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Awww, Jeanine - It would have been great if we lived close. I was envisioning the worst and when he called to tell me I didn't believe him.
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Yay Katie!!! Thats great news!
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everyone's all about the carrot cake ....no carrot cake here for dd's birthday.

she's allergic to carrots!
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I just weighed. 188.5!!! That's down from 202.5 a little over 2 weeks ago! I know a lot of its water and such, but its a huge loss either way, and its giving me a ton of motivation!
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Woohoo, Forestrymom! That is awesome!
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Yippee Katie- I am so glad you know where you are headed. When will you be moving?

Forestrymom-OMG way to go on the weightloss I am so treading water right now. I so want to lose the weight, but keep putting the stuff in my mouth. I am not gaining, but I am slllllloooooowwwwwwly loosing when I could be losing much faster. WAY TO GO!!

Lucy took off yesterday pushing her cart around the room....just stood up and started pushing it all over. I stood there with my mouth open.

My mom got her a walker for the office/warehouse a few months back. (I wasn't crazy about the whole idea) She would just sit in it and push herself backwards. Well she put her in it today and Lucy stood straight up and just "walked/rolled" all over the warehouse. I had a little shadow for the short amount of time I allowed her to be in it. She loved it...she was just cruising through the aisles of clothing as I pulled orders.
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We are supposed to report on August 14th but they'll give us a few days for travel since it's a 30 hour drive : Yay! for Lucy taking off, now the fun really begins!
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Originally Posted by forestrymom View Post
I just weighed. 188.5!!! That's down from 202.5 a little over 2 weeks ago! I know a lot of its water and such, but its a huge loss either way, and its giving me a ton of motivation!
wow! awesome!

come do the Hundred Pushup Challenge with us!
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Originally Posted by KatieJD View Post
We are supposed to report on August 14th but they'll give us a few days for travel since it's a 30 hour drive : Yay! for Lucy taking off, now the fun really begins!
seriously? didn't you JUST get to AZ? yikes katie! you have a great attitude about all this it's inspiring.
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Good morning ladies. I just wanted to jump in and say Hey. I can't believe our babies will be one soon. I know a lot of us started in August so Happy Birthday to any August babies!! :
I see a lot of you are going through major changes..moves and such. Isn't is such a hassle with babes. Ugh, we moved just across town into a new house a few months ago. The move was difficult, but once here it's been a a dream. Katie I see you are moving to N. Carolina. I think that sounds wonderful. I think I would enjoy living there. There is something about N. carolina that really appeals to me. I hope the move goes smoothly, that's a great distance from where you are now.
Frida- I hate to admit this, but my oldest swallowed a whole plum pit. It was pretty small but it def. passed whole, just like it went in. I'm just glad he didn't choke. If I'm not super careful he will eat the whole apple too, core and all.
Lactivist-that is so exciting about your dd being pregnant. It's nice she has you as a role model for all pregnancy/birth and breastfeeding stuff. Who better?!
I know several ppl have joined the club so Hello to all of you.

Things are moving along here. Wyatt is walking since a couple of weeks ago. He just really wants to keep up with his big brother. He has four teeth, two on bottom and two on top. He JUST now started liking solid foods. Literally, this week. He's 25lbs... He's so heavy that I really can't carry him that much. My back seems to hurt all the time. I have to get massage regularly b/c he's so heavy. (I know bummer, huh?) But actually I hate it that I can't sling him that much. I slung his brother forever. He has no words, but lots of sounds. Still nursing like a champ...obviously since he didn't eat solids until this week yet he's such a chunky monkey. We STILL have thrush. Yup, almost a year of it. We got it when he was 2 weeks old. We have battled it the whole time. I have tried everything. I'm at a loss. It sucks. I have a feeling it will only go away when he stops nursing. But of course I don't know when that will be.
And finally, I just got aunt flo back yesterday. Yippie. I'm so tired I have gone to bed at 6:00 for the last two nights. I feel like everything is being sapped from my body. But it's not a super big deal b/c I've been ovulating since early on. I just wasn't having the bleeding. So now I got the full deal.

Alright I must go, I should be making the boys breakfast....I'm soo tired though...they are eating crackers instead.

I'm glad everyone is doing well. I enjoy reading about everyone and seeing the pics and hearing about the babies progress. Life is sweet :

Much love,
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P.S. Katie LOVE your dipes. So cute and they look so well made. I hope that business really takes off for you once you get settled again!

Oh and Lactivist, I'd love to be a part of your co-op. I just signed up this morning while I'm procrastinating.
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Congrats, Katie!! I love N. Carolina (Asheville, esp., has a special pull for me).

I love the beginning of the month, more people stop in with updates....maybe because thread length isn't so intimidating.

Wendi~ What a great haircut! Love the horns & your dd's belly... you have such a beautiful family.

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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
wow! awesome!

come do the Hundred Pushup Challenge with us!
is that the right link
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forestry - congratulations! that's great

katie - i can't beleive you're supposed to be there in 14 days
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Thanks for the nice comments. I LOVE my hair. It is so easy and ends up looking pretty cute most of the time.

My dd is just amazing. She is so gorgeous and I love to rub her belly. She really is going to make a great mom. We are closer than ever so this has been really positive for me. I just adore her.

Dahlia's hair has started curling up in the back. My dh has been calling her curly sue. She is looking at board books right now. AWWW!!

I am seriously stalled on the weight loss and am considering breaking down and doing ww. My fortieth birthday is in April and I really wanted to be much smaller when it came around. I still have 8 months so I could really do it if I got motivated. Where DID I put my motivation?

Jamie its nice to see you check in!

Foresty way to go on the weight loss. That is quite motivating to me. I would love to see the scale under 200.

Katie I absolutely don't envy you a 30 hour car ride! Dahlia is such a car screamer that it makes me cringe a little to think about it.

I am still laughing about the feather. Too funny. I found something in Dahlia's diaper that I had been meaning to get off the floor and then it disappeared and showed up in her diaper the next day. It was just a little piece of plastic or something. It looked like seaweed. I didn't inspect it too closely.

I think I will probably cop out and buy Dahlia a cake from our local bakery. They have amazingly beautiful vegan cakes but who knows I may just buck up and bake her a banana cake or a carrot cake. (she definitely isn't allergic)

Off to go do something with my day!!!

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OMG Katie that is a fast move.

Congrats forestrymom, that has to feel good. I have been looking for a thread in fitness and weightloss to give me some accountability but simply posting my workout or food doesn't do it for me. I need the chit-chat and more personal touch or I simply don't post good or bad.

Hi Jamie. I too like the updates we get at the beginning of the month.

Hmm, breadbaking... Challah is a sweeter bread with egg in it, right? My big tip probably doesn't apply but it is potatoes. You can use potato water for the liquid or potato flour for some of the dry ingredients to really improve the 'crumb'. I first read that in the LLL cookbook and didn't really think about it. Then it popped up in a couple of other places so I finally gave it a try. It works wonders. Did your breadbaking luck change when you moved? Flour and yeast are so different in different climates and from varying sources depending on where you buy them. Just wondering...
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jeanine Thank you for all the smilies : You definitely captured my enthusiasm!! OMG on the dental floss…that is just incredible!
mommajb on the free time thoughts…we all dream! I don’t know how you do it with all of them at home for school too…amazing!
jbirdbrain I hear ya on the pumping…add me to the list of being sick of it. I stopped bringing collection bottles to work and started hand expressing into one big bottle which is really just me denying that I still need to pump. I get so lopsided that I inevitably give into it around lunchtime every day. I’m trying to take out the 2 feedings that I’d pump every day so that I can eliminate that part of my routine. He can night nurse until he’s 30 for all I care!
Katie : Congrats on NC! That is great
Forestry Congrats on the weight loss!!

Hi ladies…not much to report just doin’ the daily grind. TTYL
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Can you mama's tell me what your feeding your 11 month old??

Hi mamas!! I am just looking for some ideas of what to feed my 11 month old. I swear, I cannot think of anything to feed her for lunch! Maybe I just need to go grocery shopping, because we don't have much in our house today! haha Anyways, can you just give me a quick run down of what your babe is eating these days. Thanks!!!
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Hey there!

My LO loves yogurt, brown rice, whole wheat noodles, crackers, green peas, cottage cheese, sliced cheese, brocolli florets, homemade whole wheat tortillas, black beans, toast with butter, cheerios, puffys, applesauce, any fruit that I put in her little mesh feeder - nectarines, pears, etc.

Hope that helps. I'd love to hear other ideas as well
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in order of preference... peaches, blueberries, bananas, cheese, kefir smoothies, toast, zucchini, O's, pasta, lint, wads of hair & other indiscript clods of brown matter (hoping mud). Wait, I have the order mixed up on that.
Today she was eating cat food before I could get back from diaper retrieval... that really grossed me out, they use some really nasty stuff in cat food.
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