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18 - Greek Shrimp over Angel Hair
19 - Something with shrimp, we have a lot left over
20 - Whole roasted chicken & veggies
21 - Chicken Pot Pie
22 - Breakfast for dinner (maybe omelets?)
23 - Taco Pie
24 - Chicken Pasta Salad
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25-ham, veggies, rice
28-meatballs, pasta, veggies
29-salmon cakes, pasta, veggies
30-steak, alfredo, salad, potatoes
31-paella, fish sticks and veggies/fruit for the boys
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23-Teriyaki chicken, rice, roasted green beans
24- Hamburgers
25- Rack of Lamb, polenta, sauteed squash, peppers, and kale
26- Enchilada casserole (one to freeze)
27- Mac and Cheese (one to freeze
28- Leftovers
29- pizza
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Every week I post my family's menu on my (not for profit)

We're trying really hard not to eat out, and planning for each day has really helped us.
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New here, but I have been doing menu planning for awhile with my family. I don't know if eveyone just post what they do for dinner, but I plan out breakfast too for the week, so I will post that as well.

27-breakfast~blueberry muffins, fresh fruit, and fresh OJ
dinner~BBQ at my parents house....burgers, hot dogs, salads,etc.
28-breakfast~french toast topped with strawberrys and sausage
dinner~cornbread topped bourbon bbq chicken with green beans
29-breakfast~oatmeal, or whatever the kids feel like
dinner~teriyaki chicken in the crock pot, steamed white rice and broccoli
30-breakfast~an egg, ham and cheese casserole, with tomatoes on top
dinner~a veggie pot pie, with a tomatoe and avacado salad

I also made some apple walnut squares and a blackberry apple pie this week, per dh's request. I am working on a menu for next week right now. Everyone has such yummy ideas, I might be stealing a few for us this week!!
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Bumping because all of those moved threads are distracting!
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Originally Posted by wdube View Post
I'm new here. : We're a vegetarian family.

Here's what I'm planning for this week.

Aug. 12

Sweet & sour lentils
Spinach salad

Aug. 14 (Indian)

Raw banana curry
Tomatoes stuffed w/ morel mushrooms

Snack for the week

No-bake apple butter-pecan rolls
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get these recipes.
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