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Welcome, calmom! Please jump right in - we tend to blather a lot about other stuff but we do talk about running a lot too!

Now for some more blather . . . I'm having some burn out issues. Not with training, surprisingly, but with everything else in my life. I took my recertification boards on Monday (you have to retake board certification boards every 7 years in family practice) and that was no fun at all. Got home exhausted from the mental energy of trying to figure out stupid questions all day - and got a call that a client was in labor. I feel very guilty, because I usually attend all of active labor, but I was so tired that I went to bed and told the nurse to call me when the client was 5 or so. This particular client is deaf, and doesn't really speak English (she's from Africa.) She did have her very kind and helpful medical interpreter with her and staff from the maternity home where she is living who are very kind and used to doing labor support. Anyway, the nurse checked her and she was 4 cms, and she thought she'd wait one more time before calling me, and then the next time she turned out to be compete and pushing! So, I got the call and flew out of bed to the hospital, and was there just for her 2nd stage and after. I never do that. I know most other docs in the world do, but I don't, and my clients expect me to be with them, so I feel bad about it, even though the client was well supported and satisfied with her birth. I just felt so tired and not in the mood to attend a birth, which is just not like me. Then, I returned to the office on Tues to the usual chaos caused by missing a day of work - only this time I hadn't gotten a fun day off to go with it. I still have probably 3 hours of paperwork sitting in a pile on my living room floor that needs completing. I have what is going to be a very cantankerous department meeting tomorrow - and still need to peer review some cases for it. I have to get two more kids' school shopping done. I need to send out another batch of fundraising letters for Team in Training (on the plus side I'm close to my goal - but I need to get it done.) And if that isn't enough whining - I have a dentist appt today. On top of all of that, looming over me is the 4th partner leaving in 24 days, and all the extra work that's going to entail. Indefinitely. And, missing my trip in Sept just really sucks.

I've missed 3 days of running (well, 2 runs actually, but haven't run in 3 days) because of boards and being up in the night. I'm really worried about scheduling some of these last long runs just because of how much time they take and I'm now aware that I don't think I can do any of the really long ones alone, so I have to plan for company. I'm not feeling burnt out on the training - if anything, it's going well, and I really wish nothing else was going on in my life so I could just concentrate on it! Blech.

Gaye - Just wanted to add more hugs to you. My experience in the area is limited to being on the doctor end having to document with legal stuff in mind - and also to having clients constantly trying to prove more problems than they have from an accident.

Balancin1 - I'm thinking about you all the time, mama. I hope we can do something soon - it would really help my grouchiness I t hink!

1jooj - as usual, your life sounds fascinating and busy! I would have bawled over your sheep. I don't think I have it in me to be a farmer. Not moral opposition, just serious lack of strength of resolve when needed!
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hey calmom, welcome! happy to have any runners here, no qualifications. just glad you're out there.

gaye, I don't know if someone's mentioned homeowners' insurance but my mom was bitten/attacked by a dog a few years ago and their homeowners paid for it. They were totally jerks though. It's just such a pain, I'm sure...esp since it's not like your dog attacked or anything. hang in there.

eksmom, have you tried some different brands of sposies? I use only Target generic on ds (on a rec from Geo) and it's the one that works for him. no perfumes, and even 7th gen irritated him sometimes. these poor boys!

jenlove, I didn't get to say, but your belly is the cutest!

I ran with my neighbor this morning and we managed 3, but barely. It was the nastiest, hottest, muggiest morning i've EVER experienced. : that was me for like an hour afterward. I'm finally feeling like I'm kicking this cough...it's been so yucky, and that plus the weather made it a bad run. But a bad run is better than no run, right? Right?

well it's already Elmo's world so I probably should do some work! oh and my interview went well yesterday...I met with all the staff and it seems like it would be a good place to work. And did I mention it's only 15 miles away???
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calmom~ Welcome!

drjen~ Hang in there!

I'm just so torn on this whole freaking situation, kwim? I *want* to be helpful, I really honestly do, but we just don't have a single penny to spare right now. We had to take out more money on our home equity line of credit just to be able to pay our normal bills this month. Add to that the fact that baxter didn't actually attack the guy, he didn't even get far enough away from me that the guy *needed* to swerve to avoid him (although he did, but he didn't HAVE to). So is it my fault that baxter startled him? I truly honestly don't know. And I don't really know what I could have done differently to avoid it. We were on the side of the trail, Baxter was restrained and fully in my control, and I had no warning that the guy was coming up behind me. Am I just rationalizing? And is it my fault that the guy is from out of town and therefore out of network for his insurance? Guh. This just sucks all the way around.

On a more positive note, H asked me if I wanted to go whitewater rafting with his brother and some other friends in a few weeks. I can't do it because I already have a trip to Mt Rushmore planned with my parents, but it was nice that he asked. Of course, the cynical side of me is wondering exactly why he told his brother to reserve two spots when this trip was planned at least 3 or 4 months ago... He had another counseling appointment last night, although he hasn't really talked about counseling and how it's going (and I've been hesitant to ask).

rr~Track workout (eks, did you join me??? ). We did mile repeats this morning, three to be exact. With 400 recoveries in between. They were supposed to be at 5k race pace, and I did pretty close, although my second one was a bit slower than I would have liked. These longer workouts are really hard for me, I much prefer 800's or shorter. I really like the workouts with 200's. Maybe next week, since I have a race...

Trying to decide if I have the motivation to go to the Y to swim later. I'm only a few punches away from my free t-shirt, so I really should.
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Well, the prolactin won the battle this morning. I could have easily gotten up at 6 or 6:30, but G hadn't nursed from one side since we went to bed. By the time I nursed him on both sides I was in that hormonal stupor. Unless I can think of a solution, morning running may not be happening around here until G is weaned!

The new plan is that I will go to the gym (and take EK) before dinner.

The overnight w/ butt paste didn't do anything for G's rash. I think I will just fill the script today. Mamabeth, he's been in Huggies and Pampers. If we have to buy more we'll try something different. Thanks for the tip on the Target brand.

Mamabeth, glad the interview went well!

Welcome calmom! Off to check out your blog. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian who is currently just an ovo (avoiding dairy for DS) and it has been making me think more about becoming vegan.
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Hi everyone. Its been a little bit of a wild ride here....

few personals:
gaye I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm having a rough week so I'll just come right out and say what I'm thinking, its kind of mean so please don't think I'm an evil person but I can't imagine a cyclist who sees a dog and instantly think this dog is going to chase me, even if it is sitting with its owner. I've had it happen to me so darn many times that I will now see a dog and instantly pull out my water bottle so I can proactively spray him if he gets too close. </evil comments> I sure hope it works out ok for you guys and I hope the guys heals quickly.

mamabeth: I'm so glad the interview went ok. And 15 miles seems like a very long drive to me, but its basically what I will drive this fall for my job. So thanks for reminding me it could be worse.

doctorjen: I need a vacation break as well. I mean like a vacation that you just relax. Not one that you get more behind at work.

eksmom: yeasty rashes in our house seem to last forever. But they do go away -- we do mild vinegar in the water we use for wipes and a little hint of vinegar in the tub too. If you think doing nothing (nakey butt) was getting results, then maybe that is what you should do. Leah knows you have to be 3 to do swim lessons at the Y -- she's three in late september and I believe she thinks that swim lessons begin on her 3rd bday. It is rather fun when they like swimming, but then again I was a swimmer so I'm kinda partial.

calmom: welcome!

edited to add: jen love what a cute belly. You have abs like Geofizz.
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Originally Posted by calmom View Post
Can I join too? I've not posted much for the last couple years on this board. I'm Christie, homeschooling and vegan mom to 4 kiddos.

Started running about 2-3 year using c25k. right now running 5 days a week and walking or doing kickboxing video on the other two days. i'm a seriously SLOW runner too...
Slow is not the point, forward motion is.
I think most of us have had periods in our lives when we felt that way. Personally, if I ever run faster than a 12:00 minute mile I will be thrilled. I started doing triathlons this summer and know that I am very slow, but then I never thought I would be fast enough to win anything. I just do them because they are fun and I love the rhythm of the movement.

Welcome to the group.:

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Gaye, honestly I think that people who go out on a trail/path that is multi-use ought to be doing so with the expectation that they will encounter other people, and yes, even other people with leashed dogs. There's a little bit of risk in everything we do, and I think what happened w/ your dog and the guy falls under that realm of normal risk. If Baxter hadn't been leashed or even on a long leash, it would be different, but you had him under control. Unless there is a sign saying "no dogs" or "dogs must be muzzled" then I frankly don't think you did anything wrong.

But then again, I've got two big ol' Labradors hairy-ing up my house, so I'm probably biased...
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yesterday's to do list

Proud new owner of a Ultraflate 16, spare cartridge, new inner tube, small gear bag, levers, and a bike maintenance manual.

Flat got fixed and he threw in a new inner tube for free 'cause I have spent so much money in the bike shop this summer.

Figured out how to remount my rear tire and adjust the brakes. Even managed to get chain grease on a white shirt. That part was sort of expected. I've always like power tools, but this is a whole new concept for me.

Thanks for all the advice.


Forward motion will come later this evening.
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RR: 5.3 miles on the TM dedicated to B1.

gaye~ smart on the lawyer. I agree that you were not negligent.

drjen~sounds similar to depression, no? mama

ek~my friend made one diaper cream that worked on ds3. I'll gladly pass the recipe (easy) onto you if you like. Also, the only cream that worked with ds1 was one particular cream.

waving out to all you other mamas! got to jump in the shower, errands to run today.

calmom!! jump right in! or should I say 'run' right in? ha ha
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Hi, I'm new here and happy to find this thread :

I have a 2 year old (as of tomorrow) and am primarily a trail runner. I am preparing for a 15 mile race in Oct with lots of elevation gain ( 1500 or 2000 feet I think) so I am starting to trail going up up up...

eksmom: we use a diaper cream for yeast that we mix up at home.. your pharmacy should be able to order the stuff for you. It's a pound jar of Triple Paste (or any zinc oxide paste but it has to be paste) and a 1 ounce tube of ichthammol (you could make any size at a 15:1 ratio but this is easiest b/c you just mix the commercial packaging). Honestly, it smells horrible and I was scared to use it at first but it works like magic for us, 1 or 2 days tops.
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my fave dipe rash clearer was always plain ole cornstarch. And I woudl bleach my cd's if I thought I had a build up or somethign causing teh rash. HTH
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Unfortunately it's the flu. Ugh. It's low grade, I'm still at work. I just feel nauseated mildly and a headache. Ugh Ugh Ugh. No running today.

DrJen - I have periods of burnout like you're talking about. Do you need to reevaluate your working situation? Is there anything you can change. It sounds like an awful lot gets put on you (more so than your partners - maybe I'm wrong here, I'm just going by what I catch here).

Ahhh prolactin. Yup...it makes it hard when E is done nursing and I just want to go back to sleep and he's bouncing on me. I never knew he could make my boob strecth to my other side. Amazing he is!
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BBM~so sorry !
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test results show a blood clotting disorder (an auto immune disorder). I'm on low dose aspirin and a prescription (that sounds scary, but I trust the doc.) Two things that seem to be answered from this are my three premature births and my false positive syphalis tests. Very interesting.

I'm still waiting for the ANA test result, which is the original test that sent me to the rhuematologist in the first place. If it brings more interesting news, I'm fine with it, and it's nice for it to come in bits and pieces.

Not the best news, but certainly not the worst. I am very glad that this was found out so that it can be taken care of as much as possible. I dont' know if this means I need to be on medicine forever now or temporary. If long term, I'll need kidney, liver and eye tests regularly.

It's all good! God is good all the time!!!

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Lisa a question you may ask is if this is something that goes into remission and if it does will you need medication. My family has a ton of autoimmune disorders. I know my sister when she's in remission (she doesn't have the clotting d/o though) does not have to take her meds...she does have to be checked regularly though. You really highlight the need for me to get my levels checked again.
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BBM~yup, I would advise to check, just to make sure. I hope all is fine though!! Thank you for the info on the questions to ask (I have a list started) and the id bracelet. THey're like $50 or more!! But I'm on the list to have one...and I'm wondering about getting one for the kids. Good thought process!
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no ride in this morning - pouring rain again. at least it will give me some time to catch up on work here as the bike shop won't need me that bad this afternoon. trying to figure out childcare for friday and a little bummed that my week of vacation next week will end up being less so due to some projects around here. however, with the upheaval going on here it's probably in my best interest to do what i can to do a good job and keep the salary.

Gaye - i'll pm you in a second here.

Eks - we had a bad rash that got nasty and yeasty and i tried every natural cure under the sun for weeks. sposies or cloth - didn't make a difference. eventually we went to the doc and got a script and it was better in a day. don't feel bad about using the medicine when needed.

have running clothes, may try to run later this afternoon.
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I just got one of the medical bracelets at the pharmacy for like $5.00. You could have it ingraved with the dx, or if you are on blood thinners that. I think it's more if you end up on blood thinners that you really need that info.
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wow, thanks for the warm welcome, seriously!

i did read everyone's posts above me but forgive me,i have to be brief this morning. i just finished some photography client's orders and have to exercise and start cleaning the house here.

and by slow, i'm thinking i probably run 16 minute miles. *hanging my head down* it's probably not quite as slow as it sounds though. we live in foresthill, the town the western states 100 goes through and it's nothing but hills, STEEP hills, absolutely nothing flat. so good for my butt but bad for my times.

runningmommy, i'm sorry to hear your test results but it sounds like you're in good spirits.

re: the trail running with a dog, i run into difficulties on our trails too. there are really only trails to run on around here anyway and i often get some rude horse riders and cyclists when i'm running with my dog. my onleash dog has also been mauled by an off leash dog and then i was blamed for it because my dog was supposedly 'taunting' his dog. anyway, hope it's resolved for you.

well, that wasn't brief, was it? lol off to turn on my kickboxing video. i hiked with the kids and dog yesterday so i will be so happy to run again tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

can't wait to get to know you gals better! everybody have a great day!!!
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Gaye-just a word on homeowner's insurance. My mom's dog got out of the yard once and a neighbor came and tried to get her back in. The dog lunged at her and she fell in my mom's yard. She had medical expenses and my mom's homeowner's paid for it. Then when she came up for renewal, they refused to cover her unless she got rid of the dog. She was devestated and called around and got a similar response from other companies. She gave the dog to my brother in order to have homeowner's insurance. You might want to check with your company before you file and see if they have a similar policy and get a response in writing.

Eksmom-Jojo also had a staph diaper rash about a month ago. It get white pus-filled spots and is very red around those. It bled when I wiped her. We got an antibiotic rash cream and it cleared up in about a week. We switched to disposables for the rash and I need to give all of my diapers a super long, hot wash.

Doctorjen- that sounds miserable. I hope you find a workable solution for all of this stuff.

calmom and chi_mama! You'll love it here!

I had an awesome Zumba class this morning. Planning on a 3-4 mile run in the morning.

Good news-Dh ran this morning and NO headache!!!
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