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Post 3 things to do today!

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For those of us who like to share, like lists, and use the internet to keep us accountable.....

Post 3 organising/cleaning goals for today!

If you are having a rough day, it could be something as simple as :"brushed teeth" or "put out garbage bag".

I think posting goals, as well as posting when you have done them, may help.

Support only! MDC is huge and I know some people have issue with cleaning and clutter - this should be a safe place.
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so here goes:

To do:
-Stay on top of dishes
-harvest herbs and garlic:
-clean floors (vacuum, broom)

I am well on my way to reaching these goals. The dishes are done (but it is only 11:30), and the garden work has been done. I even have the herbs and garlic on a screen, drying. The floors are still on the "to do" list.

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to do:

unload and reload dishwasher

shower & wash hair (a hassle)
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wash newly dyed play silks

clear off master bath counter top
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To do tonight:

- Put away four baskets of clean laundry

- Clean the master bathroom

- Vacuum at least part of the house
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go to bed with:
- all the dishes clean
- the trash thrown out
- the laundry put away
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Gonna be a long day.
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I have far more than 3 things to do today, haha. So I'll try and clump them into broad categories.

1) Organize craft area. I purchased containers about a month ago, and STILL haven't been motivated enough to do this.

2) Put away ALL clean clothes. I can't tell you how many times I've rewashed clean clothes, because they end up on the floor instead of the closet.

3) Organize/clean kitchen, which includes pantry and fridge. This might end up being a tomorrow morning job, depending on how demotivating the laundry issue is. It's bad.
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1. Fold & Put away 2 baskets of clean laundry... at least. **DONE! I did 3 baskets! Only 7 to go (Seasonal stuff needs boxing)- Ouch!**

2. Sort DS1's clothes and make sure he's set for school - list what he needs. **Done! Embarrassing to admit he already had 6 pairs of brand new jeans in his closet because I am a sale nerd. Good though - saves $$ - but is a real testament to my overshopping ways.**

3. Sort toys in DD 1&2's room. **Done - and only 5 of our 9 basket storage bin has anything in it... It's nice! I am going to take out some of the empty boxes for their books.**

Thanks for the thread - it helped!
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(((Nummies))) that does sound like a long day... maybe the last thing on your list should be "order a pizza" for dinner!

Originally Posted by ~Nikki~ View Post
2) Put away ALL clean clothes. I can't tell you how many times I've rewashed clean clothes, because they end up on the floor instead of the closet.
Oh mama, I so hear you on that one! I think the only thing that frustrates me more is when that happens, and the DIRTY clothes end up in the clean stuff! :

My to-do list for the day-

* organize bookshelf in living room that has become a random dumping ground
* organize top of fridge that has become a somewhat less-random dumping ground
* take a shower... it's been one of those weeks, so this is going on the to-do list!

the kids have been at each other lately, so it's been hard to get anything done, but I think that's a do-able list for today- I've got more that needs to be done but those are the things that are bugging me the most!

Right now they are playing quietly, so I should log-off and start working!
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oh my gosh.

1. wash hair
2. take out the more-than-full trash
3. try to stay up past 9pm?

i think that's all i can manage today. tomorrow? i will kick ass.
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Can I cheat? I already accomplished one goal for today.

1. Get a high chair for DD - DONE!
2. Scan my scannable documents (sitting on my desk for a few weeks now)
3. Clean up the downstairs
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The dishes and laundry are appropriate symbols...the reading is how i am going to reward myself for getting it done.

Go, everyone, go everyone! (I think we need a cheerleader smilie).

Brooming done, only vacuuming left (the harder one, cuz I have to get everything off the floor)
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I so need this today, please kick my bum until I get it done....

1) sort through and put away paper/craft/computer stuff piled on kids' table that I emptied from shelves/cabinets on Wednesday in order to move the (now empty) shelves.

2) unload and reload dishwasher DONE, also put away food in panty, wiped counters and swept (only b/c it was an emergency, we have sugar ants like crazy!)

3) fold and put away basketful of clean undies & towels DONE!
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To do:

Finish washing diapers
Unload and Load dishwasher
Call comcast and figure out why my bill went up after canceling HBO
Create a master to do list for the next couple weeks
Send out a package
Fold laundry
Pick up CSA box

Thanks for this! I am so lacking in motivation right now.

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I just started keeping lists of what I have done in my notebook because, with DD being so high needs, I feel like I never get anything done. My lists remind me that I do get things done after all!

Today I:

- went through DS's old toys (all the crap that I should have decluttered before our move, but couldn't because DD requires so much time/care)

- clean clothes put away

- washing one load, drying another

- emptied and reloaded dishwasher

- cleaned out nice, big new tub so I can actually bathe and relax in it!

- took 4 boxes of old, junky toys to the garage to go out in the trash
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Unload/load/unload dishwasher
Fold and put away diapers
Run a few loads of laundry and fold/put away
Pick up random toys (not many thank goodness)
Finish sorting through my Take To School tubs so they are ready on Tuesday.
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I'll join... i was just getting ready to make a to do list so that I don't waste the rest of the day

My three are:

1. unload then reload dishwasher
2. FOLD laundry as I take it off the line and PUT IT AWAY (rather than leave in a crumpled pile on bed)
3. Do some computer work I promised for friend an emabrassingly long time ago
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How's everyone doing? I updated my post.
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Today I have done a lot already, but there's still tons to do.
I'll work on these three first and see how it goes!

1. Put away dishes/wash dishes used today

2. Fold up load of laundry/put sheets in washer

3. Pick up at least 15 minutes in the livingroom and put away all DD's toys before she wakes up from her afternoon nap. Leave her a small box of fun stuff to play with that's easy to pick up.

Thanks! Be back after I get stuff done.
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