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Originally Posted by forestrymom View Post

Weaning -- With regards to weaning, I want to point out that nursing doesn't have to be all or nothing, and that once they start eating solids, it really is okay to limit them to times that you are comfortable. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, in other words. I would much rather see a mama limit nursing times to make herself feel less touched out than to wean completely, but I also understand that it MUST be a mutual relationship. There are two LLL books that are great, that I have and would loan out--"Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" and "How Weaning Happens". I think both of these offer great examples of nursing in the second year, and real life examples of moms who have done things differently.
Thanks for mentioning that, forestry. that's what i did when ds was like 20 months. He nursed all.the.damn.time. i.was.done. but instead of completely weaning him, i put him on a schedule. we would nurse first thing in the morning, before nap, before bed, and whatever he needed in the night which was usually one time (he was in a crib in his own room). to some people that still sounds like *a lot*, but it was a HUGE reduction for us. I could have continued on like that for a while, I think. But he was completely weaned by 27 months. i, of course, initiated the schedule, but after that it was pretty much baby-led weaning. (we did nurse a lot when he was 22 months and had hand foot mouth and would only eat breastmilk).

oh, gotta go, jamison just poured my cup of (cold) coffee all over the carpet. bad mommy for leaving it where she can get it.
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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
Hi Daizynee!!

He was out here for High Sierra Music Fest. I caught him "accidentally" while waiting for Blue Turtle Seduction () but I really liked him and got his CD.
You gotta pick up One Fine Color. it is sooooo good.
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Bfing goals are a very good thing. I think 15 months is a great next goal. Keep up the great work. Any bit of nursing (1 day and up) is better than nothing. I am so sick of nursing or fighting about nursing with Eavan. He is not ready to wean but I am. I hope that school drastically reduces his need to nurse. It has been a long summer arguing with him about nursing.

: We went blueberry picking today : I am so excited. We got 2 gallons for $15 of certified organic berries. It was a fun family event and we have blueberries for a while now. I already have muffins in the oven. Today was the only day they will be available from this farm so I am so glad we went. Dahlia rode in the Ergo for the first time on Jenabe's back and seemed to really like it.

It is a nice day today. I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday and today. That always makes me feel better.

Dahlia is napping so I get a little break. :

Katie I really hope you find out where you are going soon.

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Ha ....I caught the thread before it got huge....

I haven't posted in a long time but Ohhhhh...they are almost a year ....

Lily will be 1 on September 5th.She has two teeth and loves loves loves diced carrots and green beans..She is standing alone but isn't walking yet..I figure any day now..she is always blowing a kiss kiss and then waves and says bye bye and does the hand motion..She is always wanting to go go go.She squeals when we pull into the parking lot of the daycare.She so loves it there.I love these new stages and adventures she is taking me on...riding her little bike,bouncing a rocking horse..ect...But I miss the newborn too...

Is it normal for a baby who previously slept throught the night to awaken for a feeding again.She got roseola/with some pretty high temps and was really sick for about a week and half a while back.She hasn't slept thru since.We were on vacation when it happened but have been back home for about 3 weeks now.And she has been well for about 2.I don't mind getting up with her but she wakes up crying and she has never done that since she was a small infant.She was always so happy when she woke up..Now she isn't...

Oh I just love love love her so much...:
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Daizynee & KarmaJoy.

I know we have discussed a bit...but what are you planning on getting for LO's birthday. I was looking on Oompa and I like some of the Haba blocks. Any recommendations?

Lucy just this week learned how to wave goodbye and clap her hands. So now if anyone leaves the room they have to say goodbye to her and then she gets all proud of herself and claps her hands. I am just so in with her. :
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Wendi--I am so jealous! We love blueberries. That's a great deal, too! That's definitely a drawback to living where we live!
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Busy day today, we got a couple of books at the book store and then went out to dinner with Andrew's class. They had a little get-together afterward and we stopped by for a bit. They have a real mini-golf course in their backyard and Liam liked running around to all the holes and dropping golf balls in. I saw the tiniest little babe in a ring sling while we were at the book store and it was so cute This weekend feels like it's stretching on FOREVER because I'm so looking forward to next week and finding out

Mylie - Has she been working on milestones more or going through a growth spurt or teething? I would say that would be the culprit with night waking. We're going through lots of it here.

Wendi - I'm glad you had a good day today and got lots of tasty blueberries :

Texas - I'm getting Liam's winter clothes from the Kate Quinn co-op for his birthday, not sure about toys as I'm sure he'll get tons of stuff from everybody else. I do want to get him a suction cup bowl for eating out of though. I got my niece the haba blocks (It's a smaller set) for her birthday, a cloth book, and a cloth birdhouse with little birds for sorting and taking in and out.
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sweettexasgal: we're getting ro a ride-on/push toy as she has now discovered that she can stand and walk while pushing the shopping cart (we discovered this at whole foods the other night). we're thinking about a wheeybug (http://www.cricketmag.com/ProductDet...FR8cagodwnXvrg)
... but we're not sold on it yet. we're gonna get her a few little things too, keepsake style things. other than that, we'll let other people spoil her.

weaning: it really can be frustrating to nurse nurse nurse. in this heat wave we're having, i just want to be alone in the bed at night. well, not alone, but untouched. hahaha... never thought i'd say that! anyway, we're going to 15 months now....15 months. another 4 months, here i come! after that, i think we'll look at how night nursing is going, and how nursing in general is going. i do want to perserve my sanity, and i think a resented child is sorely malnourished emotionally. i don't want to be that kind of mother.

on turning one: we're having a bbq in the park. yes, we're doing the smash cake (gluten free!), and we're going to have presents, and it'll be wonderfully overstimulating! woohoo! my parents are flying in for it, and it's really going to be a blast. i can't believe she's growing so quickly.

sleep: anyone STTN? not here. it's not bad at all, just a few times waking... but i'm really looking forward to the day. we're talking about putting her in her own bed after we move (so about 18 months old).

so we went to the renaissance festival last weekend, and ro got to actually touch an elephant (her second favorite to giraffes). i thought she was going to melt with pure glee. (family were suggesting we ride the elephant, but at 4 bucks a pop and seeing those chains on the poor animals... we just said that we have problems with riding beasts that shouldn't be in captivity)... but we did have fun standing by the fence and watching them. ro animals.
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nursing: I think I want to night wean Chaya but I just don't know where to start. All the reasons I think of are pretty much developmental - she's working on crawling & walking, she's teething, et cetera. I have no desire to stop nursing (neither does she : add Chaya to the list of booby monsters) but a little less at night...maybe... please?? Also, how horrible is this for a reason, but uhmm... we kinda want to TTC the next one and still no AF here..

biking: I started riding with Chaya when she was 9 months old. We rented a Trek Go Bug. We eventually bought a Chariot ($$$ but I it) We bike all over the place, especially since gas is so much money.
and we don't use a helmet, either, though she has one. Giro makes a helmet called the Me2 which is adjustable in the back and fits her perfectly, but when her head is resting against the back of the trailer it causes the helmet to pitch forward. Anyway, it's a great helmet for when she's a bit older. I love that its pink with bunnies.

birthdays: I'm going to be 30 in 15 days! :
What is a smash cake?
I bought a flower shaped bundt pan and I want to make a carrot cake for her bday.
For a gift, I was thinking Duplo's by Lego. She played with them at a friend's house and liked it.

Hi new mamas!

healthy, healing vibes to you beemama
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Birthday ~ I got Dahlia a Corolle doll and I have a few nesting wooden blocks and other things to give her. She seems to really love dolls so I hope she will like having her own.

Nightwaking ~ Yep! Lots of it here. Always has been except in the first couple months. It has been better the past couple nights because Eavan has only woken once and Dahlia only like 3 times so that is manageable.

Biking ~ Nope! I have a seriously messed up tailbone and haven't found a seat that will accomodate it and not make me crippled for days afterward. My dh has a bike trailer but he doesn't feel comfortable with Dahlia in it yet.

The muffins were amazing and are all gone. I am going to make mini loaves today so I can freeze a couple. Dh is going to take one to work for the women there. I have to clean all the blueberries tonight and get them frozen. I don't want to waste even one.

Today I am taking ALL the kids to Faerieworlds by myself. Brave aren't I? It should be fun though. We are going to buy some tiny faery wings for Dahlia and she is going to use them for Halloween too! Kaija is going to make her a fancy faery outfit. : I think Eavan will love all the music, action, and kids activities. It isn't supposed to be super hot and I have my ergo carrier so I think it will be fine. We like to say that Eavan can make ANYTHING into a near death experience so..........:

I think Dahlia needs a nap before we go so I am off to nurse!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :

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Biking - I feel really awful that neither child has been biking yet....well, Lilah was on DH back in a mt once and he rode slooowwly around the yard. DH rides his bike to work everyday so they are both very into them. He also bought me a really nice bike for xmas about 5 years ago, and I've never used it We have got to get a trailer and do some family outings!
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I have a very nice bike that my in-laws gifted me, a not so great trailer, helmets all around, and a town with out any awareness of bicycling. I had decided L would like to ride w/o the helmet but I am not sure that is okay with me in this situation. One way we can avoid many streets is to cut through the highschool and junior high parking lot but they are both filled with terrible drivers. I suppose I am borrowing trouble as my 5 yo is currently not interested in her bike. Maybe I should take off on my own and grocery shop with the trailer? I actually haven't used my bike much - a baby every two years or so only gives a couple of months every other year to ride w/o a tiny baby or huge belly.

We won't do much other than a cake and what-not for the birthday. I'll probably do something with apples as the orchard will be at that point by then I hope. Otherwise, I will use peaches if they are still around. Giftwise I ma more into purging than adding to the stuff here. As one of many children in the house he has all he needs other than peace and quiet in which to nap.

Threr is lots and lots of night waking here but I have dh taking care of everyone but Linus. I don't mind thinking in terms of nursing for years what I do mind is nuraing him again today and marathon nursing sessions. We are not, I repeat are not, ttc but I am anxiously awaiting the first BFP among us. Go for it mommas!!

What is faerieworlds?
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
What is faerieworlds?
We are just about out the door, as soon as miss dahlia wakes.

http://www.faerieworlds.com It is a faery festival with all things faery! :

We love it! Last year I went with just Kaija and it is very kid friendly so we are taking everyone else this year. My dh, not so into faeries! He is getting a few hours alone in the house which is a very rare treat. I will report back later. Have to go get glittery!

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Night Weaning - I've also been reading up on this and now I'm not sure if it's the right time. Ezri has ANOTHER ear infection - her 6th this year - and now that I'm looking back, it coincides with about the same time that the increased night wakings started. I think once we get the ears figured out, we'll see how she does and go from there. I'm hoping that once she gets closer to STTN, the daytime nursing will be less draining.

Birthday Celebration - On the 17th, we're having a 'Polka-Dot' themed party at my parents. It's only going to be family and close friends, but that means 66 people! On her actual b-day, just the 3 of us are going up to Ann Arbor to visit Tree City Diapers, get her a small gift and just enjoy the day together. Her BIG gift is THIS! My in-laws, us and some other family members are all going together for it. Ezri loves to pull up on things and open and close doors so I think she'll love it, plus it's something that hopefully she'll keep and hand down to her own children someday.

Lactivist - That looks like so much fun! My nieces are very into fairies right now - too bad it's so far. Hope you enjoy your day!

Falicia - Congrats on TTC soon!!! I think we may be heading back in that direction. As for night weaning, Kellymom had some pretty good information. Good luck!

Now for a TMI funny - today when I was changing one of Ezri's diapers, I noticed something coming out of her little bum. When I pulled it out, it was a whole FEATHER! She just kind of smiled and sighed once I got it out. It was small, but still! I swear this kid puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!
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Wow, time sure does fly! I'm really gonna try hard to keep up this month. Georgia will be turning ONE the last day of the month. I don't have anything planned for the party yet. I have got to get it in gear! She's walking all over the place now. Hardly any crawling at all anymore. It's amazing how fast she's grown.

Nursing: I, too, am making nursing goals for myself. Sometimes I just so badly want to have freedom. I know that is so awful but it is just true. My current goal is 18mths. Then I'll see where things stand. I've also been working on partial night weaning. I've gotten her to where she's sleeping most nights from about 8p-3a without nursing. It took some unhappiness though. She'd wake up and crawl all over me and whine and pinch and whack me. But I knew she wasn't really hungry anymore because she would latch on for less than a minute so much of the time. It was just waking us both up every hour or so. It's so much better now that I at least get a few consecutive hours in a row .

Lactavist: I'm ordering DD a Corolle doll too! She has really taken to an old doll of mine that I drug out from the attic. So I'm hoping she'll really like one of her own.

Katie: That's super sweet about the signs. I really wanted to sign more than I do with Georgia but I think I just got lazy.
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
What is a smash cake?
a cake specifically for the little one (in our case, no gluten, sweetened mainly with fruit) to well... SMASH! we like messes here.
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mommajb I don’t even bike alone – I’m such a clutz!
Nicole Congrats to Cian!! Walking is fun!
beemama I’m so sorry about your trip to the doctor. That is so frustrating.
jeanine : about “playing pirate” – glad we’re not the only “aargh-ing” family! about the diving board – I would have freaked too!
Leanbh Congrats on sticking to your BF-ing goals. I did the same thing and am really proud of myself! You should be too :
jbirdbraing Happy Birthday Month!! Good for you for celebrating all month long. I usually want to hide in a hole on mine
Katie That’s so cool that Liam is signing. We never got on the signing thing but I wish we had. It’s really neat.
Daizynee Welcome!
KarmaJoy Welcome to you too!
Frida Wow, you’re amazing. I told DH to get away from me when he mentioned TTC around DS’ first birthday.
Forestry Thanks for the book recommendations – I think I’m going to go grab those too.
Sunshine I miss a few days and Leo comes home!?!? I’m so happy for you and your family – that is great :

Hey ladies…sorry for the extended absence. I’ve been practically wrestling DH for use of the computer these days and he was home since Friday. Work was nuts so no chance to log in there either.

Things are kind of “eh” around here lately. DS has given up on sleeping at night, but is becoming a super napper and still isn’t nursing hardly at all during the day, but doesn’t seem to want milk or soy milk out of his sippy cup when I’m the one giving it to him. IDK what to do at this point. Just trying to follow his lead and deal with the nutrition later I guess :

We are babbling up a storm though and running all over the place! It is an exhausting but fun life! Yesterday we had an impromptu BBQ at the SIL’s house and DS and my niece went down the slide like a million times together. She’s turning 10 this month and has excellent babysitter potential!!

Well I’d better hit the shower before DS wakes up. I’m supposed to be working from home today, but not much of that getting’ done. We have lunch with my grandma at 12 so I gotta’ run.

OH! I almost forgot! I got a call on Tuesday that DS got into the day care on post FINALLY for 9/8!!!!! I am so excited I could cry! I actually did, but I’m over that now I can’t wait. Only 5 weeks to go…:ugh
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Nursing and night weaning: Lucy still nurses around the clock, but night weaning...well, a mama can dream, right? I would happily nurse her every half hour during the day if she'd just let me get 3 consecutive hours of sleep at night! Who am I kidding, even 2 hours would be fine! The past week or so has been really terrible, waking every 45 minutes or hour all night, every night. Maybe two of those wakings, she'll nurse longer, like she's actually hungry, but the rest of the time she latches on for two seconds and then is back asleep. I just can't figure out how to get her to settle back down to sleep without nursing.

Originally Posted by bhawkins View Post
I've gotten her to where she's sleeping most nights from about 8p-3a without nursing. It took some unhappiness though. She'd wake up and crawl all over me and whine and pinch and whack me. But I knew she wasn't really hungry anymore because she would latch on for less than a minute so much of the time. It was just waking us both up every hour or so. It's so much better now that I at least get a few consecutive hours in a row .
bhawkins, would you mind going into more detail? How did you get her back to sleep at those times when you knew she wasn't hungry? How many nights did it take to break the every hour habit?

Birthdays: We're having a little party in my aunt's backyard, just family and maybe a couple friends, very low key. I think I'm going to make Lucy a banana cake (banana bread shaped like a little smash cake, lol) with blueberries on top. We haven't done any dairy yet because of the allergies on her daddy's side, but we're going to try a little cheese and yogurt soon, so if that goes well, we'll do cream cheese frosting. I'm still not sure what to get her, aside from finishing the Waldorf dolls I've been making. I bought her a beautiful one for Christmas last year but she prefers the one I made, so I'll add to her collection! I have a beautiful wooden kitchenette bookmarked but thought she might still be too young for it.

Mobility: Lucy is bound and determined to stand on her own, but she wants to JUMP also, so she'll stand herself up (usually by pushing off of me on the bed) and will stand for a second and then start jumping and bouncing, which throws off her balance and she plops down on her bum.

Businesses: You ladies inspired me to get back working on my "business" making tutus. I had been selling them on eBay but with fees and everything, I wasn't really making a profit! I just made myself a little free website and will try to market them locally. I just made one up for Lucy to model so I'll post some pictures when we get them taken!
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Hi Mamas,
Thanks for all the warm welcomes :

STTN: Korrina has been sleeping through the night with no night nursing for abt 2 months. We don't co-sleep anymore though. I chose to gently sleep train her. This consisted of nursing her, reading with her, singing to her, then putting her in her crib AWAKE. Stay with her holding her hand for 5-10 mins (whatever time goal I decided on) then take out my hand & sit by her crib for 5-10 mins, then leaving the room for 5-10 mins (again whatever the goal was) I started with 5 mins & moved up from there. It really was the most gentle & sane way to get her to sleep through the night. (least amt of crying for both of us) Don't get me wrong there will be a little crying but not much and she sleeps abt 11 hours. Usually around 8pm to 7am. So now we are to the point of I nurse her,, do our bedtime ritual and put her in her crib awake, leave the room (sometimes hold her hand or sit by her crib for a bit) but if I just leave she might cry for 5 mins (tops) and then sleeeeeeeep. i have to remind myself when she does cry (again for only a short time - abt 5 mins) that it is just because she doesn't want to sleep, she wants to play - however she does need to sleep. and she wakes up very happy & rested.

Exercise - get no formal excerise. ugh. and I am or used to be an exercise at least every other day kinda girl. Used to hike, run, walk, bike, raquetball, elliptical, now I do nada. Nothing. I need to get one of those bike trailers I think cuz I have 2 girls - one is almost 4. and we can't bike on our road. On a good note - I have lost all my preggo weight plus 10 pounds. How? God only knows. I really don't know. Sometimes I wonder if I have a thyroid issue or something. My friends keep asking me how I lost the weight and I really don't know. Also still have not gotten my AF. Does anyone here think that the weight loss is something to be concerned abt? Or is it pretty common since I am still nursing full time in the day.

Birthday - big sigh. I have no idea what to do still. we usually throw my older daughter a pretty big party. This year I think we are going to rent someplace cheap and invite just her friends and their parents (usually it is all our friends and family too) Her b-day is one month after the baby's. So for the baby I have no idea. We have no money to spend at all. and she has plenty of hand-me-down toys. But like I said we have always made a big deal for my older DD. I don't want to short-change the babe. Would love suggestions.

Nursing goals: My only real goal right now is to do it for as long as it suits us both. My first dd weaned herself at only 8 months! and it really broke my heart - I was not ready. She sometimes drinks from a bottle and she will even take formula on occasion. so we are just doing whatever works for us at the time being.

Food - what are your babes favorite finger foods? My babe loves black beans, homemade ww tortillas and CHEESE! Also yogurt & cottage cheese & broccoli.
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Originally Posted by mrsb422 View Post
I got a call on Tuesday that DS got into the day care on post FINALLY for 9/8!!!!! I am so excited I could cry! I actually did, but I’m over that now I can’t wait. Only 5 weeks to go…:ugh
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