that's a huge weight off! The guy there is also really happy with how I've run it, which is huge when you're doing these kinds of orders. Do it well, you might get to do it again. Foul it up, and no one will ever get a discount with them again! So I'm happy with how it's gone. Though I apologize for rambling on about it. Where's the co-op runners support group?

forestrymom, I'm so jealous of your weight loss! Way to go! Not that I've gotten to the gym more than once a week in the past two weeks... There are days I feel like I've tried everything and can't affect a change, so it can be rather difficult to feel motivated! I'm also just in awe of those who CAN make such a change! Way to go!

I have so much I need to get done around here in the next couple of weeks. We just got a new bed - woohoo! Actually, only the mattress is here, and it's still sitting in boxes in the front room. But in one week I have people over here for a meeting, and in 10 days my FIL and his wife show up to stay with us. :

So, tonight I looked at several charities and picked one that I really like, and told my boys about it. We then boxed up several boxes of things that have been sitting in the "garage sale" pile in the master bedroom, and will take them over to donate tomorrow. : I'm so happy! I told the boys it was silly to sell things and then have money to do what with? Buy more stuff? The charity we're taking it to gives everything to families in a free store. So their toys will go to kids who need them, as the birthday and Christmas gifts their parents can't buy. We'll have even more to take but I'm really excited, especially with the fact that THEY got excited about it. Now hopefully I can haul these boxes in with three kids in tow.

Okay, I just found a bunch of old sites that I made (i.e., coded by hand) ages ago. http://www.archive.org/ has internet archives and is just amazing! I posted the link to someone who had their website deleted (maliciously) and hopefully it will help her... I just came up with a site I made for my first born when he was about a year old. You can even look at the original versions of sites like Amazon and Google. Wonder what MDC used to look like! Yeah, the only thing better than browsing the internet is browsing the OLD internet!
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her: At 11 months DS was eating pretty much everything…chicken, steak, cheese, yogurt (soy and regular), all kinds of fruit sliced, apple sauce, crackers, cereal not too big on veggies, but what kid is? :

Faliciagayle Cool link! I’m gonna’ do it :

Ishy : Glad the kitty missed her eye!!

Katie on the house and the sleepless night. I hope both remedy themselves quickly!! That Liam is a busy boy at night!

Forestry I’m going to PM you too about the pump-weaning…I’m SO in!!

jbirdbrain Oh, ditching that thing sounds excellent!!!

Michelle Here’s to being boring then! Good for you

Sunshine : I hope DD1 is ok. OMG…I’m so scared for her and you I can’t even imagine.

HeatherB That sounds like a really great charity. What a good idea!

Well ladies…I was all : over the new day care and motivating myself to get through the next 18 days of crappy day care, but yesterday really made me hit the fan. I went to pick DS up and (short version) needless to say he hadn’t drunk any fluids since 8:00 am when they gave him 4 oz. of milk and he had been sitting in a poopy diaper for over an hour. We are now getting over thankfully mild diaper rash and I am : to say the least. I told the teacher this morning, who I know isn’t the one who ignored him, and then decided to call the director and give him a piece of my mind as well. He apologized a million times and said it wouldn’t happen again, but as we all know I’ve heard that before. IDK what to do. I am seriously contemplating pulling him out early and taking leave from work for the next 3 weeks. My job is in its busiest time of the year (of course) though and I don’t know how I could even swing that. I am so aggravated and upset :
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Sunshine: Thank God you reacted so well. You saved your dd's life. I hope that life becomes very normal for you for a while . . . forget this roller coaster ride that you've been on.

Ishy: You asked last thread about the Ren Festival. I doubt that I'll make it this year. Everything is kind of hectic this month. DH mostly likes to go for the turkey leg, which is way too much turkey for one person to eat. We've never done the costumes. I'm not much of a seamstress. We haven't been in a couple of years. Two years ago, we were going to camp at the state park that's close by, go to the Festival one day and hike Chimney Bluffs in Sodus the next day, but my aunt was very sick, so we went to the hospital in Massachusetts instead. I would like to try out that planned weekend again, b/c I think that we'd have a good time. Next year, I guess.

Birthday party: I am not a fan of huge birthday parties for babies. They don't know what's going on, get nervous with all the faces in front of them, and on top of it all, its a heck of a lot of work. I want to go small. I thought immediate family and Aili's grandparents, but then dh wants his siblings (which means mine have to be invited too, as well as our niece and nephews), and he wants to invite his grandparents (which means his aunt and uncle have to be invited too). Oh and did I forget to mention that dh has 8 siblings? Granted, not all his sibs could make it, but this "small" get together has become at least 25 people. :
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We're home. She's starving so I'll be back.

Found this the other day.....2001 MDC


Ha. Just saw Heather posted the main site.

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Originally Posted by sunshine's mama View Post

I'm here. I only have a few minutes. I'm just coming home to change clothes and pick up Lilah as I haven't seen her for a few hours....I've missed her.

Mom is doing better. So that's a blessing.

On the other hand.....

We've survived a near drowning.

I hope it's something I never have to experience again. I hope its something none of us ever have to experience.

Dd1, 4, is in the hospital. She will be going home tomorrow...

We were at the pool 2 days ago and I looked away for a few seconds to get Lilah something out of the pool bag, handed it to her and turned back to the water and she was bobbing in the water. Neither I nor my friend saw her take her swimmies off and get back in the water.

I tossed off my shirt, it made sense at the time, and the next thing I remember is setting her up on the side of the pool pounding her back to get the water out. Her face was blue, her lips were blue, her nose was bleeding, she had broken blood vessels all over her face but mainly on the left side. She cried and I just held her. She was more upset about peeing in the pool. She said it was dark and she couldn't yell for help bc her mouth was full of water.

I almost yelled at her about taking her swimmies off.

Neither my friend nor I saw her take em off.

I think she was standing on the stairs (it has stairs that lead you into the water gradually) and just took em off her arms when I turned my back to grab the toy out of the bag.

I had told her she could stay in the water for some extra time bc I was sitting on the edge with my feet in.

There were other ppl there just watching. Most of them were on their cell phones and their kids were just running around. Nobody offered to help. I would've jumped in after someone else's kid. WHen I pulled her out that's when all eyes turned on us of course......and I got the you're a bad parent stares...

From the time I pulled myself and Lilah out of the pool backwards to sit on the ledge to the time I was pounding on her back was 25 seconds. I only know this bc my friend had just checked her voicemail and the timestamp for the call duration on her phone said 25 seconds. She had just dialed it when I got out.

It happened so quick. So silent. The medic said that 5 more seconds she would've been completly unconscious. and not just the almost when I got her. Said I saved her life. Whoosh.

It was by far the scariest thing that has happened in my life. My heart stopped......

I wrapped her in a towel and just held her. They just wanted to keep her just in case.....she thought we left her at the pool, that's why she couldn't see us but I was 2 feet from her sitting on the edge and I didn't see it.

When I got home later that evening, I sat and cried for a bit, held Lilah and vomited a few times. I've been at the hospital with her most of the day yesterday and a bit today.

It was just awful. The universe gave me a small reprive last week and now it's back at it's work.....

But she's ok. She knows how to swim, dog paddle and tread...Maybe she was more tired than I thought she was????

SO, that's where I've been.

I miss you guys.

Katie: Through my scanning I did see that you found out where you are going. I know where that is and I love it there. It's pretty.

Jess: : on the daycare!!

Ok, I need to shower, nurse, nap and go back for a bit.....I need my Lilah cuddles.
Oh my gosh! I am crying!! HOw scary!!!! I also have a DD1 who is almost 4 and have had 3 nightmares abt her with water.....

I am so glad she is going to be okay. HUGE :
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Sunshine's, So glad she's home & okay!! My goodness!

I just wore Ruby down in the moby dancing to Bjork & Led Zepplin III . I feel great, she's asleep... so much different than nursing her down. It's so crazy that I didn't see that before. I'm just thankful that I did finally put it together. I'm feeling so good about our nursing relationship right now!

I'm realizing that the reason I had such a bad relationship w/Lily was all boundaries. I think I realized it at the time but didn't know how to get back on track once it went askew.

want to thank all of the mamas who keep this thread nourished w/breastfeeding support :
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Beemama ~ That is great news. I know that I have a lot of difficulty with long nursing sessions and getting over touched. I sling Dahlia down for sleeping and have from the beginning (she never really nursed to sleep) and I think it is easier for me than nursing to sleep every time. Plus my dh and dd1 can get her to sleep that way as well which helped a lot this past week with my back pain. I am really glad you are finding things that work. You rock!!!
Sometimes it is so hard to see the forest for the trees.

I do think our ddc is something very special. We don't flame, snark or snip at each other. We are all so supportive of each other and have kept this thread alive and thriving as well as so positive. I am grateful to have each and every one of you!!! :

Sunshine ~ I am so glad your dd1 is home safe and sound. I am sending lots and lots of love your way!
: :

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Sunshine: So glad you are home with your dd and all is well. What a horrible scare. s

MrsB: So sorry about the daycare thing! That is completely ridiculous for them to neglect your little guy like that. So glad you have a new place lined up.
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I'm still on the hunt for a house, I heard back from a couple of places today but I'm just waiting on more info at this point. We just got back from the pool a little while ago and Liam is taking a nap. We had another bad night last night of waking up at midnight and staying up for a few hours, I'm going to try and keep him up later tonight in hopes that he'll sleep better.

I need to talk about something that has been going on in my family for months and months and is really hurting me and pissing me off if nobody minds.

My brother divorced his wife over a year ago. They're two very different people, he wanted to be a family man and she wanted to be a party girl, so they parted ways. They have two children, one 6 year old son from her previous marriage and the other his 4 year old biological daughter. He loves both children equally and dearly. The child from a previous marriage has mild autism and as a family we've all worked very hard to help him thrive and overcome any challenges he's had. Shortly after their divorce his ex wife met a guy over the internet and approximately 4 months later they were married, he deployed the day after their marriage. The children never had a chance to get to know him or adjust to a new step-parent, they spent 2 weeks with him in total. Basically they were just thrown into a situation that their mother expected them to adapt to quickly and not have any problem with.

My brother and his fiance have had the kids all summer, my brother's fiance has worked very hard to give the children structure and lots of different activities to be involved in. They have no internal motivation or structure because of how their mother does things, her idea of taking care of them is parking the 6 year old in front of a video game all day and she refuses to interact with the 4 year old at all and expects her to play by herself and not need her for anything. Her idea of a healthy meal is chicken nuggets and doritos, she does not read with them or get them out of the house to do things. My brother's fiance had established a token economy for them to get them motivated to do other things and be active and they were both thriving with her. She got them involved in a summer reading program and they were both playing t-ball. About a week ago both children were shipped down to Georgia to be with their mother at their new home, the mother originally would not give my brother custody because she didn't want to separate the kids and since my nephew is not my brother' biological child he didn't want to start a huge custody battle. They agreed to have the kids visit him on school vacations and holidays. Since then my niece has been calling and crying because her mother wants nothing to do with her, the mom got on the phone and said she couldn't handle her and didn't want her there because she's too needy and isn't like her son who will play video games all day and leave her alone (those are her exact words). She has come up with a new token economy that involves buying them a toy and telling them to be good. Needless to say my brother is going to pick up his daughter in a couple of weeks.

I'm so angry right now because it's obvious that she doesn't want her children or to care for them at all. She has no interest in caring for their emotional and physical needs, every choice she's made since the divorce has been strictly for herself and she hasn't taken the children into account at all. My only hope is that she will come to her senses once her new husband is back and she realizes that both of them are only going to be in her way and she sends them home to my brother. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone could be so selfish and self-absorbed when it comes to caring for their children and I wish I could just snatch both of those kids up and hug them and tell them they are loved.
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So, Cian helped himself to some food out of the fridge tonight.....pretty good choice


Monday was supposed to be the day I started "dieting", as I need to lose a good lbs. I totally forgot and Lilah and I made brownies Oh well.

Lilah is thinking its christmas here today. I got a bunch of stuff off craigslist including a toddler desk, table and chairs, and a kettler tricylce. I am waiting to hear back on a rocking horse, doll bed, and childs rocking chair....those will be actual yule or birthday gifts
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mrsb: How frustrating! I totally understand the urge to just take off for a few weeks. Hoping you find a great situation until the new daycare is available!

sunshine: Yay! So glad she's home!

beemama: Hooray! So wonderful to have alternatives that aren't as taxing. I need to try that more often.

Katie: Feel free to vent. That sounds awful for those kids! Is the boy's father involved at all? If not, how hard would it be for your brother to get custody of them both? It definitely sounds like the best thing for both of them. ... Unrelated, there was an almost 10-month old baby at Iain's gymnastics center tonight, waiting for his older sister. He reminded me so much of Liam!

greenmagick: I love the pic!! Too funny on the brownies... There's always tomorrow, right?

We had a pretty good day here today. I packed up the kids and all the boxes we got together last night, and we took them to the charity/mission that I'd found. After dropping everything off at the donation door to the warehouse, we went over to the office door. I asked if the boys could see where they give everything away, so they would know where their things were going. We got a detailed tour of the whole place! It was really neat to see everything that they do there (including the only free medical and dental clinic in the area, apparently)! We even got to peek in the warehouse, where our donations were already sorted into bins to be put out for the clients. The boys were THRILLED by that - seeing their things, ready to go on shelves! They saw the room where toys go (which didn't have much interesting, honestly), and afterwards my 3yo kept saying, "That was SO. COOL!" He loved seeing his stuff, ready to go to someone else. That was the favorite part for both of them. I'm so thrilled, because that's exactly what I was hoping for - for them to really connect with what would happen when we give our stuff away, and to know where it would go so it wasn't some strange and nebulous thing. I know they'll still struggle with wanting to keep too much stuff, but this was a great step and a really neat time.

Then we went to the gym... to weigh and measure... And it was not so much fun. I was definitely retaining a lot of water today because it's so hot and we'd been out walking around at this place. So we'll try again next week when, hopefully, I'll be better off. But to be working out and GAIN - everywhere?! : I actually think I'm going to call my midwife and see what she recommends to help, 'cause this stinks! :mad:

Had a nice dinner with the family, though, and Judah ate steamed rice, cucumber, and steamed broccoli. He's doing so well with controlling his own intake and doing things like coughing out pieces that are too big. Seems everytime I think, "gee, that might be too big.." out it comes! He fell asleep on the way home, woke up and nursed, and passed out again. Guess I oughta try to get to bed early, too!
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greenmagick - That is an adorable picture! Liam did this after a grocery trip and ended up finding a kiwi

HeatherB - How sweet for your boys, that is so wonderful for them to see just how their donations help others. My nephew has never met his biological father, who is a drug addict according to his mother. She actually had the nerve to tell him he was autistic because his father is a crack head. At the time he was conceived my brother's ex wife was married but slept with somebody else and got pregnant. She met my brother when my nephew was 4 months old and my brother is the only father he has ever known. I know they want to try to get custody of both but they are afraid of what she would do and are really walking on eggshells when talking to her. He didn't adopt my nephew because his mother wanted to continue getting child support for him so he doesn't have a legal right to custody for him. He is fairly certain that he can convince her to let him get custody for my niece but my nephew is going to suffer with her, we're really hoping she gives him to my brother as well. He is documenting everything in the mean time and taking it to his lawyer. We expect that when her husband returns from deployment she realizes that she really isn't interested in being their mother and sends them home to my brother.
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After a somewhat rough evening yesterday involving a couple bouts of hysterical crying (on Lucy's part, not mine), I have great news this morning! I was in the process of making up a site to sell my tutus and looking into opening a store on hyenacart, but a well-known seamstress who makes Renaissance and historical clothing emailed me this morning to see if I'm interested in selling tutus on her website--AND offered me the opportunity to create a whole line of fairy stuff and matching sets, anything I want to make really, to be sold on her site! Her daughter was my original tutu model while I was pregnant and I modeled some pregnant Renaissance garb for her, but we hadn't discussed the tutus after that point, so this is really out of the blue but PERFECT timing! I'm really excited about this opportunity--I pretty much don't have to do any of the PITA part of setting up a little home-based business, I get a built-in customer base from a fantastic and well-known seamstress/costumer, and I have pretty much free rein to make whatever I want and have it listed on her site.

: This has totally made my day! Plus this evening I'm going to be part of a focus group about maternity care at local hospitals, so I get $50 and may help improve maternity care for other women. Woot!
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I just want to say how much : and I have for everyone in our little group. I can't believe it's been 2 years we've all been chatting...well, almost 2 years.....if you include our ddc time together too. We've been through so much....birth, death, depressions, moving, yet here we still are.....together. It just gives me warm fuzzies. I wish we all lived a bit closer....like our own little area in the mountains or country somewhere....what a sight....LOL

Anyhoo...with that sappiness concluded.....

DD is doing much better. She wants to go swimming later this afternoon. I went out and got her some new swimmies. She still talks about it and when I think about it, I get all teary.....but we are ok. And will be ok.

I can't believe in 20 days Lilah will be a year old. Trying to figure out where that time went. Her favorite thing these days is putting small things into anything....she broke one of big sis's stretchy bracelets the other day and tiny beads were all over the place. Not one went in her mouth. I sat down across from her to help her pick it up and she pushed my hand away and picked up every bead with her chubby hands and put it in my hand and clapped after each one. Then at snack she picked up each and every star and put them in the cup holder...then she took them out and wanted to put them in my hand. If it was closed, she would use her other hand to open it and then close it.....it was hilarious. She's cruising along the sofa so walking isn't too far out.....BUT I JUST HAD HER.....sniff sniff....:

And now for my Katiecentric post......

I almost picked up the phone to call my mom about the situation you posted. She is a custody mediator and has/had clients all over the world. From what I understand from watching my mom work and such....he won't have a problem getting full custody of his biodaughter. The mom will still have visitation though. I think it's wonderful that he still takes dss for visitation. How long has he been in his life????

I can't imagine how hard it is. I can talk to one of my mom's lawyer friends who I am good friends with and get some free advice if you like. Is your brother in GA too???

I am pretty sure whether or not he lives in GA he will have to file whatever custody papers in GA (jurisdiction follows the children....if they lived in GA for 6 months then he has to file there). If he thinks his ex won't put up a fight for the son, then they can do what's called a mediated agreed entry.

A mediated agreed entry is what is called collaborative law. He'll have to hire an attorney in GA to draft a proposal, get mom served or request negotiation, .....he'll have to have all his ducks in a row.

My mom's partner is still taking clients and she's FANTASTIC. Her fee from start to finish is $2500. Your brother will also need a retainer for an atty which she will help find for him and it's included in that fee. If he would like her phone number let me know and I'll get it to you. Kudos to your brother for being such a stand up guy.

Ok, that took awhile. I will be back though. DD wants to go to the pool and I need to get us fed. It looks like rain though so maybe before dinner we will go.
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ishy - awesome!! that's totally perfect timing!! : will you give us a link when your stuff is on the site? i have two little girls who will totally need some fairy stuff! and on the $50.

sunshine - i'm so glad she's ok. and that's good she's not scared to swim/go back to the pool. i don't think i would want to get back on the horse so soon, kwim? what a strong little girl.
and what a lot of good advice you had for katie.
jamison's really into "take stuff out, put stuff in" too.
there's lots of properties for sale in my little mountain neighborhood

katie - so who's the *legal* father of the little boy? the "drug addict" biological father or the man she was married to? in CA i think the husband is automatically the "father" regardless of who the biological father is (until/unless there's a dna test, etc). so i'm going to assume the man she was married to at the time is the boy's legal father. does he ever see the child? if not, he might be willing to give up legal custody (and save himself the child support payments). then you'd either have to convince the mom to give him up, or prove she's an unfit mother. and since your bro was his (full-time) father-figure for, what, 5 years?, and is still his father-figure during visitation times, maybe your bro could get custody without her approval - by going through the courts. i dunno. probably just listen to sunshine, she seems to know what she's talking about, whereas i'm just thinking "out loud".

mrsb - hopefully since the director promised it would never happen again, hopefully they'll be on their best behavior for the next three weeks.
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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
ishy - awesome!! that's totally perfect timing!! : will you give us a link when your stuff is on the site? i have two little girls who will totally need some fairy stuff! and on the $50.
Oh, for sure! Dh is on vacation next week so we're going to cruise the craft stores this weekend, and I'll be making up some samples and getting pictures next week!
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Sunshine/Jeanine - Thanks for the info. My brother has been his father since he was 4 months old. The legal father as far as I know has never met him and has no interest in having a relationship with him. My brother is in NY and his ex wife moved to Georgia for military housing where her new husband is stationed.

I'm still trying to find a house. The one we wanted fell through because they won't accept cats. I'm just having a crappy day in general I suppose.

My mom dropped a bomb on me this morning. My parents have been divorced since I was 8 years old. They were married for 21 years and in that time my alcoholic father beat her, put her in the hospital numerous time, raped her, cheated on her, and did so many other horrible things to her and my family. She told me that they're back together, he's still drinking and is living in her home. She said she was lonely and that basically gives him an invitation to manipulate her and use her. She had asked me in the past what I would do if they were to get back together and I told her she would be choosing him over me because of all the hell he put us through and all the work we had to do as a family to get back on track. I spoke with her last night and she wouldn't tell me over the phone because she knew what I would say. I wrote her back and told her to not email or call me and that I would no longer be speaking to her. I am dead serious about it also because he is a violent, abusive person and I cannot expose myself to it again. I just feel so let down right now :
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beemama--glad to hear you found an alternative to weaning. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity, but I TOTALLY understand being touched out! We nurse down for every nap and every night, and it does get old. I usually can use the quiet time for computer time, though.

sunshine--that is SO scary. I can't believe you had to go through that!!!

mrsb--that's an awful experience. Hopefully it gets better!

I *think* I will be taking a little one in, 2 days a week. I wasn't really looking for a job, but this works out pretty good. It will be a little extra money, and the mother says he's "super easy". I wonder what a super easy baby is like. I guess I will find out!
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