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::Yeah! Congrats Wendi, that must feel so great. I hope Dahlia swallowed a dime. : I was thinking a quarter would be easier to find w/o even thinking about her having to pass it. Is it possible she swallowed nothing at all? : Shame on me, I am a bit smilie happy today. Enjoy running around town today.

Have fun shopping Ishyfishie. What a learning curve I would have with some of those restrictions.

maylea_moon, any word on the bike?

I am gearing up for babylust. Linus is one on Tuesday, the 2nd. Dh is done and I should be but it is like a disease with me.
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Nope. no luck on the bike. we're going to check out the pawn shops again but i think most likely whoever stole it probably e-bayed it or craigslisted it and if that's the case, we've been told it would probably be next to impossible to find. : i'm so upset about it because DH really needs a bike to get to work and school (especially school because he doesn't have a parking permit) and we really, really can't afford another bike right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I have a feeling it's a lost cause. *sigh* I just can't believe the ONE time he accidently leaves the bike outside overnight it's stolen. We live in a really small "safe" town too where most people don't even lock their doors at night. Grr. Trust me though, I'll be locking EVERYTHING from now on.

Wendi: How is Dahlia doing? My DS swallowed a smallish rubber microphone piece (to a headset) when he was about 8 months old. I remember being terrified and calling his ped in the middle of the night but he assured me that it would be fine and sure enough, he passed it within a week. I have to be especially careful with Lila because she tries to eat absolutely EVERYTHING!
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I'm sooo sorry about the bike.

Dahlia is doing fine. She is outside playing right now with Kaija and Eavan. I am sure it is going to hurt to pass but she will be fine. It just sucks because she also puts EVERYTHING into her mouth. We try to watch her like a hawk but there is always something small on the floor from Eavan. He likes to dump everything out constantly. I literally turned my back for about 45 seconds and she was down the hall in a dark room eating coins. :
She isn't even scared of the dark. I am 99% sure she swallowed it because she would gulp and then cry and gulp and cry about 8 times until it actually went down. Thanks for asking about her. I will keep you all posted. I am so glad I was able to get some information and not take her to the ER needlessly. What a nightmare.

It is a beautiful day here today. I am going to try to enjoy it as much as possible.
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Finally have internet!

We have to run out and find Liam some shoes because the kid's feet are so wide none of his pedipeds fit him anymore. I could put bigger ones on him but then they would look like clown shoes I think he grew last night because he woke up this morning and his head was looking noticeably smaller than the rest of his body. He slept horribly too.

Wendi - I hope Dahlia is doing okay. I had a habit of swallowing buttons as a kid That's wonderful about the weight loss!

Swings - Liam despises the swing, I'm not sure why but he screams every time we put him in there and he hates to slide down the slide with us as well. It makes me wonder if he has a bit of a sensory issue, because he is very particular about what kind of movement he likes.

Here's my chart for the chart stalkers: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1e1d94
I'd say I'm about 50-50 right now on whether I think I'm pregnant or not, I can say with almost 100% certainty that I did ovulate on day 18 because I had such bad ovulation pain the night before. The timing was good though so I will probably test toward the end of next week. Next month will be the last month we try for so if we don't get it this month I will need extra luck for next month!
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Originally Posted by lactivist View Post

Katie I will be keeping my fingers crossed. You better not abandon us when you join your new ddc. I hope you are settling in well.
I just saw this. I WILL NOT abandon you guys. I have to be totally honest, I am terrified of joining a new DDC. I feel that I got really lucky with you guys because we all get along well and have similar views for the most part. I'm afraid of a new DDC and not fitting in or jiving with everybody else
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so we had our one year check up (sob)... 23 pounds 10 ounces... we're slowing on the gaining because of the mobility, but that didn't keep our PA from suggesting that ro needs to lose weight. seriously, at 12 months. trev and i actually rolled our eyes at each other right in front of her. she's been walking for two weeks, and we're not worried is what we said. silly woman.

developmentally, ro's a 17 month old, apparently. we were proud.

apparently, she's got a labial adhesion that no one had noticed before. we're hoping she'll just out grow it.

so now, ro is waving hello and byebye. she says up, bye bye, bath, nose, and trying to say puppy and walk. and she's walking everywhere and into everything! we got her squeaky shoes and she was running around whole foods this evening making everyone melt with her cuteness.
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HI everyone...just stopping by to :

Sorry I've been so absent lately. Just going through some stuff. Gavin's birthday was really hard on me and I guess I just crept into that hole we all talk about. I'll be around more soon though...promise.

to you all.
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Katie we are always here for you. So glad that you have internet again. I sent you an email let me know if you didn't get it. My kids have sensory issues and the swing was defiintely hit and miss. Eavan just started swinging this year. He is 3 1/2.

Go Ro! You rock the baby world! Lose weight. HA!

mrsb I was thinking about you all week and was coming on to ask about you. I am so sorry you are going through it. email me if you want to vent, talk, cry, unleash, anything....... I really do care!

We got a wii fit tonight! : I have been enjoying exercising all evening.

I appreciate ALL the support on my weight loss. I will keep you posted on that front. I also appreciate all the good thoughts for Dahlia. So far she seems totally fine so we are just hoping it will pass easily. Makes me wonder if I should get a pediatrician so I have someone to call at times like that. :

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Hi Mamas

We have a couple more days here in Las Vegas and I am so ready to go home. Lucy and I are sharing a double bed and I have a king at home and I am so over little feet in my face at 3 in the morning. I think she is ready to be home too...she is very restless at night.

This afternoon she didn't go down for a nap until 5:30 and the family was meeting for dinner at the buffet at 6:00. I didn't wake her and I later thanked her for saving me hundereds of calories that I would have eaten at the buffet. Instead we went and had a little dinner by ourselves. It was nice. We haven't had too much alone time.

Wendi-congrats on making it too "one"derland. You are doing great with the weightloss. Have fun with the Wii fit and let me know if you think it is worth the $$. I really think I want to get one. Oh and I hope Dahlia passes the coin quickly and uneventfully.

mommajb-I haven't tried the swing with Lucy in a while. There is one right behind my house....but haven't been home too much to try it. I will have to see if she enjoys it more now. You are so right....traveling gets to me and I do it all the time. I guess it is all what you are used to. Maybe if I were home more often I would be bored....?

Ishy-good luck with the elimination diet....that must be really hard. You are such a good Mama.

Katie-crossing my fingers that you all caught the egg. After spending the weekend with my sister and her 19 month old son...I am sitting here : He doesn't stop moving and squealing. It scares me for what is to come.

MrsB-Miss you!!!

I should crawl into bed but Lucy is being a bed hog and asleep right in the middle...guess I will wait until she wakes to nurse and then slip in.
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Lindsay - Woohoo Ro! Don't pay any attention to them about the weight gain, she sounds perfect to me!

mrsb - I hope everything is okay

Wendi - I suspected early on that he may have a sensory disorder after someone mentioned it to me based on some of the signs he was showing. He has always needed bouncing or jiggling movement to relax, even now he can't fall asleep without it. He absolutely hates rocking/swinging. I will have to do some more reading about it.

SweetTexasgal - I hope the rest of your trip goes quickly and you're back to your own home and bed soon!

We're having carpet replaced in the main rooms of the house today. It doesn't look like anything is wrong with it aside from furniture dents but whatever. They still haven't shown up yet and we're waiting around to leave for the day with Liam so he doesn't get into anything. There isn't a place for him to nap aside from the car so I'm hoping they hurry soon. I think we're going to take a trip to Raleigh since it's only about 45 minutes from us and check it out.

I need to find a new carseat for Liam, I was checking out his carseat the other day and noticed a crack on the bottom. It must have happened by moving it from car to car. I took a trip to babies r us but their selection was really small so I may have to go elsewhere. We have a Radian 80 now but I think we may get a Britax, does anyone know if the Britax has less of a severe recline while rear-facing than the Radian?
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MN <--- Aili was trying to help me write this post. What do you think it means, she wants to visit Minnesota?

ishy: Yippee for the weight loss, but an even bigger yippee for buying new clothes!
leanbh: A little bit of : and to Ro's dr. Its times like those that a dr. should look back on and say to him/herself, "Oh, that's why some of these parents are constantly questioning my advice."
SweetTexasgal: I have a little bed hog too and a double bed for dh and I. As I mentioned earlier, Aili hasn't completely taken to the side-carred crib, so I kind of want to curl up in the crib . . . it would be more room than she allows me (she's trying to help me with this post again; I guess she doesn't want you gals to know that she hogs the bed).
mrsb: I was just checking the other day to see when you had last posted and wondered where you were. Glad that you're back.

So last night, dh and I went out for ice cream. Aili was eyeing up my cone, but I was being strong, especially given the eczema she had when I was drinking tons of milk. I told dh that some babies start having cow's milk products around this age so he gave her a few tastes of his ice cream. She LOVED it! Then she was really begging for mine. I let her have about 5 licks and then when we were leaving the ice cream stand, I noticed some hives around her mouth. She later got very snotty and sneezy. All of these symptoms went away about 3 hours later.

It kind of sucked, but I've been a kind of crazy-avoid-allergies-at-all-costs-mom around the IL's and I think they thought that I was being overprotective. Now, with Aili's birthday get-together next Sunday, they probably would have pushed us to let her have ice cream and loaded her face full of it (much more than she had last night). I know that they should just support our parenting choices, but we all know that that's not exactly how grandparents are. This way, we can tell them that I was right and keep the ice cream away. Poor little girl . . . I hope that she grows out of this though.
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SweetTexas ~ I just don't know how you do it. I bet you both want to be home. From one night of use I would say that the wii fit is already worth the $80 I spent. My 10 yo JOGGED for about 20 minutes last night. It's his new favorite thing to do! I had so much fun with it and can feel it in my abs and thighs this morning. I have a feeling I am going to be using that thing a lot and it is really going to help with my weight loss goals.

Katie ~ I don't know about the difference between Radian and Britax but my Britax doesn't seem to have a severe recline and I don't think it is quite as tall. I love the marathon. We got it for Eavan and Dahlia.

Sabo ~ of course you know your baby! I hope they don't give you a hard time about the ice cream and stuff. If you want her to have some ice cream for her party you could try a soy ice cream. Eavan and Zaid both love soy ice cream.

Mrsb ~ Just sending you a big and lots of

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Sabo, so sorry about the dairy issues. Stay strong and let people think what they will. You know your girl. I want to keep Linus sugar-free for another year and it seems everyone is out to spoil that for me. : (not an allergy but still!)

maylea_moon, how is your weekend? Maybe someone has a bike you could borrow on the longterm? I wish we were close and I could loan you dh's. He didn't even get it down this summer and just uses mine for his short jaunts.

Wendi, where is the coin? Have you seen it again yet? You are just rubbing that Wii in my face aren't you? Go ahead and sell it. I am having trouble with dh. He thinks it won't live up to my expectations and neither one of us is being very articulate. I have a whole list of things I would take off my wish list if we got one (enwrapture skirts, beco butterfly, belly dancing dvd...)

Katie, I cannot read a chart but I have my fingers crossed for you. I hope you'll be posting more now that you have internet.

leanbh, Ro sounds adorably perfect and so far ahead of anything Linus is trying to do. I know we shouldn't compare and I am used to having 'slow' babies but I can still get nervous. Hopefully the adhesion will self correct.

mrsb422, I miss you and I hope you are doing well soon. :

SweetTexasgal, Get home safely! Congrats on avoiding the buffet.

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow to celebrate Linus's birthday. My house is acceptably clean (or will be once I sweep) but I have no food prepared or anything else. It just feels complicated. I think I may head to bed while the boy is asleep and worry about it in the daylight (or in the middle of the night when he gts up to play).
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Ahhh, help....I've been sucked into the politcs subforum and I cant get out

I feel like I havent been here in ages, but its really just because I've been elsewhere. I need to catch up a bit.

I can not believe its almost September! My SIL had her baby early this morning, and my stepcousin is ready to go anyday. It feels so weird because it was already a year ago that I was experiencing the same things! We were at my friends dd 1st birthday party today and dd wanted to watch her 1st bday video when we got home. I cant believe how fast everything is going.

(and this post is very jumbled, sorry, my mind is racing a bit still )
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Jamison has a cold. The past few nights have *sucked*. I also noticed yesterday that the corner of a molar has poked through. I'm sure that didn't help her (or my) sleep. She really has a lot of teeth. She wasn't early getting them (first at 8 months), but boy are they coming fast now. When ds was 12 mos he had 5 teeth. DD1 had 6. Jamison has 9 (if you count the corner of the molar) and there's still 5 days till her bday - she just might bust out some more teeth by then.

We got our storage unit all cleaned out : No more paying for that That means my piano is now in the house : And we got a lot of the stuff put away (or at least hidden away in closets) so the main part of the house doesn't look like we just moved in. We don't have a garage yet, so there's no storage besides the closets. It sucks. Dh's tools (and he has a lot) are on the floor of our bedroom. The pantry has a chainsaw and extra paint in it. I'd really like to get our garage built so we have somewhere better to keep that kind of stuff. All in due time ...

Jamison's party is on Saturday. My parents, dh's parents, and his aunt are coming. My parents live near the coast, and we live near the border with Nevada - after Jamison's party my dad is going backpacking in Nevada, so he's leaving straight from here, and he's leaving my mom here for two weeks. She just spent a week here, but we took the kids swimming every afternoon, all afternoon. Now the pool's closed, and I don't know what we'll do and I might go : And I don't even want to talk about what the 24 hours with the ILs might do to me ()

: to everyone
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hey mamas. tomorrow is september, i cannot believe it! lila turns 1 on the 3rd and my ds, rowan, turns 4 on the 8th. i really, really need to quit slacking and plan their double birthday party...:

mommajb - my weekend has been good, thanks for asking dh and i had our 5 year anniversary yesterday: i've accepted that the bike is gone forever, we'll just have to save for a new one and put this bad experience behind us.
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greenmagick, I tried reading a bit in the politics subforum but I got distracted reading one woman's posts in order to see what stupid thing she would say next. : Luckily before posting I realized what frame of mind I was in and just left.

jeaninevp922, I hope Jamison is feeling better (and you are sleeping better soon). Yeah for the piano. We have a drill and extra paint in our pantry despite having a very large garage. FIL doesn't want the rechargeable battery exposed to the changes in temperature. Can you hike with your mom? Send her out on errands? Have her paint a bedroom? Babysit so you can go to dinner with dh? I know what I would do with my in-laws for 24 hours. Not exactly : but more like climb a tree and hide. Luckily they get a hotel room when they visit any more so that they can go rest. All the kids wear them out.

maylea_moon, your dc are exactly three years apart. My mom keeps telling me that would be the easiest age difference to handle. What do you think? My secret theory is that she experienced many other age differences (1, 2, 4, 5, years) and thinks that anything other than the way she did it would have been easier.

Jess, I was hoping you would post more and let us know how you are doing. I miss your updates and summaries. I hope you are facing Monday strong and ready to take on the world.

We opened some of Linus's presents tonight. He got a pair of Keen tennies size 6 so they must be for next fall, the cutest two pairs of striped smart wool socks, a silly toy, and a not very cute coat that is w - a - y too large. The socks are my favorite. You would think at this point in my parenting life cute socks wouldn't get me so excited. That was from my in-laws, they love REI. My parents got him a musical card that he and Charlotte play over and over. They struggle with age appropriateness and enjoy getting the dc things that will irritate me. Some of you have mentioned different sensory issues; my issue is very much noise or what some of you may call sound. So, there was no real party, just a family visit. He was a bit cranky as my Pop woke him up from his nap being loud (this is the norm for these visits).

Personally, I am having so much fun losing weight and getting back into shape I cannot decide what to try next. That sounds funny even to me. Seriously, I have made a list of different types of exercise to try or work into my days. My mom left a yoga dvd as I only had VHS tapes and I want to order some belly dancing workouts. Wendi, I love hearing about your yoga and Wii. : It gets me going to try more.

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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

Can you hike with your mom? Send her out on errands? Have her paint a bedroom? Babysit so you can go to dinner with dh? I know what I would do with my in-laws for 24 hours.

I want to order some belly dancing workouts.

My mom's in a wheelchair. She can walk, but not far. She's not usually able to play much with the kids. She can't get down on the floor because she can't get back up. The pool was great because it took her weight off (kwim?) and she was more able to play with the kids too, since they were "lighter" in the water. So, hiking's out. There's *one* paved trail, and it's a pretty tough wheelchair trail. Especially pushing 200+ pounds back *up*. Errands are out, since she can't schlep the wheelchair out of the car herself. And I think she'd be scared to drive our roads by herself. I don't know if it's the roads, or the fear of breaking down in the middle of nowhere (we're 10 miles out of town) by herself, with no cell coverage. Painting's out (but I really do want the kids' bathroom painted. The house came with flat paint (it's a manufactured) and before we moved in the ILs painted everywhere but the kids' bathroom in semi-gloss. So the rest of the house is now washable. Except the kids' bathroom. The messiest room in the house. . And the eyeroll is at dh who told them not to paint that one since they were running low on paint. How about "don't paint the master bedroom"? or, better yet, buy more paint.) Babysitting....probably not with all three.

I've been taking bellydancing (tribal). I took it when I was pg with dd1 and for a while after she was born - so like a year total. The ladies I was dancing with are now awesome and have a performing troupe, and I'm hoping some year to be able to get back with them. One of the ladies started a beginning class, but it's usually only me and one other woman who has also taken it before, so it's kinda been bumped up into an intermediate class, and boy is it a workout (where's the sweat-dripping-off smiley?) My shoulders were sore today from so much arms-above-my-head movement yesterday.

DH made a cheesecake (aren't I lucky ) so I'm off to :::
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We had a fairly productive day yesterday and today. We went to Raleigh yesterday and walked around the mall. I have to say that I love Raleigh because I met a nursing mama there yesterday when I sat down to nurse at the kid's play area and saw two other nursing mama's. It makes me feel less alone for sure. I know I must look strange to others for nursing an almost one year old but oh well. Today we got a lawnmower and some plants for landscaping, so that is the plan for tomorrow.

Add me to the list of teethers. I think Liam is teething again because he's biting everything, including me. He bit me so hard the other day on the finger that he drew blood His top molars are in so it must be the bottom molars, so far he has a total of 10 teeth.

4 DPO (days post ovulation) here and I have mixed feelings about whether I could be pregnant or not. A part of me says there's no way I could be but another is suspicious. I'm going to try testing at 8 DPO and see what happens.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
greenmagick, I tried reading a bit in the politics subforum but I got distracted reading on woman's post in order to see what stupid thing she would say next. : Luckily before posting I realized what frame of mind I was in and just left.

Yeah, that happened to me too I kept running to DH, guess what she said now!!! DH, who normally gets really : when I talk to him about online comversations, was really into it
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