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Zoe Tait is here!!!!

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Zoe arrived on the 29th, her EDD, at 7:35pm. She weighed 8lbs 2oz and is 20in long. My water broke at 2am but I couldn't get a regular pattern of labor going until about 1.5hrs before she arrived. She was positioned funny beause she was wearing her cord like a boa.

We are all doing fine. It was a wonderful home birth and my midwife and her team were awesome.

Pics here: www.xanga.com/jo11931

Her name means life brings joy and she has done exactly that.
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Welcome baby Zoe!
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Congrats!! Enjoy your sweet babe!
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Congratulations! What a beautiful family!
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Congrats! :
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I named my little one Zoe also, so I obviously love her name!
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How sweet, welcome little one!! :
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Congratulations Mama and Welcome Little One! :
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